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Chapter 229: 229
hapter 229: The Bucket of Trapped Animals .

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The members of the anti-drug team, who were stunned when Xiao Luo kicked the informant to the ground, immediately came to their senses and pointed their guns at Black Wolf, who was standing up . They rapped out, "Stay down, stay down, do you hear me?"

The atmosphere suddenly became tense . The big fellow clenched his fist and stared at Xiao Luo with hatred in his eyes . They did not allow others to insult their eldest Black Wolf .

"Squat down!"

Black Wolf lightly issued a command .


Several big fellows listened despite their unwilling hearts, they squatted down . Though they still used threatening eyes at Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo imperceptibly, his right foot continued to step on Black Wolf's shoulder, leisurely tying his shoelaces .

As a boss of Dragon gang, when has Black Wolf ever been trampled under the soles of someone's feet? Xiao Luo's behavior made him furious . His whole body muscles tensed inch by inch, like a wolf, staring at Xiao Luo now and then, as if he would attack at any time, which was very dangerous .

"I just like to see you angry but unable to do anything . Always remember, I am a soldier (police) and you are thieves . Since ancient times, thieves can only be chased by soldiers (police) . Understand?"

Xiao Luo smiled . Although his shoelaces have been tied, but he had no intention to remove his feet .

Black Wolf didn't speak, he just stared at him coldly . The corners of his mouth muscles could not help but smoke .

"We have received information that you are here to connect with Khun Sa, the drug trafficking leader of the Golden Triangle . Of course, the information we have may be false, but you happen to be here . Is this a coincidence?" Xiao Luo ponderingly laughed .

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"You stinky motherfucker! We like to barbecue and feel the sea breeze here . Do you want the police to take care of it?" A big fellow with red eyes shouted, before standing up to beat Xiao Luo again .

Just you!

Xiao Luo drew an arc of laughter around his mouth, removed his feet from Black Wolf's shoulder and said to Wang Yongjia, "Wang Yongjia, cuff him and take him back to the police station!"

Although he didn't know what Xiao Luo was doing, Wang Yongjia still trusted Xiao Luo . He gave a dry cough and said: "Cheng Chusheng, you two go over and cuff him . "

Cheng Chusheng and another member of the anti-drug team give a shout, tookout their handcuffs and walked up to the big fellow . They were a little confused and did not know why they had to handcuff the big fellow .

"What are you doing? What makes you handcuff me? " The big fellow shouted loudly .

"Be honest, or you will feel 'better' !" Cheng Chusheng threatened .

The big fellow knew that he could not resist arrest . The members of the anti-drug team were armed with live ammunition . If he resisted arrest, he would really suffer and had to let them handcuff his hands .

Xiao Luo walked up to him, looked at him from a high position, and smiled indifferently: "littering and polluting the sea water, is there a problem with arresting you for this reason?"


Littering and polluting sea water?

One by one, the members of the anti-drug team were dumbfounded, thinking, "what kind of reason is this for arrest?"

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"I refuse to obey!" The big fellow shouted .

Xiao Luo winked and frowned: "Not satisfied? Follow me back to the station, and I'll convince you! "

"Xiao, I'll kill you!"

The big fellow raged, his face vengeful, his head towards Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo's abdomen was hit hard and he staggered back a few steps, but his face did not show any anger . Instead, he gave the big fellow an admiring look and immediately changed into an angry face: "Now add another one, assaulting the police!"

These micro-expressions of his were all seen by Black Wolf, who looked at the big fellow with a slight chill in his eyes .

"Take him away!"

Wang Yongjia already knew Xiao Luo's plan and cooperated with Cheng Chusheng to take the big fellow away .

"Black Wolf, 'don't' do anything . I'm always watching you . " Before leaving, he left Black Wolf these merciless words



"Wang Yongjia, this what . . . ah, why not take our informant? If he continues to stay with black wolf, his personal safety will not be guaranteed . " After leaving the dock with the big fellow, Cheng Chusheng asked in confusion .

"He will be safe and continue to be undercover . "

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The one answering Cheng Chusheng was not Wang Yongjia, but Xiao Luo .

"Xiao Luo is right!"

Wang Yongjia agreed .

All the members of the anti-drug team couldn't understand . Their presence at the dock sent a message to Black Wolf . They had their informants in their group . How could they be safe if they continue to leave them there?

Cheng Chusheng casted a disdainful look at Xiao Luo, and then continued to pester Wang Yongjia: "Xiao Luo, a new comer, is totally nonsense . Why do you mess with him, Wang Yongjia? If anything happens to our informant, we can't bear the responsibility . "

"Cheng Chusheng, use your head to think it over . "

Wang Yongjia became more and more irritated by the sight of Cheng Chusheng . He thought to himself, "No wonder their anti-drug team is always at a disadvantage . The members are all stupid . They are not afraid of opponents like gods, but they are afraid of teammates like pigs . With such a group of people, it is strange that they can win the battle . "

Pointing to the big fellow in the car, he raised his voice and said, "We took this guy away for a rather outrageous reason . Do you think Black Wolf will now suspect who is our informant placed beside him?"

This sentence woke everyone up at once and carefully recalled what had happened just now .

The big fellow showed the most violent behavior . Although it was true loyalty to Black Wolf from his heart, it was easy to be regarded as acting at that time, deliberately finding fault, then letting them target it and finally achieving the goal of taking him away .

With Black Wolf's suspicious character, he would surely suspect that the big fellow was their informant, and the more details he recalled, the more he would confirm the speculation .

If they had just taken away the informant, it would be equivalent to telling Black Wolf who was the real informant .

It's already dawn today . It is impossible for Khun Sa to come . If there is no informant to tell Khun Sa when he will come next time, they will have no way to start . But they can't stick to it here every night . Even if their body can survive the trip, what if the location of the meeting is changed?

"I almost made the wrong choice, Xiao Luo, it's thanks to you this time . " Wang Yongjia patted Xiao Luo's arm and laughed .

"It's nothing!" Xiao Luo lightly said with a smile .

Cheng Chusheng was slightly red . The others looked at Xiao Luo, their eyes half reduced their underestimation .



Two days later, the informant returned with another message, which was the joint location and time between Black Wolf and Khun Sa .

In addition, Long Sankui sent people to deal with Xiao Ruyi and Tang Ren . Fortunately, Gu Qianxue and Feng Ge were there . They were narrowly missed and saved . At the same time, news came from the other side of the western province that the county public security bureau affiliated to Gushan town had arrested five criminals who wanted to attack Xiao Fu and Xiao Mu .

"The Battle of Trapped Beasts!"

Xiao Luo took a sip of tea in his seat, Long Sankui has been relegated to the background, murder and arson are done by someone on his behalf . Now the four dharma protectors are slowly being removed by him, sooner or later this old thing will reveal his fox's tail . Once he obtained the evidence of Long Sankui's crime, he will kill him directly .

And tonight, if no further accidents, Black Wolf will be arrested!

Step by step, the Dragon gang is stepping closer to destruction .

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