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Chapter 224: 224
hapter 224

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Gu QianXue's wonderful figure flew up, she instantly rushed to the nearest dragon gang members . Her soft sword was like a dragon snake in romance during a lightning strike .

"Poop-poop-poop ~"

Four men were stabbed through making a blood hole in their shoulders, they fell to the ground in pain .

Then, she rushed out in a distance of one or two meters forward, with one hand swinging fiercely . As if a sharp sword were lying across the sky and the bear's paws were covering in the world . She hand split the neck of a dragon gang elite . With a muffled sound, the strong black dressed person seemed to have been hammered by eight pounds that appeared out of thin air . The huge force made his body fall backward, as if he had been suddenly thrown into boiling water . He fell to the ground and even retreated four or five steps, slipping down inch by inch .

"So strong? !”

Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu's eyes dew surprise, they are third-rate masters, naturally they can see Gu QianXue's skill is quite tough . Recall the previous banter with Gu QianXue, they can't help but feel their face burning hot .

Wang Yongjia also found it hard to believe, this is clearly only in martial arts TV .

"Stop looking and help!"

Xiao Luo's face was of dignified color, he was the first to go up .

Wang Lihu, Ye Qiu and Liu Tieguo also did not hesitate . They were like three wolves, rushing forward with the lead wolf without hesitation .

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Although Wang Yongjia is the captain of the anti-drug team, he is slightly weaker than Wang Lihu and in terms of the psychological quality of the elite hundred people in the face of Long Sankui, but he still rushed up after calling the station to send someone to support them . Before he can rush, seven or eight men in black wearing masks have surrounded him and looked at him with awe-inspiring murder .

"Gu Dong ~"

Wang Yongjia broke out in a cold sweat . Facing these people so closely, he felt a great pressure and raised his voice to shout, "What are you doing? I am JC, you . . . "

His voice came to an abrupt end, seven or eight men, raised their long knife and cut down on him .

Wang Yongjia was forced to fight, fortunately the support in his hand was relatively strong . He was able to hold off their attack for the time being .

They were like the wind that swept across the earth pouncing on Xiao Luo .

They're like all over the sky in cold meaning, step by step, flanking!

Their offensive was well organized, well trained . It's like tides retreating, the tide ebbing away, and two or three groups of troops rushed out of the back like angry waves . Their right hands were held up in order, and their bodies were very sharp in the dark .

As soon as they met, Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu realized that these people were very different from the ordinary members of the dragon gang . Despite their strong strength, the cooperation of 100 people was very close and tacit, which was perfect . They were not scattered, but acting as a whole .

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Although there are many men in black knocked to the ground, but in this moment, Wang Lihu, Ye Qiu and Liu Tieguo's body have more than a few bloody wounds . Pain poured into their brains making them roar more ferociously and louder .

Xiao Luo and Gu Qianxue are different . . .

The former has the constitution of the King of Mercenaries, supplemented by Yi Jin Jing . After grabbing a long knife, he hacked like chopping vegetables . The one who was cut by his sharp sword either broke his hand or his foot, or moved his head .

The latter has Tianshan Sword Technique and is almost in an invincible position . However, her nature is pure and kind, and she did not take the other person's life . All those who were attacked by her soft sword had their left shoulder pierced with a blood hole as they fell to the ground with a painful cry .

Wang Yongjia was miserable . The stick in his hand was cut into two pieces by the black dress person's long knife . And as the battle continued, the length of the stick in his hand became shorter and shorter until at last it was only about 10 centimeters long .

A knife cut down, he had nothing to block, his arm was abruptly torn by a sharp blade spurting blood, moments of pain let his throat let out a miserable cry .

"Wang lihu, you are with Wang Yongjian, don't spread out!" Xiao Luo loudly reminded, the other side is many, their own people are few, being scattered means they can easily be broken one by one .


Wang Lihu led the way, like a buffalo on a prairie rushing headlong towards Wang Yongjia .

Ye Qiu took the eagle claw's skill to the extreme and opened up a path of blood with his talons .

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Liu Tieguo, holding a long knife in both hands, shouted and roared towards Wang Yongjia's position in spite of everything .

Wang Lihu, Liu Tieguo, Ye Qiu and Wang Yongjia were in the same place . Xiao Luo and Gu Qianxue were in the same place . Tactical decision-making can often play a role in deciding victory or defeat . This group of men in black felt that the wolf was outnumbered by the lions .

After hearing a shrill whistle, the remaining 60 or 70 men in black retreated quickly . Xiao Luo was slightly startled . The top 20 people scattered from the two wings, their left hand raised, and the sound of metal bowstrings pulling made their teeth ache .

"wooshing wooshing ~"

Twenty short arrows flew out of their sleeves, tearing the void and shooting at Xiao Luo and his party at full speed .

"Be careful, it's a chainattacker!"

Wang Lihu's face changed color, but he never thought that the other party would still use the ancient invented hidden weapons .

However, the other party is also well trained, especially when it comes to hiding an arrow in their sleeve, so it's no surprise . Xiao Luo and Gu Qianxue quickly waved their swords and intercepted the short arrow that hit them .

While Wang Lihu and others did not have such good skills, everyone was shot by a short arrow; some hit the thigh, some hit the shoulder . . . Somehow it did not hurt their fatal parts, the amount is so . But several people's fighting capacity is also down to the lowest point, literally if seven or eight black dress person rush up they'll be wiped .


Wang Yongjia cursed bitterly, then looked at the distance and gnashed his teeth . "Why hasn't the bureau's support arrived yet?"

At this time, the 20 armband archers bent a short arrow once again and were about to launch a second round of shooting . . .

Xiao Luo won't let them do so again . Rushing a few steps to the side of the road in front of a car, his whole body is with internal force that fused with his fingers . With a hard grasp, his ten fingers directly embedded in the car's iron sheet, like two pincers tightly locked . Accompanied by a loud and complete roar, the one or two tons of car was lifted by him, after a few steps, he threw the car out toward the 20 chainattacker .

"Rumble ~"

The car came like a meteorite with great power .

Although the 20 dragon gang archers were wearing masks, they could still make people feel their shock and horror .

"boom ~"

The car came crashing down, wild power immediately caused bursts of rubble . The beautiful shape of the car also suddenly turned into a pile of scrap metal, the whole ground vibrated . The eight archers were smashed into meat mud .

Hiss . . .

Yong Wang jia and the others couldn't help breath in a gasp, especially Wang Yongjia . His mouth was so wide it is shaped like an "O" . And here he thought Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu are very strong, but Xiao Luo is like a raging river . He threw the car as a weapon, this . . . This is a monster!

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