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Chapter 237

Faced with Long Sankui's threat, Xiao Luo was in a dilemma .

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Regardless of Bai Xeiwen's life?

Xiao Luo couldn't do it, although the two people's world just happened a short overlap, but helplessly looking at Bai Xeiwen dying because of him, he really couldn't do it .

All these changes in facial expression fell into the eyes of Black Wolf, who suddenly became fearless . He seemed to be in some kind of madness, with distorted facial features and laughter, even the pain of his broken arm could not be felt for the time being .

"Everyone has weaknesses . Unexpectedly, she would be your weakness . "

Black Wolf stood up slowly, staring at Xiao Luo with cold eyes . Then the dagger in his hand stabbed Xiao Luo fiercely .

Xiao Luo caught Black Wolf's wrist, the dagger no longer was able to move forward .

"ah ~"

At that moment, Bai Xeiwen issued a painful stuffy hum, the person dressed in black holding her hostage stabbed her back shoulder . The pain made the girl's face instantly turn pale, her eyes revealed deep fear . Since childhood, she never experienced these, this was undoubtedly like a terrible and very real nightmare .

Xiao Luo's nine-ring knife pointed directly at Long Sankui . The knife's awn was like dazzling white light . The blood on it could not stop the knife awn from gleaming at all . He shouted angrily, "Long Sankui, if you are a man, let go of that girl and come at me with all your dogs!"

Long Sankui sneered: "Motherf*cker, this boss is coming for you alright . If you don't want this little girl to die, just stand still and don't resist!"

Xiao Luo's heart was filled with anger and he stared coldly at Long Sankui .

Black Wolf regained his freedom with a ferocious face and did another stab at Xiao Luo .

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Xiao Luo naturally won't let Black Wolf seriously injure him, so he quickly dodged aside, but did not fight back .

"ah ~"

Bai Xeiwen's shrieks rang again, the deadpan black dressed person stabbed Bai Xeiwen's right back shoulder . He did not dare to kill, each stab was calculated, because this was able to suppress Xiao Luo, this beast  There would be no leverage if the girl was dead .

Bai Xeiwen felt unimaginable pain, she nearly fainted, red blood dyed most of her clothes .

"Little rotten boy, are you f*cking deaf? This boss told you to stand still, do you need me to repeat it?"  Long Sankui coldly hum .

Xiao Luo really wanted to cut this bastard into eight sections . He could see that Bai Xeiwen was like a dying flower . He finally made a compromise .

"Well, as you wish!"

The nine-ring knife was lowered and its tip pointed to the ground . Of course, this was not a real compromise . He was waiting for an opportunity .

Black Wolf grinned with a knife stab in Xiao Luo's left shoulder, "poof" immediately blood-spattered, Xiao Luo's eyebrows wrinkled slightly .

"Before you said that I can't hurt you again?  What about now, huh? "

Black Wolf laughed triumphantly, "Don't worry, I won't kill you . Your life must be taken by Boss Long himself, I will only torture you slowly!"

His eyes were wide open, bloodshot, full of madness and was showing sheer lunacy .

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Xiao Luo's corners of the mouth outline an evil smile, his eyes looked indifferently at him .

This kind of eyes made Black Wolf angry, his face became cold, he was ready to pull out the dagger to continue to stab Xiao Luo, only to find that the dagger in Xiao Luo's left shoulder couldn't be pulled out .

"What have you done?"  Black Wolf roared loudly .

"Fool, it has attached to my meat . "

Xiao Luo's eyes with a bit of banter, this is nonsense, of course, he was only using powerful internal force to hold the dagger . Even under normal conditions, Black Wolf could not pull it out, let alone bleeding with a broken arm .

Black Wolf tried several times without success, with great anger, a foot was sent towards Xiao Luo's belly .

Xiao Luo's internal force of independent operation moved, when Black Wolf's right foot kicked, just like a shell blast . With unparalleled power, Black Wolf miserably was sent flying .   His whole right leg bones, from the strong shock, inch by inch had fractures, he bellowed lying on the ground .

"You really want her to die, little rotten son of a b*tch?"  Long Sankui pointed to Bai Xeiwen and roared .

"F*ck you, did I move!?"

Xiao Luo's temperament wasn't good to begin with, now he was also angry .   He also  couldn't help but scold a dirty word, but when he scolded it was deadpan .

Long Sankui was stunned and immediately burst out laughing: "Good, good, I was wrong about you!"

To a black dressed person, he made a look .

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"ah ~"

The black dressed person roared and rushed up, his long knife cut down along Xiao Luo's back .

"thorn ~"

A shocking wound appeared on Xiao Luo's back, blood spilled out, a sharp pain poured into his brain instantly . Xiao Luo's body trembled, his throat could not help but send out a painful muffled sound .

"mmm . . . Mhhmm . . . Fffmmppbh . . . "

Mouth gagged, Bai Xeiwen's mood fluctuated, she really didn't think she would bring such a big trouble to Xiao Luo, she just wanted to find "Destroy", why?  Why did this happen?

"thorn ~"

Another wound tore open on Xiao Luo, oozing blood, it soon dyed Xiao Luo's clothes red .

"ah ~"

Another black dressed person rushed up, the long knife in his hand stabbed in his back . As Black Wolf said, Xiao Luo's life should be handled by Long Sankui, this knife also avoided the fatal point .

"Poof ~"

Blood gushing, Xiao Luo could no longer endure and let out a scream . Pale, he staggered half kneeling on the ground, dry coughing . Blood uncontrollably overflowed from his mouth .

"no!  !  !”

Bai Xeiwen screamed, her heart was dripping blood, tears bursting down on her cheeks .

How did this happen?

Xiao Luo, you quickly strike back!

She screamed in her heart . Under the double destruction of body and spirit, she finally didn't hold back any more and her eyes closed as she fainted .

The black dressed person thought that Xiao Luo's threat was lifted, after all, his body was cut with several knife wounds, and a knife was still embedded  directly into him, even a beast should be exhausted . The black dressed person directly threw the fainted Bai Xeiwen to the ground .

Long Sankui bursted out laughing and did not even pay attention to Bai Xeiwen: "Little rotten son, look at you now, just like a dead dog . It is easier to kill you than run over an ant . Why do you think you have to fight with this boss?"

"Sorry to disappoint you!"

Xiao Luo raised his head, with an evil smile on his face .

His words just fell and his internal force bursted out . The dagger on his left shoulder shook loose .   He immediately took it in his hand and threw it at the black dressed person beside Bai Xeiwen .

"Whew ~"

The dagger flew out like a flash of lightning, drawing a fierce and extremely shiny track, quietly, but rapidly-changing like electricity to the black dressed person's eyebrows . The black dressed person did not even have time to let out a cry, his body fell straight to the ground .

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