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Chapter 239
hapter 239

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"Kacha Kacha ~"

A burst of sound of broken ribs seeped into people's ears . Long Sankui's body flew out seven or eight meters away like a shell before falling down . The falling position happened to be at the gate of the villa . His body smashed into the plush chair . The mobile phone on the plush chair fell to the ground, blood gushed out from his mouth and nose .

He kept coughing up blood, his face turned white at the speed visible to the naked eye .

Lost, he unexpectedly lost!

Long Sankui could not accept the result . He raised his head hard and looked into the villa compound . Xiao Luo picked up the nine-ring knife, stepped on the accumulated water and walked towards him step by step . The bloody nine-ring knife was full of endless pitfalls .

At this moment, the mobile phone dropped beside him rang, and caller ID on the incoming call was a lovely little boy with a brilliant smile, wearing a birthday hat and a little cream on the tip of his nose .

Long Sankui's originally gloomy and vicious face suddenly showed a loving smile, as if he suddenly changed into another person . There was no murderous look in his eyes and no evil light . His hand trembled uncontrollably because of either excitement or pain, eventually he successfully connected the call .

"Husband, we have arrived in Magnesium[?] country, just got off the plane, Doudou was already very sleepy, but he didn't want to sleep until he talked to you . " At the other end of the phone, there was a woman's voice .

Long Sankui smiled and said, "Then let me talk to my son . "

"Doug, come talk to dad . " The woman gave the cell phone to the little boy .

"Dad!" A childish voice sounded .

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The smile on Long Sankui's face grew brighter: "Why didn't Doudou sleep? It's not good to stay up so late . "

"Dad, the sun is so high here that Doudou cannot sleep . "

"is it? It is night here for Dad, and is also under the heavy rain, cough . . . Cough . . . "

"Dad, why are you coughing? Are you freezing?"

"Doug, don't worry . Dad is Superman . No matter how cold it is, he won't freeze . "

"oh, yes, dad is superman . "

"Doug should be good over there . He must listen to mother and go to bed on time . After school, he must study hard . Only when you grow up can you protect your mother and father, alright?"

"Mmm . "

While chatting, Long Sankui's eyes were suddenly wet with tears . His whole person looked as if he had suddenly aged ten years .

Xiao Luo stopped in front of him with the nine-ring knife . The rain mixed with blood dropped from the trouser legs, skirts, cuffs, etc . The murderous look of the nine-ring knife slowly lifted .

"Crack ~"

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A flash of lightning tore through the night sky and the silvery white light blazed . The whole river city was briefly lit up .

In the light of this lightning, Xiao Luo looked like a god of death who had come to reap life, and the blade of the nine-ring knife emitted a cold light .

"Goodbye, Dad . Doug will listen to Dad and be a good and obedient child . "

"Husband, don't stay up late all the time . Pay attention to rest . I'll take good care of Doudou . Don't worry, concentrate on your own business . "

"Yes, Minghui . "

Long Sankui sighed and hung up the phone .

At the moment the phone hung up, his eyes turned back to their previous appearance, full of biting and vicious flavor .

After he coughed up five or six mouthfuls of blood, his body felt better . He glanced coldly at Xiao Luo from the corner of his eye and scolded: "Little rotten boy, I am really unwilling to lose in your hands . What the hell are you, ah?"

His last word was growling .

Xiao Luo looked at him coldly . The next second, the nine-ring knife "shua" fell .

"Stumble . . . Stumble . . . "

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Long Sankui's head was cut off and rolled on the floor like a rubber ball for a short distance . The headless corpse was spitting hot blood .

"Weeee woooo weeeee woooo"

The shrill sound of sirens suddenly sounded, and the villa was surrounded by brilliant lights with alternating red and blue lights . As it was often shown on TV shows, JC often arrived in a hurry after everything was over .

Xiao Luo's eyes glazed over for a moment, but his ears could not hear the siren . He could only hear the sound of rain .

He threw the nine-ring knife on the ground, walked to the fainted Bai Xeiwen, untied her, removed the white cloth in her mouth, and then picked her up . Step by step, going outside the villa .

His originally manic heart suddenly calmed down, he could not say what he was feeling, as if the world suddenly became quiet!

The rain wet Xiao Luo's black hair and washed out his blood, but the several shocking wounds were still oozing blood .

"Ding, the host is very weak, the points are insufficient, and the healing ability cannot be activated . Please allow the host to heal itself immediately!"

In his mind, the system prompt sounded, the sound was always without any emotion, rigid and stiff, not urgent or slow .

Xiao Luo was holding Bai Xeiwen, expressionlessly walking out of the door of the villa .

At the entrance, there was a row of police cars with flashing lights, with 50 or 60 JC guns aimed at him, and a special group dressed in black uniform, fanned out around him .

Leading was Gu QianLin holding a loudspeaker and was preparing to shout, Xiao Luo spoke in advance .

He looked at Gu Qianlin with burning eyes: "Officer Gu, can you call an ambulance before catching me?"

As soon as he spoke, he fell to the ground and fell unconscious .

Blood flowed out from him and Bai Xeiwen, slowly dyed the surrounding ground .

"Quick, take them to the hospital!" Gu QianLin urgently ordered .

Ye Wensong, who was also the battalion chief, led the team into the villa . When they saw clearly the scene in the compound, everyone stood stiffly like a sculpture at the same time .

Everyone held their breath, in addition to hearing their uncontrollable heartbeat, they could only see in front of them; pieces of flesh and blood, residual piles of limbs . They hoped that what they saw was not real, otherwise their brain would not be able to handle such a horrific sight, and dare not imagine what had happened .

Broken hands, broken feet, internal organs, intestines, heads . . .

The bloody ground, even with the heavy rain, could not remove the thick scent of blood in the air .

"Uggghhhh ~"

Several experienced JC directly vomited .

Gu QianLin came in behind with her eyebrows tight and her face covered with cold sweat . Her voice trembled and said, "That . . . devil!"

To turn a villa into a lawmaking arena is a devil . It was terrible . She vowed to let Xiao Luo be trialed by law .

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