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Published at 14th of April 2020 10:50:05 AM
Chapter 238: 238
hapter 238: A bloody battle .

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Xiao Luo with a cruel smile, his body turned in a circle, a powerful unparalleled nine ring knife point out . The rain was cut open, the space was cut open . Originally around him are more than a dozen black dressed people, they all suddenly screamed to the ground, their bodies were all cut into two sections, bright red blood filled the ground full of rain water .

"Ha, ha, ha, ha . . . "

Fierce, cruel laughter came from the tip of the tongue exploding, Xiao Luo was like a ghost and a demon, carrying the nine-ring knife crazily rushing, the remaining 30 or 40 elite is like a group of lambs to be slaughtered, only feeling ths knife light flashing in front of them, before their chest or neck was cut, blood gushing, blood in tangy .

A moment later, all the men in black were no longer standing .

In the compound of the villa, bodies are everywhere, and the accumulated water on the ground has turned to blood red . When raindrops hit and fell, the ground splashed with blood bubbles one by one . The large ground seemed to be a boiling pool of blood .

Xiao Luo was covered in blood and stood motionless in the presence with the nine-ring knife . His eyes were scarlet as blood, just like devil's eyes . It was grim and piercing . This was the effect of Yi Jin Jing's achievement method to operate to the extreme . He instantly improved his strength and was in an invincible position in a short period of time .

Long Sankui looked slightly trembling, he didn't think that Xiao Luo being seriously injured still has such tough combat effectiveness, he is like a wild beast, it let a person fear him like an evil spirit .

At this time, Xiao Luo stepped on the blood pool and rushed to black wolf's front . He took the knife off his hand and "poof" cut off half of black wolf's head . The red one was blood and the white one was brains, splashing all over the floor . Then he kicked black wolf's body out more than ten meters away, and the bloody nine-ring knife pointed at Long Sankui .

"Long Sankui, it's your turn!"

His voice was hoarse, but the murderous look contained in his voice was overwhelming .

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"Motherf*cker, come on!"

By this time, Long Sankui also didn't go after the fainted Bai Xeiwen, as the dragon gang leader, he have some dignity . The internal force of his whole body burst out, falling rain was pushed away, and his old Shanghai suit inch by inch, finally into countless pieces, fell . Revealing the inside of the black vest, was naked exposed arms, and one can see a dragon tattoo in both arms .

With a loud explosion, covered in murderous look, suddenly and violently, Xiao Luo rapidly and wildly leap into the sky .

Like an eagle chirping, like a killing god!

The Nine-Ring Knife fell from the sky with a deafening thundering sound, like a divine punishment . The murderous look spread all over the sky . The moment of release eclipsed the heavens and the earth .

"Little rotten boy! ! !”

Long Sankui's face was torn to pieces and his throat rolled out with a loud roar . He raised his knife to block .

"Peng ~"

The clangorous sound of metal is like the voice of Hong Zhong, and its fierce power is sweeping like waves .

The ground on which Long Sankui was standing collapsed and crushed stones splashed . Terrible power was transmitted to the ground, and the accumulated water turned into two ripples that opened toward the surrounding .

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Such a fierce boom, Xiao Luo did not rebound, and a second knife, a third knife split out one after another . . .

"Dangdang ~"

The sword was fierce, and countless shadows appeared . The nine-ring sword and the dragon crescent moon blade collided fiercely . Force burst forth, killing the enemy like a tidal wave .

Two people in a short period of time exchanged several blows . Worthy of the best, the strength of Long Sankui is also quite tough . He abruptly stopped Xiao Luo's crazy fierce attack, then a knife split down in the air .

"Peng ~"

The ground was cut out a big pit, countless gravel tumbled and splashed, split out a knife gas with unparalleled potential to break through the heavy rain curtain, formed by the water into a vertical curved arc, towards Xiao Luo fiercely splitting .

Xiao Luo backed with a cross cut, a meniscus knife gas swept through parallel to the ground, with the vertical curved arc, the two collided together .

"boom ~"

The two forces shook and opened . Raindrops from all over the sky were instantly dispersed into fog . The invisible impact force acted on Long Sankui and Xiao Luo, both of whom withdrew two or three steps .

"crack ~"

The lightning in the sky keeps on, and God suddenly gets a man's favor like a sl*t who has not been moistened for a long time and gives vent to it vigorously .

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The rain fell one after another and the wind roared, drenching the whole river .

Xiao Luo and Long Sankui stood five or six meters apart, just like a fat and thin beast, latosolic red eyes staring at each other . In the fierce fighting just now, Long Sankui's chest got hit by knife, the shocking wound is constantly bleeding .

"Little rotten son, I want your life!"

Long Sankui was livid and angry . He rushed at Xiao Luo like a wild buffalo running . The dragon crescent moon blade in his hand cut off a power of terror at Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo's face suddenly became ferocious, the same anger rushed away . With a strong swing, the nine ring knife accurately intercepted .

"Peng ~"

The two weapons collided severely with the power of their masters, and the sound was like a shrill Hong Zhong . Unparalleled power swept around like a storm after the blast .

The dragon crescent moon blade flew out and hit the ground heavily . The accumulated water was smashed several meters high, breaking open like spray .

The nine-ring knife also left Xiao Luo's hand, spinning and flying far away, and finally the point of the knife was inserted straight into the ground .

Lost their weapon, the two men were in unarmed melee; fists and feet constantly booming . It's crazy, it's bloody . Long Sankui was black and blue, the skin on his face was blown raw, blood overflowing . Xiao Luo's body also suffered a lot .

Xiao Luo rushed, his body rotating, hands flying, and crazily roaring like a hurricane . Long Sankui was forced to retreat .

Although Long Sankui was retreating, he did not show any signs of defeat for the time being . Of course, he was very frightened . If Xiao Luo had not been seriously injured and his strength had not been weakened, he would definitely be defeated . This is a monster that cannot be predicted by common sense .

Such as a beast's hissing sound, Long Sankui's retreating body suddenly stopped . His eyes flashed, his two big hands like cattail leaf fan rushed, abruptly containing Xiao Luo's attack . Then his whole body burst, all over the sky, claw shadows were rolling .

Xiao Luo like pick up a stick, grabbed the ankle of a body on the ground, moving the body severely towards Long Sankui .

"Ooooffff ~"

In a series of penetrating sounds of tearing flesh and blood, Long Sankui's fingers were like the claws of an eagle, tearing the body to pieces .

Xiao Luo clutched his right fist and bombarded Long Sankui's chest .

"Poof ~"

Thick blood burst out, Long Sankui's body quivered, he mercilessly flew out .

"Long Sankui, it's time to end this!"

Xiao Luo had a strange grimace of a grin, before Long Sankui fell to the ground, his soaring body suddenly curled up . In the most brutal and violent way Long Sankui abruptly flew out again .

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