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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:14:50 AM
Chapter 215
hapter 215: Shooting Without hesitation .

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Blood from the man's head trickled down to the corners of the table and dropped to the ground .

Looking at this picture, the 20 or 30 men lying on the ground after being taught by Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu suddenly turned pale and their hearts were wondering: Are these four really JC? Since when has JC been so ruthless?

Xiao Luo's eyes condensed and his tone was cold . He looked at the man in front of him: "Again, where is Feng Zhiqiang?"

The man dared not cross again . He felt that he had met a fake JC . He was merciless and cruel . He looked at Xiao Luo in horror: "He is . . . he is . . . "

"What can I do for you?"

A powerful voice came from a distance .

Xiao Luo and the others looked up, a large group of evil men slowly walked to come over from both sides of the street . They were led by a fat man dressed in white cloth, wearing a gold chain . The fat man with a cigarette in his hand, obviously a heavy smoker, his teeth were smoked yellow and black .

They came up like two human walls and packed the Hualong Commercial Street to the brim, forming a strong oppressive feeling .

Liu Tieguo's face changed greatly, even Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu are also slightly moved .

The man who was pinned on his head by Xiao Luo seemed to have found hope and shouted excitedly at the fat man: "eldest brother, these dead cops smashed our venue and beat all our brothers . You must make them pay!"

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Xiao Luo kicked the man to the ground and stood up, facing the fat man in white cloth: "Are you Feng Zhiqiang?"

"It's me . "

The Fat man calmly replied, he also took a sip on the cigarette .

"You are suspected of coercing women, committing adultery, brutally killing women who defy your control, and rape . I am now arresting you according to law . This is an arrest warrant . Please come with me!" Xiao Luo followed the procedure and showed Feng Zhiqiang the arrest warrant .

"Li Ren Police Station?"

Feng Zhiqiang took one look at the signature of the arrest warrant and smiled unhurriedly, "your small police station does handle some civil disputes, but when it comes to my place to do things, is it time to say that you don't have no brain? By the way, you are the police officer Xiao who arrested my wife . " Smiling, his eyes become fierce, "immediately let her go, or you and your friends will die!"

Xiao Luo had a smile: "I hate others threatening me most . "

"What if I threaten you? No one dares to jump around in front of our dragon gang on the border of river city . You are the first and the last . " Feng Zhiqiang grinned grimly .

After saying this, he threw his cigarette on the ground, stamped it out with his foot, turned to the crowd, waved his hand, and said coldly, "chop them to death!"

A large group of people received the order and rushed up with shouts and roars .

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"Bang ~"

Xiao Luo towards heaven opened fired . The tremor of the gunfire has great deterrent, * * the dragon gang members stopped .

"You all will be arrested . Now, you have the right to remain silent, every word you say will be used as evidence in court!"

Feng Zhiqiang recovered from the threat of gunfire and joked: "Brain-dead f*ck, do you think this is a show? With only four of you, you still want to take us on?"

Xiao Luo nodded seriously: "I am a JC, you are from H society, it is only natural to arrest you . "

Looking at his earnest appearance, the members of the * * dragon gang held their bellies and laughed loudly . This is basically saying a sheep is going to catch a group of wolves . How ignorant and arrogant this is!

Feng Zhiqiang was also amused: "Officer, I'd like to see how you catch us, go up and kill them!"

A burly man holding a knife, grinning, rushed toward Xiao Luo .

Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu were about to start work when a shrill shot rang out .

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"Bang ~"

Xiao Luo pulled the trigger without hesitation and hit the man's head squarely .

The burly man's body shook, and he fell straight down without a cry .

Feng Zhiqiang and the other big fellow's smile instantly stagnated, although they've heard Xiao Luo dared to shoot at random, they didn't hear Xiao Luo would dare to kill people at random . A shot in the eyebrows, even if the daluo fairy came, the man can't be saved . He's dead through and through .

"You'd better stop forcing me and quietly come back with us . " Xiao Luo waved the pistol and said .

"When JC shoots indiscriminately and kills people, it is felony . " Feng Zhiqiang coldly said .

Xiao Luo snorted softly: "You attacked a police, in order to ensure my personal safety, I have the right to shoot . "

Wang Lihu, Ye Qiu and Liu Tieguo had a bad cold, with Xiao Luo's strength, don't threaten his personal safety otherwise his shots are determined to kill .

"is it? But you should know that you have only nine bullets in this 92-type gun . You used two rounds just now, and now there are still seven rounds left, only seven rounds . How do you deal with my 200-odd brothers? " Feng Zhiqiang can become a hall master, naturally he has extraordinary courage and insight . If more than two hundred people were frightened by a gun, that would be ironic enough .

He tried his best to boost the morale of his own team: "Brothers, go ahead and avenge the death of our comrade!"

Four men were just about to start work . . .

"Bang Bang Bang ~"

Xiao Luo raise his hand, the trigger pulled, then four bullets immediately shot at full speed .


The four men screamed and fell to the ground, with a bullet hole between their eyebrows, and blood gurgling and flowing .

They launched a charge of more than two hundred big fellow again, just that their fighting spirit dissipated, they stood but dare not touch .

Feng Zhiqiang's face also changed dramatically, he is subconsciously hiding behind several of his men, his right hand touching the gun behind, this is his killer .

"You still have three rounds left . How do you survive these three rounds? If you have the ability, you will only be able to deal with the three of us . "

He began to play psychological warfare, trying to psychologically defeat Xiao Luo's fighting spirit . At the same time, he also cursed in his heart: where did this bastard come from, his marksmanship, and his cruelty as to kill five of them without even blinking his eyes .

"I really can only deal with the three of you, but for the first three to rush up, the death rate is 100%, who three would like to die?" Xiao Luo disdained laughed .

When this was said, * * many big fellow's expression became very complicated . They want to chop down Xiao Luo, but they don't want to have their head shot, after all, they only have one life .

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