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Chapter 233: 233
hapter 233: Long Sankui's Invitation To War .

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The four dharma protectors of the Dragon gang either died, caught, or escaped . The 3,000 members were apprehended in succession . Because of this, Xiao Luo became most loved by people, but Long Sankui was really angry . He was like a beast that wanted to bite the hunter before he died, fighting until the end .

Xiao Luo went to the hospital to visit Wang Lihu and the others .

"Chief, I will soon be discharged from the hospital and will be able to fight with you again . " Although Wang Lihu was wearing a hospital gown, he did not forget to roll up his sleeves and show his biceps .

"Dead tiger, there is only one Long Sankui left now . It is enough for me to work through . You can stay in this hospital as long as you like . " Ye Qiu joked .

Wang Lihu stopped and scolded: "Shut up, you stinking eagle!"

After he said this, he threw the pillow on his bed at Ye Qiu, the result was too rough, because of the wound he felt pain and his face changed .

"Hey, hey, I say you two should learn more about current events and keep pace with the times by reading magazines and newspapers like me . " Lying in the hospital bed Liu Tieguo earnestly reprimanded .

Ye Qiu couldn't help laughing: "Brother Pan, this is an information explosion era . Magazines and newspapers have long been eliminated . If you want to know current events, a mobile phone can be easily used . "

"Motherf*cker, not to mention the Wi-Fi here, the data network is 2G, even a broken web page can't be opened . What bullshit can you know about current events with a mobile phone . " Liu Tieguo angrily put down his magazine . He was already very angry about the lack of network signals here .

Wang Lihu comforted: "Calm down, calm down . Even if there's no network, we can still see beautiful nurse sisters . "

As soon as he said this, the nurse in the ward, who was thirsty and holding a cup of water, threw a strange look at him .

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Wang Lihu continued: "Haven't you seen Bright Sword? Lao Li lived in a hospital once and even found his wife . Although I don't have Lao Li's heroic charm, my face value is quite high . It's definitely not a problem to have a beautiful woman fall in love at first sight . " Turning his head, he looked at the nurse and winked at her . "Am I right, pretty girl?"

"Poof ~"

Hearing this, the nurse sprayed the water out of her mouth . She hurried out of the ward and rolled her eyes at Wang Lihu before leaving . The meaning was self-evident, which meant that with your appearance, you should just have no confidence .

Ye Qiu and Liu Tieguo couldn't help laughing .

Wang Lihu was quite calm and brazenly said solemnly, "Look, that pretty girl drools at the sight of me . How handsome I am to make a girl hungry . " Frowning and sighing, "Alas … how annoying!"

"Ha, ha, ha, ha . . . "

"I've seen shameless people before . But I've never seen anyone as shameless as you . "

Ye Qiu and Liu Tieguo laughed directly . The latter laughed incessantly and clapped their hands on the bed, even laughing in tears .

Xiao Luo couldn't help laughing at the sudden change of Wang Lihu into a Duan Zishou: "It seems that the three of you are enjoying a prosperous life in the hospital . "

At this time, his cell phone vibrated and a call came in .

Taking it out to check, it was a strange number, after answering, a rough and vicious voice sounded .

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"Little rotten boy, I really looked down upon you before . I didn't expect you to have such great energy . I really want to cut you to pieces now!"

Long Sankui!

Xiao Luo immediately determined the identity of the other party .

He looked at the others and then walked out of the ward with his cell phone .

With a joking smile: "Boss Long, long time no see . Listening to your strong voice, it seems that your body is still so hale and hearty . "

"Your mother is hale and hearty, little rotten son, you give this boss less bullsh*t and come to this boss' place at twelve o' clock tonight . This boss really f*cking wants to kill you!" Long Sankui was very short-tempered .

Xiao Luo smiled: "Knowing that you boss Long is going to kill me, do you think I will go?"

If he wanted Long Sankui to die, he would have killed him . Yet, why should he be a JC if he could just do so? It was because his aim was to destroy the whole Dragon gang . To completely remove this cancer in the city . It was also through more legal means that he can save himself from becoming the number one criminal that JC wants to capture .

"I bet you will come . "

Long Sankui said, before Xiao Luo could reply, he hung up the phone .

"This old madman . "

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Xiao Luo thought this guy was crazy, his talking is not normal .

Just as he turned around and stepped into the ward . . .

"boom ~"

There was a loud noise and the whole hospital building shook violently . A fiery wave rushed out of the first floor of the building . Thick smoke rose like a blanket of dust storms, accompanied by scarlet flames blooming enchantingly .

Shrill screams exploded from the whole hospital, and horrified people flew out like fragments from an explosion .

This was a powerful explosion!

Xiao Luo's pupil shrank, because he could see very clearly, his sister Xiao Ruyi was working on the first floor of the hospital .

He rushed toward the floor like a phantom, this floor has turned into a fireplace, pungent smoke everywhere . Many hospital nurses and patients were killed alive, turning into burnt bodies . There were many seriously injured shrieking, miserably howling to climb to the outside, seeing Xiao Luo, the will to survive let them constantly cry "Help" .

Xiao Luo ignored everyone and went from room to room .

"Ruyi, Ruyi . . . "

Unspeakable fear, unspeakable tension . He was not afraid of heaven and earth, but only afraid of the death of his loved ones .

The scene of the explosion was a mess . Smoke rose from the hot fire . Xiao Luo temporarily stopped his breathing by using Yi Jin Jing . However, his body was soon covered with a layer of dust and his skin was flushed with flames .

Those who were seriously injured soon fainted in such an environment . Even if Xiao Luo had the body protection of Yi Jin Jing, he felt groggy after searching for five or six minutes . His body was as painful as if it had been put in the fire and heavily burned . He needed to leave at once, but he could not find Xiao Ruyi . How could he do this?

"Ding, the system detects that the host is in an extremely harsh environment, which poses a threat to the host's life . Asking the host to leave immediately!"

In his mind, there was a system prompt .

Xiao Luo completely ignored it, still looking for Ciao Tuyi ward after ward . As for the other injured, he treated them as air . .

The flames burned his arm, and the smoke made his eyes red, swollen and painful . It felt like two long sharp needles were thrusting hard . His pace slowed down, but he was still firm and heavy .

If he gets cooked, then let him be cooked!

He endured severe burning pain and vowed to find his sister Xiao Ruyi .

Just then, a beautiful figure rushed in with a wet towel over his nose and mouth and took his hand .

"Ruyi is not here, you go out with me!"

The newcomer is Gu Qianxue . Her internal power is powerful, but in such an inferno, even enduring for one minute has already made her tightly pucker her fine eyebrows .

Finished saying that, she immediately took Xiao Luo and ran out of the fire .

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