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Chapter 225
hapter 225: Kill .

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"Our Chief is tough!"

Wang Lihu's eyes were full of admiration . He was shot with three arrows, one on his abdomen, one on his shoulder and one on his arm . Blood seeped out of the wounds . Coupled with several bloody wounds, his face turned white gradually .

The situation of Ye Qiu and Liu Tieguo is not very good either . The dragon gang's elite use of the chainattacker as hidden weapons is really unexpected . The lethality is so fierce that it is already quite good for them to survive in the arrow rain .

However, Wang Yongjia was not shot by a short arrow . As a boss, Wang Lihu and his colleagues will subconsciously protect him .

"Gu Qianxue, help me look after them!"

Xiao Luo to Gu QianXue said, then his whole person turned into a black lightning with unmatched speed toward this group of startled dragon gang elites, fierce breath increasing in succession .

"Mao ~"

The remaining 12 chainattacker only felt a flash of knife light in front of them, and then their throat was filled with hot liquid . They subconsciously reached out to touch it and put it in front of them . Suddenly, their eyes trembled and were full of disbelief .

Blood, their whole palm is covered with hot blood!

Then, unimaginable pain welled up in their brains, their hands loosened the long knives . Continuous blood spray as they lay on the ground, twitching doing the last struggle before death .

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Xiao Luo, motionless, with a bloody long knife pointing to the ground, had a cold war breath from him with rolling ShaQi surging out .

The remaining elite dragon clan felt a shiver from their souls . He killed 12 of their companions in the blink of an eye . How fast and how strong this knife was!

"Hum ~"

At this moment, Xiao Luo released the bloodthirsty demon from his heart . He snorted and laughed coldly . The tip of his tongue suddenly burst into a sharp hissing sound . With violence, ferocious and rapid running, he's like a wolf breaking into a flock of sheep, killing .

"Poof ~"

The long knife ran through a black dressed person's chest, it turned 90 degrees and pulled outward . The black dressed person's body seemed to be dismembered, and his insides dripped out of his chest and spilled on the ground . The ground was bloody . This madness and biting made people tremble .

Kill, kill!

Xiao Luo's face became distorted due to fierce and excitement, and the attack left no room for manoeuvre, just like a bloody shura!

The originally calm dragon gang elite at this time is showing fear, although they are all wearing masks, but their slightly shivering body and sluggish action will give their current state of mind .

"The one named Xiao! ! !”

A loud explosion shook the night sky, like a pent-up roar of anger . A man dressed in black, wearing a mask of facial makeup, but different from other masks, locked up Xiao Luo and marched wildly from a distance .

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He naturally has a cold face . The mask is as cold and cold as his name, and has no emotion at all .

His speed suddenly reached the limit, the distance with Xiao Luo quickly closed, an axe was maliciously thrown out . His hands in his waist, four axes tear through the air, carrying sharp biting breath on Xiao Luo .

"wooshing wooshing ~"

Six axes, six directions, almost filling the whole space, Xiao Luo's retreat were completely blocked!

Xiao Luo like a devil-laughed . He brandished his long knife with all his might . It was swift, precise and sparks flew . He blocked three axes and dodged the other three skillfully .

Taking advantage of Xiao Luo's neutral position in dealing with the axe, cold face burst and rushed to him . With the help of the momentum of him crazily rushing, he suddenly picked and leaped, chopping with his hands holding the axe in the air . The cold-light overflowing the axe went straight to Xiao Luo's head and cut it off .

Xiao Luo stopped for a while, his knees bent down, his long knives crossed and he blocked with all his strength .

"Peng ~"

The deafening sound of metal impact exploded in the sky, the fierce sparks flashed like night spots, and the surging impact force roared .

Cold face's arms quivered, he stuffily staggered back, scarlet blood seeping from the corners of his mouth .

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However, Long Sankui gave him a death order, and even if he knew that Xiao Luo was strong, he would never retreat .


Cold face roared, like A mad beast, ferocious and violent .

Tossing and killing, hands churning, gave his person malice . The savage fine steel axe with fierce chopping, swept to Xiao Luo like a storm .

"Boss, let us help you!"

The dragon gang elites were infected by cold face's fighting spirit . Their fear of Xiao Luo disappeared, waving their long knives, locking on Xiao Luo's key parts .

"Come on, die!"

Xiao Luo's blood was boiling, bloody murder, like a tidal wave, kept spewing out .

His internal force is operating to the extreme . His physical force is combined with his internal force . His firepower is fully open . His long knife sweep out like in a martial arts TV series . The knife doesn't touch the opponent's body at all . The air blade scattered out from its body and cut the opponent at a distance of half a meter .

A weapon one inch long is one inch strong . The knife in Xiao Luo's hand is equivalent to an increase of another half meter . How powerful is it? No matter whether it is cold face or the other elite dragon gang members, they cannot be close to him . Centered on him, the area within three meters is like a forbidden zone for life . Those who enter it have only one end, that is death .

Gu Qianxue's eyebrows were tight, and she was shocked . She could not believe that the Xiao Luo in front of her was the guy she knew who could give her a sense of security . The murderous Xiao Luo made her feel very strange . She couldn't help mumbling: "My sister was right . "

Wang Yongjia, Wang Lihu, Ye Qiu and Liu Tieguo were also scared and opened their eyes in disbelief .

"If I had known that one person could handle it, we could've just sit by and watch the scene of bustle!" Wang lihu laughed .

"The strength of the chief is really unfathomable . " Ye Qiu's eyes were full of admiration .

Liu Tieguo sighed and said in distress: "It is no wonder that the land and hooligans in Guangming District will give him the nickname of the devil JC . He is so cruel that no one will believe that he is not a devil . "

Wang Yongjia only hoped that the regional bureau's support would arrive quickly and then stop the killing . Although the dragon gang deserved death, he still hoped to stop as soon as possible for such a bloody and cruel picture . Otherwise, for the public, it was a nightmare enough to make them remember a lifetime .

"Is there any hatred between Xiao Luo and the Dragon Gang?" He suddenly asked .

Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu shared their hands . Liu Tieguo also smiled dumb to show that he was not clear .

"Poof ~"

When Cold Face was kicked off by Xiao Luo, his mouth spattered with blood and flew like a shell . His axe was thrown out . Then, finally the support of the regional bureau arrived . Dozens of J cars, with shrill sirens, surrounded the place .

After getting off their cars, the JC were so shocked that they couldn't even say a word when they saw the scene . Is this the dragon gang attacking and killing JC people? Obviously, the dragon gang was unilaterally tortured and killed BY the JC .

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