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Chapter 234: 234
hapter 234: The Night Of The Storm

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Running out of the flames from the explosion, Xiao Luo was dirty all over, as if he had emerged from the earth stove in the countryside, with a layer of charred charcoal covering his entire body .

Gu QianXue's white skin was also a mess, a few charred charcoal ash were added to her face, her clever eyes were stimulated by the smoke . Unavoidably it became red, tears swirling inside .


Accompanied the light call was Xiao Ruyi with her big eyes looking at the messy Xiao Luo . Especially when seeing his hand was burned by flame .

"Ruyi . . . "

Xiao Luo laughed, the bottom of his heart was finally relieved .

Xiao Ruyi cried, tears streaming down her face: "Why are you so stupid? It's full of fire, why did you rush in? "

How could she not know that Xiao Luo rushed in to look for her? The fire inside was so hot that even the iron was red, and it wouldn't take long for people who rushed in to be roasted .

"Thank God you're alright . "

Xiao Luo stretched out his hand to gently wiping away her tears with his thumb, only to find that his thumb was covered in charcoal ash . Seeing this, to not dirty Xiao Ruyi's face, he hurriedly stopped and just looked at Xiao Ruyi with a smile .

"Idiot, you are a big idiot!"

Xiao Ruyi burst into tears, tightly holding Xia Luo . These days, she always felt that her brother Xiao Luo was like a changed person, strange enough to make her afraid, but today she knew how wrong she was . This was her brother, her brother, only brother would worry about her and rush into the flames to find her .

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Xiao Luo patted her on the back to comfort her, and also to comfort himself .

Feng Ge, Wang lihu and others who came here all smiled happily at the sight of this behind-the-scenes . They were really frightened at the first sight of Xiao Luo rushing into the flames .

A little while later, ambulances and fire engines arrived . Three fire engines used high-pressure water pumps to continuously flush at the exploded floor . The fire was slowly brought under control .



In the afternoon, the sky was overcast and the air pressure rose sharply, making people feel extremely depressed .

"Sixty-nine people died and 11 were seriously injured . "

In the ward, Gu QianXue lightly reported the results of the morning explosion to Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo's body experienced serious burns . Wrapped by white bandages, he looked like a mummy . If Zhang Dashan saw this, he would certainly say which quack did it .

Burns are only secondary, his eyes were more concerning . It was full of redness and burning with pain . He also couldn't help but teared up . It also had been wrapped in gauze . Before it got wrapped, Gu Qianxue crushed a tianshan snow lotus carefully and helped him apply it .

Seeing him sitting on the sickbed without saying a word, Gu Qianxue said with a lightly chastising tone: "You are really a big fool!"

"Don't talk like my sister . " Xiao Luo joked .

"I didn't learn from her . I was just stating a fact . "

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Gu Qianxue glanced at his mouth and said, "If I hadn't pulled you out, you would have been burned alive there . "

Xiao Luo smiled: "I owe you my life, thank you!"

At that time, he had lost his mind and was only interested in finding Xiao Ruyi . If he kept going, he would end up as a burnt body . Gu Qianxue really saved his life this time .

At this time, his cell phone on the bedside table vibrated from an incoming call .

Gu Qianxue glanced at it and said, "It's a strange number . "

"Answer it and give me the phone . " Xiao Luo smiled .

Gu Qianxue did as she was told .

"Little rotten boy, have you received my gift? Did your sister get killed? Ha, ha, ha . . . " Long Sankui's bleak voice came from the other end of the phone .

"Are you forcing me?" Xiao Luo's words have no emotion and are as indifferent as if they come from hell .

"This boss will force you again, now do you still refuse to accept? F*cking bite me, you dog . "

Long Sankui growled, "This boss tell you, if you dare to not come tonight, I will continue to let people plant bombs, the next time, it may be your friends, maybe your parents, or maybe your bullsh*t colleagues . You can prevent it once, but can you prevent it the second time and the third time? If I don't f*ck you, I'll fuck your relatives and friends instead . I'll blow them up and make you feel lost . "

"Do you want to die?" Xiao Luo said coldly .

"Ha, ha, ha . . . angry? Little rotten boy, I'm waiting for you, waiting to cut off your head and kick it!" Long Sankui laughed and hung up the phone .

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Although Xiao Luo was blindfolded, Gu QianXue beside him could still feel his anger .

"Pa Cha ~"

The mobile phone was crushed by Xiao Luo . Phone parts and silver screen fragments were scattered and cracked . A thick murderous aura spilled from him .

Gu Qianxue was slightly stunned . For the first time, she felt scared: "Xiao Luo, what's wrong with you?"

"Nothing . " Xiao Luo squeezed out a smile .



"crack ~"

At night, a flash of lightning tore through the night sky, and then, the extreme wind and rain came down on river city as if they had received orders .

The rain fell one after another, forming rain fog . The trees on both sides of the streets were blown sideways by the wind, and even some fragile branches broke off and fell to trees .

A car parked under a tree in the distance of the hospital was hit by a thick branch . The front of the car withered, and shrill alarm sounded on this rainy night . However, the sound soon disappeared among the thunders that shook the eardrums .

This is a storm . It's a big storm that you seldom meet once a year!

Xiao Luo sat on the soft leather sofa in the ward with his right hand on one side, his fingers rhythmically hitting the armrest of the sofa, his left elbow resting on the left armrest, his palm resting on his chin, and his right leg resting on his left leg .

Covering his eyes and wearing a hospital gown, his figure was distinct and bright under the cover of silvery white lightning, but after a flash of lightning ended, he disappeared into darkness .

It looked a little spooky!

"Why do you want to force me?"

Xiao Luo spent 100,000 points to activate his healing ability . A warm current swept through his whole body . The burns on his body and fumigated wounds on his eyes were healing at a fast speed . His murderous look had a true shape and it swept in this ward .

He didn't want it to go this way, but Long Sankui forced him directly onto this road .

He knew very well that the frenzied Long Sankui had chosen to break the pot and must drag him into the water .

For the safety of his relatives and friends, even if he goes into the water, he must go down this road .



Liu Tieguo was woken up by lightning in his sleep . He saw Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu who slept like dead pigs . He got up quietly and felt outside Xiao Luo's ward . He looked in through the small window on the door . Under the light of lightning, he saw the inside was empty .

"Boss, I hope you don't do stupid things!"

Liu Tieguo muttered to himself, took out his mobile phone and dialed a number .

At the same time, the phone belonged to Fan Changlong, director of the General Administration, rang .

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