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Chapter 228: 228
hapter 228: Joint .

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The chicken leg was bought from the supermarket . Xiao Luo knew it would take a long time, so he had already prepared it . Of course, he not only prepared the chicken leg, but also other things .

When seeing him eating a chicken leg and then taking out a mutton roll from his arms, the members of the anti-drug team couldn't help swallowing saliva one by one and watched eagerly, hoping that it was themselves who were eating the mutton roll at the moment .

Xiao Luo doesn't know them very well, so he won't share the food he bought . Besides, he is only seven points full after eating .

After a mutton roll was eaten, he then took out a bag of French fries from his arms . When he took out the French fries, he even took ketchup with him . He put a piece of paper on the ground and put ketchup on it . Then he took French fries and ate with ketchup .


Too much, really is too much!

The members of the anti-drug team could not calm down . Their stomachs were empty and they felt they could eat an elephant . They were too hungry . But a guy nearby casually was eating KFC in front of them . This was too much .

"Xiao Luo, we are on a mission!"

Wang Yongjia warned, although he was also greedy for the French fries in Xiao Luo's hand .

"Wang Yonjia, don't think I'm being sarcastic . This mission will probably fail . " Xiao Luo said .

Wang Yongjia and his team members all looked up at him, wondering, exasperated and curious .

Xiao Luo put down his French fries and glanced at black wolf and others on the dock: "look at them . They eat, drink and havinv fun there . They drink dozens of beers . When they get excited, they also paddle and sing . "

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Wang Yongjia frowned . This is really unusual . Drinking can delay things .

"Are you saying that my informant got a false message?"

Xiao Luo shook his head and said, "No, it's true . They did come . Otherwise, black wolf wouldn't have come here to enjoy the sea breeze . "

At one point they said they were not here to join, at the other they said they were here to join . These remarks made the members of the anti-drug team in a fog . Their minds were a little overwhelmed .

"speak more clearly . " Wang Yongjia didn't understand either .

Xiao Luo laughed and continued to explain: "They are not yet connected . They will not officially become connected until we go out to question them and ask them to leave . Because Black Wolf is very clear that we are keeping a close eye on them in the dark . He has not ruled out the worries of our police . How can he let Khun Sa show up?"

He said this and the big guy understood .

The routine is so deep, but, just these scum, can consider so much?

One of the team members began to refute: "Xiao Luo, this is just one of your words . How do you know that black wolf knows about our existence?"

Yes, how did black wolf know they existed? Is the informant exposed?

Everyone looked at Xiao Luo, waiting for his answer .

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Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows: "Personal feeling . "

The rebuttal team member couldn't help laughing: "We are JC, how can we act according to our personal feelings? If we expose it rashly, it will only startle us . Khun Sa will dive into the deep sea like an octopus smelling danger and disappear completely . "

Wang Yongjia nodded with deep approval and waved, "All right, be quiet and wait patiently for their connection . "

Xiao Luo shook his head and smiled . He did not reply and continued to leisurely eat French fries .

An hour passed . . .

Two hours later . . .

Three hours passed . . .

It's already five o'clock in the morning, and a little bit of fish-belly grey is beginning to appear in the east . It will be dawn soon .

The anti-drug team stayed up all night here, tired, sleepy, hungry and suffering . On the contrary, black wolf set up a bonfire, while black wolf lay by the warm fire and slept till now from 2 a . m .

"These bastards, are they playing with us?"

The member who refuted Xiao Luo's guess before was Cheng Chusheng, an older anti-drug member .

As soon as he said this, he immediately attracted everyone's attention and thought to himself: It seems that Xiao Luo is right and your persistence is wrong .

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Wang Yongjia asked Xiao Luo, "Is it too late to rush out now?"

Xiao Luo shook his head: "No, but once we rush out, we'll be able to confirm the fact that there are our informants among them, and black wolf may have locked our informant . If we rush out, the personal safety of the informant cannot be guaranteed . It won't take long to kill someone . "

"Xiao Luo, why are you so sure they have such a plan?" Cheng Chusheng asked .

Xiao Luo replied truthfully: "It is very simple to put yourself in the position of black wolf and consider all possible changes from his position . "

"Do you know criminal psychology?"

"A little bit . "

Xiao Luo won't tell Cheng Chusheng that he had already spent 100 points to exchange a criminal psychology ability before the trip . It's not particularly strong, but it can make him think from the perspective of criminal suspects .

"No matter, we rush out, take our informant away to ensure his safety, and then kill a comeback . "

Wang Yongjia couldn't bear it any more . He stayed up all night here and even as a JC with a good temper, he would become irritable .

At his command, more than 20 members of the anti-drug team rushed out and suffered a night of cowardice . Everyone was very angry and wanted to beat the group of delicious and drinkable social cancer .

"Don't move, squat down!"

"come on!"

The angry rebukes were shouted out of their mouths .

Black wolf woke up and crouched down with his head folded . His face was not afraid . He looked at Xiao Luo, then glanced at Wang yongjia and said with a straight face: "officer Wang, what do you mean?"

"It's my turn to ask you?"

Wang Yongjia gave him a hard look . "Black Wolf, what are you doing here without sleeping all night?"

The black wolf pointed to the bonfire: "officer Wang, isn't it obvious that we are having a barbecue and enjoying the sea breeze . "

"A night's sea breeze?" Wang Yongjia cold .

Black wolf had a pondering smile and asked in a sepulchral way: "is it illegal to enjoy the sea breeze all night?"

"Of course it does not break the law . "

Wang Yongjia said, then walked to the front of his informant, who was a short guy .

Just as he was going to find a reason to take the informant away, Xiao Luo jumped up like a cheetah, kicked the guy out with one foot, then overbearingly stepped on black wolf's shoulder and bent down to tie his shoelaces .

"Xiao, get your dirty feet off me!"

Black Wolf raged, stood up and pointed to Xiao Luo, shouting .

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