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Published at 31st of March 2020 04:10:07 AM
Chapter 226
hapter 226: The good devil .

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(The internet was down yesterday thus I couldn't upload . . . So I was only able to update this morning . As compensation I've added an extra chapter!

Sorry for the late upload . . . )

The dragon gang members openly attacked and killed JC, which infuriated the regional bureau and even the top officials of the general administration . The general administration director Fan Changlong issued a direct order: strike hard!

Although the dragon gang is a local strongman, its members are scattered in all corners of river city, Feng Zhiqiang of Li ren town was arrested, followed by Cold Face . This is the breakthrough point to discover other members . At that time, the whole city set off a wave of anti-triad activities, and black members were arrested one after another .

Long Sankui's 3,000 members are now prisoners at a fast pace!

This craze for blackmailing has terrified ordinary gangsters and hooligans, who dare not jump as usual . In addition to seeing the determination of the JC to crack down on them, they are even more afraid of the vicious devil police .

This is the strength of the country . When it really works, anything black will be invisible .

In a villa in Guangming District . . .

Long Sankui is playing with his four-year-old son . He is very fond of the child and has a father-like smile on his face . When the child shouted "father" and ran into his arms, he was as happy as a child .

Black Wolf and a bunch of dragon gang core members, anxiously broke into his villa .

"Long Ye, no, our . . . "

A member reported the situation to Long Sankui . As a result, Long Sankui glared at him . His body immediately shuddered . Shan Shan closed his mouth . At the moment, he realized an unwritten rule that no matter what happened, he could not talk about what was inside the gang in front of Long Ye's family .

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"Ming Hui, take the child away!"

Long Sankui told the woman standing on the side .

The woman nodded, picked up the child and said cheerfully to the child, "Doug, say goodbye to your father and uncles . "

"Goodbye father, goodbye uncles!"

The boy beckoned with his small hands and greeted everyone sweetly .

They don't know why, but when they saw his real smile that day, they suddenly remembered their childhood, and suddenly missed the simplicity of that time, without worries and killing .

After his son left, the smile on Long Sankui's face slowly converged, revealing a sinister old fox-like face .

Holding a leading crutch, he took two walnuts from the servant's hand and rubbed them between his palms like health balls . Then he sat down in the plush chair brought up by the two members . His face was sullen . Obviously, he knew the news of the failure of cold face, and he knew that all the JC of river city were carrying out destructive attacks on his people and the black industry . The black empire he had built up with one hand was crumbling little by little .

His anger has not fully described his mood, he is very anxious to tear up Xiao Luo, because all this is because of Xiao Luo .

"Motherf*cked, did you find out the background of that little rotten boy?"

Long Sankui forced himself to calm down . He was the chief rudder . If even he lost his mind because of anger, the dragon gang would be really over .

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"I found it . "

Black Wolf stood up and took out a piece of information from the briefcase, "Xiao Luo, from west province RenShi, his home is in a remote town called" Gu Shan ", his parents are living in the home, he has a sister in the people's hospital as a nurse . . . "

"Send someone to kill his parents . " Long Sankui lightly ordered .

Black wolf nodded and asked, "what about his sister?"

"Do you need to ask, of course . I'd like to see what else that little brat is fighting with me . " Long Sankui boldly said .


Black wolf responded respectfully .



Wang Lihu, Ye Qiu and Liu Tieguo were all admitted to the hospital . Wang Lihu was the most seriously injured, after all, it was three short arrows . After pulling them out, there were three blood holes in his body . Liu Tieguo was lighter, but he also hurt his muscles and bones and needed to rest for some time .

In the center of the corridor, the hospital has set up a special viewing platform for patients .

At this time in the night sky, Xiao Luo stood there, quietly looking at the busy medical staff under the outside .

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Beside him is Gu QianXue, she didn't wear her uniform, but a white dress . She is as holy as snow, she did not move . Her clever eyes were so fixed looking at Xiao Luo, her cold beautiful face is with dedication to seek answer .

"A girl came to Jiangcheng with her dreams and longings . She aspired to be a patient-saving angels in white . She was beautiful, kind and pure, but the world was full of too much filth . They used all kinds of despicable means to erode her mind and body . She kept resisting and fighting, but finally she jumped from the ten-story high building and chose to end her life . "

Xiao Luo gently told, every word is with a strong emotion .

Gu QianXue didn't talk, she just listened carefully .

"I stepped into her life, or rather, she broke into my world . When I saw her fall from the sky like a swallow with broken wings, I silently told myself in my heart that I must send the filth of river City to hell, even if I became a devil myself . "

Xiao Luo turned his head, raised his eyebrows, and smiled helplessly . "Your elder sister warned you to stay away from me . She was right . A pure and kind girl like you should not have too much interaction with people like me . "

"She is her, I am me . " Gu QianXue said .

"You have to listen to her, don't you?" Xiao Luo had a pondering smile .

Gu Qianxue shook her head then nodded: "I really need to listen to her on many things, but I can make decisions on some things myself . "

"For example?"

"Make friends with you . " Gu QianXue said seriously .

"Are you sure you can make your own decisions about this?" laughed Xiao Luo .

"I'm sure!" Gu Qianxue's red lips were light .

Xiao Luo reached out and patted her on the forehead: "I like you more and more . I mean the love between friends . "

"Why did you pat me on the forehead?" Gu QianXue puzzled, asked .

"It represents affirmation to you . "

Xiao Luo certainly won't say, "it's because you are a little girl . "

Gu QianXue thought, she also held out her hand, and gently patted Xiao Luo's forehead .

Xiao Luo froze, then shook his head and smiled . "You are very different from your sister . For your sake, I think I should say sorry to her . "


"Your sister knows . "

Xiao Luo smiled mysteriously and caught a glimpse of Gu Qianlin's black SUV from the hospital gate . "Well, you should go back . I have to see those three guys . See you tomorrow!"

Finished saying that, he turned around and then walked, he didn't want to meet with Gu QianLin .

"You're a good devil . "

Gu Qianxue muttered to herself, what others saw was Xiao Luo's bloodlust and cruelty, but what she saw was a good man who turned into a devil for the sake of kindness .

Of course, if Xiao Luo knew that she was so critical of himself, she would only say to her: you are wrong!

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