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Chapter 244

Zhang Gu left contentedly because Xiao Luo agreed .

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Xiao Luo did not have a choice, at the same time, he was also surprised by his own fate . Who would have thought that an accidental shot would attract the attention of the State Security Administration, and that the NSA’s top commander would personally protect him? This was just as unreal as acting . He could not help lamenting that life was like a play and acting was like life .


“Luo Shen, we will be colleagues in the future . ”


An Huanhuan happily sat down beside Xiao Luo’s hospital bed, picked up the pear on the bedside table and ate it without care .


Song Jianan still didn’t speak, he didn’t know what to say, with his level of C soldier, he was easily defeated by Xiao Luo . He felt in front of Xiao Luo, he is always a little short .


“Should I thank you?”


XiaoLuo lightly looked at her . He had some inner contradictions . Being secretly watched, how uncomfortable . But if there was no An HuanHuan, maybe he was finished this time, he must pay the price for his killings .


“Luo Shen, don’t be polite to me . By the way, don’t have any pressure . It’s very easy to work at NSA, especially a special fighter like you . You can still live like a normal person . Even if you have to go on a mission, you will be notified in advance so that you have enough time to prepare . ”


An Huanhuan chuckled and then leaned over to Xiao Luo’s ear and whispered, “Oh, BTW I really didn’t joke with you when I was in Hua Ye . You really are my dish!”


“But you are not my dish . ” Xiao Luo laughed .


If An Huanhuan was just a student, then he could joke about it . But An Huanhuan’s real identity was a member of NSA . That was to say, many coincidences when he was in Hua Ye were actually carefully designed by An Huanhuan, which made him very dissatisfied .

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“It doesn’t matter, you being my food is enough, hee hee …”


An Huanhuan’s heartless smile saved the atmosphere from embarrassment .


“You go out first . I want to be alone for a while . ” Xiao Luo said .


“Well, then Luo Shen, take a good rest yourself . ”


An Huanhuan clearly felt Xiao Luo’s unfriendliness and did not continue to stay here at present . She went out with Song Jian’an .


Xiao Luo closed his eyes and slowly accepted the fact that he was a NSA member . Since he had no choice, he accepted it frankly . Perhaps this was not a bad thing either .






Five days later, Xiao Luo’s body almost recovered, and the strength of the mercenary king’s constitution was restored .


During this period, Gu Qianxue brought Xiao Ruyi to visit him . Of course, his killings were not exposed . Zhang Gu had already used his connections to press down the matter . Apart from JC, who was on the mission that night, no one in the outside world knew about it .

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Taking off the hospital gown and putting on his own clothes, Xiao Luo went to the next room . Bai Xeiwen’s recovery ability was not as good as his, although she already woke up, she was still very weak and pale .


Xiao Luo has learned from the mouth of Zhang Gu that Bai Xeiwen will not be instated to the NSA so quickly . After all, she was still a college student and they would need to wait until she graduated before making her choice .


At the sight of Xiao Luo, Bai Xeiwen’s eyes turned red and apologized: “Xiao Luo, I’m sorry …”


If it weren’t for her, Xiao Luo wouldn’t have been so badly hurt, she had hurt Xiao Luo .


Xiao Luo sat down in front of her bed, shook his head and smiled: “You didn’t do anyone any wrong . On the contrary, I would also like to thank you for deciphering my IP address . Otherwise, I would have been put in prison by now . ”


He was very clear, mainly because he is “Destroy”, that Zhang Gu will personally protect him .


“Are you really out?”


Bai Xeiwen still felt unreal, like a dream .


Xiao Luo nodded: “Even if I say no, you won’t believe it . ” Then he gave her an admiring look . “You are very good . I never thought you could break down my firewall . ”


“Because any firewall can be cracked by carefully finding out its code construction rules . Although you are Destroy, the original code for building a firewall is still the combinations of 1s and 0s . ” Bai Xeiwen said proudly .


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“So, in terms of computers, you are a real genius . ” Xiao Luo sincerely praised .


After chatting about some irrelevant subjects in the ward for a while, Xiao Luo then got up and left .


“Xiao Luo, are you really not going back to Hua Ye?” Bai Xeiwen suddenly shouted .


Hearing this, Xiao Luo stopped at the door .


“Xiao- Feizhu and Ding Kai, everyone cares about you and hopes to see you again, especially Chu Yue . I can see that she likes you . Although she never said it on her lips, she has been talking about you the most since you left . ” Bai Xeiwen said .


Xiao Luo looked back and shook his head . “I said that we are two people of two worlds . There was only a short overlap . If people of the two worlds stay together, one or both will be hurt . You are an example, aren’t you?”


Bai Xeiwen quivered in her heart, recalling her nightmaric experience in Long Sankui’s villa . That experience was too terrible, she would not forget it for the rest of her life .


Xiao Luo didn’t speak again, he opened the door and went out .






NSA also has a branch office in River City . After Xiao Luo’s body had completely recovered, Zhang Gu took him to the branch office’s strength evaluation center, where one was to enter NSA member information .


“NSA’s fighters are divided into five levels: S, A, B, C and D, with S being the highest and D being the lowest . What you see now are all D fighters . ” Zhang Gu introduced the NSA’s basic situation .


Xiao Luo swept his eyes around, some staff were dressed in black uniforms .


“The two behind me are Class B fighters . The higher the rank of fighters, the rarer they are . Like Class S fighters, there are only two in NSA . ”


“Is their strength high?” Asked Xiao Luo .


Zhang Gu said: “It is quite high . I will definitely let you find out when I have the chance . ”


After saying so, a line of people came to a precision equipment, this machine was very like a hospital nuclear magnetic resonance imaging equipment, only much larger . It was equipped with five or six small computers, spotless and clean like alien technology from those science fiction movies .


“This is a rating device . As long as you lie down, you will soon know which rating you belong to . ”


“Is there no danger?” Xiao Luo asked with some worry .


“Don’t worry, it’s very safe . Every new NSA member needs to be graded as a soldier . This is a column to be written into your file . ” Zhang Gu said .


Xiao Luo lay down with a grain of salt, immediately the NSA members bound him to the bed, then pressed the button on the device . The whole machine started to initiate the process, Xiao Luo was slowly pushed into a cylindrical device . Inside, all kinds of dazzling light were lit making it difficult to keep his eyes open .

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