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Chapter 235
hapter 235: Single-Sword to the Meeting .

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"Gu Qianxue, Ye Wensong, Old K sent a message . Mr . X has started his operation . You will immediately assemble the police brigade, the public security brigade and the special police brigade to Long Sankui's villa . " After answering Liu Tieguo's phone call, Fan Changlong gave orders to his two captains .

At the same time, the whole administration was boiling up .

At the People's Hospital, Liu Tieguo stood in the corridor, staring blankly at the dense rain curtain . Thunder kept ringing in his ears . He took out a cigarette from his pocket, took a deep breath, and slowly exhaled the smoke that had turned around in his lungs .

"The King of Hell has pounded on the drum of death, and he has come to the sun to demand its life!" He said to himself with his eyes blank .



The wind howled and whistled like a million angry evil spirits .

Long Sankui sat on the plush chair at the gate of his villa . His walking crutch was only used to paralyze his opponents . It was not really because it was inconvenient to move . At the moment, it was no longer needed . A long pole broadsword has replaced its position .

This is a long knife with a cockscomb head that is about two meters long and more than half a meter wide . On it is carved a lifelike golden dragon, with its teeth and claws bared . It is extremely imposing .

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Two rows of Dragon gang elites who stood motionless in the rain looked coldly at this broadsword, which was scattered in the rainy night among the cold awns . They believed in Guan's "righteousness" . This broadsword was also customized according to Guan Yunchang's broadsword, it was almost exactly the same .

Dragon crescent moon blade!

Weighing 120 kg, none of them could lift it . Only their Chief Long, with it as a weapon, used it to cut off the heads of countless enemies during the rise of the Dragon gang . This knife has long been covered with blood and full of hostility .

For them, this was not only Boss Long's weapon, but also their belief . When the Dragon crescent moon blade comes out, the martial arts world will be dominated . Don't dare to disobey!

Long Sankui's left hand no longer played with walnuts, but crushed them one by one, then removed the nucleolus inside, tossed it into his mouth with relish like eating peanuts . The ground was already full of walnut crumbs .

Standing next to him was Black Wolf, the most wanted criminal in the JC .

He was dressed in black, his breath was still, as grim as a wolf, and his eyes seemed to gleam opaque green, which made people shudder .

"Motherf*cker, why hasn't that little rotten boy come yet? Is he really not afraid of this boss to take care of the people around him? "

Long Sankui suddenly leaned hard on the Dragon crescent moon blade . The ground paved with green marble was directly knocked out of a pit . Numerous cracks started from the pit and spread like spider webs toward the surrounding area .

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"As far as I know about him, he will certainly come . " Black Wolf lightly said .

Long Sankui snorted: "If he doesn't come to me, he will regret it for the rest of his life . If he does come, I will cut him down . If I don't cut him to pieces, I won't be able to get rid of this hatred!"

He really regretted it, if he knew early that Xiao Luo could destroy his black industry to this stage, he wouldn't give Chu YunXiong face at that time and directly use three thousand members to chop Xiao Luo into meat sauce . But now, it was all too late . Although the police could not find evidence to his crime, it was bound to collapse . He hated Xiao Luo to the extreme . Even if he perished, he vowed to pull Xiao Luo with him .

Black Wolf nodded, no matter how strong Xiao Luo's strength, if he dared to come here today, Xiao Luo would die . Don't say he and the Dragon gang of more than two hundred elite, even Boss Long's system of underground power was great . His internal force is powerful, and also the "bully knife" knife method is practiced to the extreme . Let alone people, even a car would be split into two and a half .

Suddenly, his eyes caught a glimpse of a figure standing at the gate of the villa . After a slight pause, Black Wolf said lightly, "He is coming!"

"Ah . . . the little rotten boy went to the meeting with one single tool, which is really f*cking rampant!"

Long Sankui's counternant, his eyes were glowing with grim bone-chilling cold light .

More than two hundred Dragon gang elites all turned their heads to look at the villa's gate . When they saw Xiao Luo, everyone's facial expression became extremely poor . They were the Dragon gang die-hards, for the enemy of the Dragon gang, they only kill . Bleak murderous energy spilled out from them, under the flash of lightning, they were like more than two hundred evil spirits, it was chilling .

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Xiao Luo was wearing a military green coat . Both his hair and the black bottom inside were wet with rain . He was carrying a broadsword in his right hand and was walking towards the villa step by step . The broadsword had nine iron rings . It was the nine-ring sword that crossed the river tiger at the beginning . It was made from fine steel and could even cut off a steel bar .

His wet white canvas shoes stepped on the ground full of water and made a "splashing" sound .

Stopping 30 or 40 meters away from Long Sankui, a pair of black and bright eyes, just like the eyes of a hungry wolf, coldly stared at Long Sankui .

"Little rotten son, you are so f*cking brave that you come when you are called . Then I will ask you to eat sh*t!" Long Sankui's face showed a crazed look, and his face was torn to pieces . He was like a demon from hell who was about to taste fresh flesh and blood, it was horrible .

"Dangdang ~"

When the nine-ring knife was lifted, the nine iron rings rattled and the point of the knife pointed directly at Long Sankui, Xiao Luo shouted with awe, "Death!"

At the same time, with a sharp downward wave of the nine-ring knife, the polished broadsword cut away the rain curtain, and the point of the knife simulated a sharp wind blade . Under the cutting of the wind blade, the knife immediately left a deep mark on the solid ground . However, there was too much accumulated water, and this knife mark was soon filled .

Knife breath?!

More than two hundred elite were stunned, it was said that only those who had a thorough understanding of the knife method, wielding broadsword can produce knife wind .

"F*ck you, go on, chop him to death!"

Long Sankui raged, the veins popped out on his forehead suddenly and violently . He mercilessly threw the porcelain cup on the tea table next to the hard ground, the cup was smashed to smithereens .


More than two hundred elite roared together, like tigers, stepping through the spray, breaking through the heavy rain barrier toward Xiao Luo, attacking to kill .

Rushed in the front row were long swords in uniform, drawing a fierce trajectory from the air to meet Xiao Luo's head together to cut it down, their power was amazing .

"Om ~"

The nine-ring knife buzzed, and Xiao Luo swept out the broadsword with a straight face . In a series of "thud" sounds, sparks splashed and rushed to the front row of this elite group of long knives to convey a powerful and domineering force, which shocked them to the point where their jaws were tingling with pain . One by one, they retreated like waves .

Xiao Luo was like the rise of tides, waiting for no man . His knife did a cross cut, the energy from shiny knife energy was also released . Like a real knife eight people were hit and blood splashed, their body pieces tumbling .

The threat of a knife shocked everyone on the spot . Whether it was Long Sankui, Black Wolf or the elites of the Dragon Gang, everyone's heart throbbed violently .

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