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Chapter 236: 236
hapter 236: Unexpected Person .

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However, these are the elites of Long Sankui . How could they really be frightened? After a short period of stagnation, another line of people rushed to Xiao Luo and roared as they slashed down their long knives .

Xiao Luo smiled coldly . He was like an incarnate of the bloodthirsty Shura . With a knife withdrawn, a man cut into halves on the spot . Colorful viscera dripped down all over the floor, thick scent suddenly filled the air . In the face of the fierceness, they were not afraid of death, and they crazily rushed up . Xiao Luo's eyes grew colder .

"Poof ~"

Hot blood rose up into the sky, a person's head flew out, the headless body continued to shake a few times, then fell back in a pool of blood .

The nine-ring knife cut horizontally, before the shrill scream could be heard, the man was cut in the middle . The upper and lower parts of the body were separated and fell to the ground . The upper part of the body, which was still not dead, bled from its mouth and nose . It took two or three seconds before there was no more movement .

"Go to hell!"

Xiao Luo smiled, rushing to a person near him at a rapid speed, and a knife split out .

However, this person's reaction was fast . He raised his knife and blocked it . He only heard a "dang" sound when the two knives collided violently . Sparks bursted out . This person, just like being hit by a locomotive, flew out of control and knocked down three people in a row . Both he and the three people who were knocked down fainted on the ground .

Cruel! Crazy! Decisive Killing!

Long Sankui and Black Wolf's expressions changed, these elites were personally trained by them, each of their skill is better than JC's . Dealing with ordinary people, one vs five was absolutely no problem . But now, with this incredible unilateral slaughter, this had made them feel shocked .

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"Motherf*cker, this little rotten boy is too weird!" Long Sankui cried out .

Black Wolf did not speak, he pulled out a dagger from the back of his lower back, and made a fresh move towards the battlefield .

At this time inside the villa compound, the ground was full of dismembered bodies . The ground painted blood red . Even the rain couldn't wash it clean .

This group of elites were killed by Xiao Luo in an instant, leaving only 50 or 60 people . This was a horrible massacre!

Xiao Luo's whole mind was full of murder, he experienced the fear of losing his sister, he just wanted to destroy all the Dragon * members now .

At this time, Black Wolf rushed up like black lightning . He was fast, and the timing of his balance was also very sharp and cunning, arriving at the moment when Xiao Luo cut and killed a Dragon gang member .

"Whew ~"

A shining cold dagger fiercely stabbed upward .

Xiao Luo instantly saw it clearly, this dagger had reached his neck . He could almost feel the coldness of the dagger . He moved one step to the right, to one side and narrowly averted it . But the dagger's cold front still cut a slight wound on his neck .

Withdrawing several steps, they stood two or three meters apart and stared at each other .

"I've hurt you!"

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The always deadpan, Black Wolf was grinning, stuck out his tongue, licking off Xiao Luo's blood from the dagger, cruel and grim, like a devil .

"I can assure you, there won't be another one . "

Xiao Luo evilly smiled, then took the initiative to kill Black Wolf .

"Dangdang ~"

The nine-ring knife and the dagger clashed against each other, making a ringing sound of metals colliding . Only Xiao Luo's three moves were accepted . The defense of Black Wolf could not keep up with it . His pupil shrank sharply . He watched helplessly as the nine-ring knife turned into a bright light and cut off his left arm .

"ah ~"

A shrill scream rang out in the rainy night . The arm fell completely from black wolf . Blood shot from the cut like water in a high-pressure water pipe with several thin seams .

Xiao Luo followed with one foot, and Black Wolf flew backward like a broken kite, with his chest collapsing and his mouth and nose spurting blood .

"Hum ~"

Xiao Luo laughed and made a mad rush, just like a demon . The nine-ring knife in his hand cut down an elite who was in the way . In a series of shrieks, the target was very clear, Black Wolf .

Just climbed up halfway, Black Wolf's pupils dilated . He only saw, with strong murderous aura, a broadsword cutting down toward himself . His whole mind was filled with violent tremor at this moment .

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A shrill shout rang out .

Xiao Luo was stunned, in the corner he caught a glimpse of a familiar image .

White sneakers, white sweater, delicate facial features, white skin, and a small jasper temperament .

"Bai Xeiwen?"

Xiao Luo couldn't believe he would meet Hua Ye's Bai Xeiwen at this moment, and the nine-ring knife stopped just above Black Wolf's head .

Just now, it was not Bai Xeiwen that called for a stop . It was a black dressed person standing beside her . To be precise, Bai Xeiwen was tied, with white cloth in her mouth and her hands tied behind her back . After decoding the IP address, she found the village according to the specific address registered by the network company and went to Xiao Luo's residence .

Just as soon as she got there, she immediately ran into several strong men in black, they coldly asked if she knew Xiao Luo, she subconsciously nodded, and then she was brought here, during which she was kept in the room, until she was brought out . She also didn't expect to see Xiao Luo .

Was it really Xiao Luo?

Looking at the person covered in blood, holding a sword in his hand, filled with murder intent was Xiao Luo . Bai Xeiwen consternated, in the beginning, she couldn't believe that the sunshine, clean boy on campus and this evil awe-inspiring guy was the same person, "destroyer" Xiao Luo .

Oh, my god, this . . . this is not possible!

Bai Xeiwen was feeling too surprised to make a remark . It was too strange, all the people in their class missed hanging out with Xiao Luo . But Xiao Luo was now fighting with this group of people, serious to the point of killing, she couldn't imagine what Xiao Luo's life exactly was . It was no wonder that Xiao Luo would say he and they are people from two different world .

"Little rotten boy, do you know this delicate girl?"

Long Sankui crushed a walnut, threw the kernel into his mouth and chewed it with relish . He said to Xiao Luo with a smile on his face .


How could Xiao Luo be silly to recognize Bai Xeiwen? The nine ring knife continued to chop Black Wolf's head off .

But at this moment, Bai Xeiwen let out a painful muffled voice, Xiao Luo looked up . The person holding her took out a knife and pricked her shoulder, dying her sleeves red .

Bai Xeiwen's delicate face was full of pain, her forehead was full of cold sweat . . .

"Hey, you said you don't know her, then why did you motherf*cker stop? Do you think this boss can be fooled so easily?" Long Sankui ate a nucleolus and looked very relaxed .

Xiao Luo didn't talk, he coldly stared at him, but deep in his eyes, was throbbing with anger .

"Come on, you continue to cut, cut casually!"

Long Sankui glowered and smashed the tea table beside him with one palm . His eyes were bloodshot like an angry bull .

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