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Chapter 227: 227
hapter 227: Sets out the tasks .

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"101,000 Points Available!"

After taking care of the others, he returned home and lay on the bed . Xiao Luo opened the long-time no see system store and looked at the balance of points above . Surprised, he found that after a period of accumulation, the value of points once again exceeded 100,000 . This was gratifying to him, meaning that if he suffered serious injuries, he could recover quickly by consuming 100,000 points .

By asking the system, he distinguished between the ability to continue life and the ability to heal . When he suffered fatal injuries, such as heart puncture, throat incision, advanced stage of cancer, etc . , he wanted to recover the ability to continue life, while the common trauma he suffered, which could be cured by modern medical technology and equipment, was the ability to heal .

The former consumes 500,000 points for the first time and then increases exponentially . The more times one lives, the more points one consumes . The latter only consumes 100,000 points . No matter how many times one suffers, the cost of starting this ability is 100,000 points and will not increase by use .

After going to work the next day, Xiao Luo made two requests to Hou Zhijie, director of the district bureau .

Additional personnel will be sent to protect Wang lihu and others who are hospitalized . In addition, his grandparents and parents in Gushan town, western province, where he lives, will also be protected by local police 24 hours a day .

Hou Zhijie knows that the dragon gang is crazy, and the dragon gang is aimed at Xiao Luo . For the protection of the people around Xiao Luo, he is naturally duty-bound as the director .

"Don't worry, I've already sent the armed Special team to ensure Wang Lihu's safety . Later on, I'll get in touch with our brother units in the county town of Gushan Town and ask them to send police to protect your family 24 hours a day . "


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Xiao Luo had heartfelt thanks .

Before dealing with Long Sankui, what he wants is to clear up all worries . His parents are in their hometown in West Province . Long Sankui's idea of hitting his family is not so easy . He will not send many people . There is JC 24-hour protection in the county seat . The problem is not very big .

Out of the director's office, Xiao Luo met Gu QianXue .

Dressed in a J-shirt, she is very beautiful, with ruddy skin and delicate face without blemish, just like a freshly shelled egg white, which can be broken by blowing bullets . When approaching, he can still smell a faint scent of virginity .

"Do you usually have nothing to do?" Xiao Luo asked her .

Gu Qianxue shook her head: "No . " After a moment's silence, she added, "They let me learn and get familiar with all kinds of case files first . "

"Can you do something for me?" Xiao Luo said .

"Do say . " Gu Qianxue nodded .

Xiao Luo smiled, "Protect my sister and brother-in-law . "

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He originally didn't want to let this girl be involved, but a few nights ago he saw Gu QianXue's fighting . To be fair, if Gu QianXue deal with him, he must also be a mess .

Long Sankui has been crazy enough to dare to kill JC . Though there's Feng Ge's group . He's afraid it is not enough . It is necessary to add another, Gu QianXue .



The city's anti-crime frenzy swept like a storm . The narcotics squad of the Regional Bureau was naturally not idle, especially Wang Yongjia . He hated the dragon gang with his teeth gnashing . He had already received accurate information from his informant . Khun Sa, the drug trafficking leader of the Golden Triangle, will sneak into river city from the wharf tonight .

"Khun Sa, formerly known as gold ingot, originally from Yun Province, broke into the Golden Triangle to seek gold in 90 . . . "

Wang Yongjia, in a large conference room, introduced the mobilization and target information of the members of the anti-drug team . "He is the main source of our underground drugs in river city . We have organized many arrests for him, but this person is cunning and can escape the law . However, this time I want him . As long as he is caught, the drug network in river city will break down . Moreover, with Khun Sa as witness, the dragon gang's scum who participated in the drug business can't run away!"

"Wang Yongjia, I have a question . "

Xiao Luo raised his hand, "now we JC is carrying out a vigorous crackdown storm, as drug trafficking leader, Khun Sa, how can he choose to be here in this special period? Does he not know that it is very dangerous now? "

The other JC also nodded slightly . This is indeed a doubtful point . Any transaction can be made at any time . But It happened that the choice at this time seems unreasonable .

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Wang Yongjia nodded approvingly: "This is a good question to ask, but I also said just now that this is a crafty guy . There is a saying that it is dark under the light . Perhaps Khun Sa is thinking that when we JC are attacking the black forces without leaving any room, we just won't focus on him . The most dangerous place is the safest place . It can also be understood that the most dangerous period is the safest period . "

"I see!" Xiao Luo suddenly enlightened .

Wang Yongjia changed the slide and a cold face appeared: "The person who connected with Khun Sa was black wolf . Black wolf is just his nickname . His real name was Qian Fei . Jiang City's drug trail all pointed to him, but there was no conclusive evidence . Otherwise we could have applied for arrest for him long ago . But this time, they were digging their own graves . We are only allowed to succeed in this task and are not allowed to fail!"


All the members of the anti-drug team stood up and gave a reply .

Ending the drug network is the most urgent wish in Xiao Luo's heart . Of course, he will spare no effort to do it .



The night came and at 2: 00 a . m . the river wharf was dead silent .

This is an abandoned wharf, which is about to usher in a big plan . There are many rusty abandoned containers stacked on the wharf, as well as cranes that are rusted and badly corroded . Thick iron chains hang down like ropes and move slightly when the sea breeze blows .

The members of the anti-drug team were hiding behind a container . The cat was there quietly, staring at black wolf and others sitting on the open space of the dock, ready to connect with Khun Sa .

"Why hasn't Khun Sa come yet after such a long time?" A team member asked in a low voice .

"What's the rush? If you want to catch a big fish, you must be patient . " Wang Yongjia reprimanded .

The man complained, "It's hard for brothers to watch them barbecue, drink and eat meat there!"

Indeed, they have been lurking here since nightfall, until now, their stomachs are empty, and then, watching black wolf eat meat, barbecue, their hearts itch, hoping that Khun Sa will come at once, and then everyone rushed up to arrest them all, and then devour those barbecues that emit curled up fragrance .

"Hold on, we're on a mission . "

Wang Yongjia shouted at him and thought, "I am hungry because of the smell of roast meat . Who should I go to?"

At this moment, however, there were bursts of "crunchy" chewing sounds .

Everyone turned to look, Xiao Luo is holding a delicious chicken leg, with his back against the container, eating with relish .

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