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Chapter 212
hapter 212: Invalid Deterrent .

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"Please explain to me and my client why she was locked in?"

"My client was shot twice and is being treated in the hospital . Even if his legs are cured, he cannot move freely . Who gives you, JC, the right to shoot at random?"

"If we are not given an explanation today, the Li Ren police station will receive collective complaints from our lawyers!"

Feng Yuqi learned about the situation in the office hall through the shutters . It was really a large group of lawyers who were so daring to ask for explanations . They were so arrogant, as if the police station were their home . They even asked the members of the office to serve them some tea .

"Director, what should I do? This group of lawyers is menacing! " The instructor sighed .

Feng Yuqi walked back and forth several times in the office frowning . Finally, he raised his head and said, "you should hold it before going out . "

Hearing this, the instructor turned green with a wry smile and said: "it is too eccentric of you to ask me to wipe my farts and stocks for Xiao Luo, director . Besides, as a small instructor, I can do everyone's ideological work well . But if I have to fight with those lawyers who are very eloquent . Do I have this ability?" After a while, he sighed and said, "They obviously want Xiao Luo to look bad . I think only Xiao Luo can be sacrificed to appease their anger . "

Feng Yuqi was lost in hesitation and meditation, to be honest, if only this little noise would make Xiao Luo, a tiger, back to the cage, he feels unwilling .

At this time, there was a commotion . Looking through the blinds, it turned out that Xiao Luo had come to work in the office .

When Xiao Luo, Liu Tieguo, Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu came in, the members of the institute looked at them with admiration . No, to be exact, they should be looking at Xiao Luo . This guys is too fierce . He even fired three shots, and the last two directly destroyed the legs of others . This was the first time they had seen such a fierce JC in so many years .

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Ma Bijin gloated and said to his colleagues nearby: "Look, this is a typical self-inflating guy . He dared to shoot at people . He also fired two shots in a row, not to mention the director . It is impossible for anyone in the regional bureau to protect him . "

"Yes, yes, Xiao Luo must be finished this time, no one can save him!"

Ma Bijin is not the only one who is jealous . There are still other people in the institute . Birds of a feather flock together . People fall into groups . Ma Bijin and them have become very good friends and colleagues .

The woman in the green dress, backed by a lawyer, was locked up in a temporary detention room, but she pointed at Xiao Luo and shouted, "That's the son of a b*tch, he locked me in!"

Five or six lawyers surrounded one by one, glaring .

"What exactly did my client make and why did you put her in?" A lawyer asked .

Xiao Luo replied flatly: "She organized a group fight, which is why she was put in here . "

Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu pushed away the lawyers and opened a way for Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo walked to the door of the prison, then took the key to open the door: "Ms . Xin, you can go, but please remember, don't make any more rioting in the future, otherwise I will bring you in for detention and education . "

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"Hum, now you know how to lower your profile . Why didn't you do so earlier?"

The woman in green didn't intend to come out . She crossed her hands on her chest and snorted coldly, "you think I'm just a cat and dog on the roadside . That If you want to catch, you can catch . And if you want to let go, you can let go?"

She felt that Xiao Luo wanted to calm things down, but she just wouldn't let Xiao Luo get what she wanted . She had to make a big deal out of it and let Xiao Luo pay a painful price .

Xiao Luo said deadpan: "You don't want to go?"

The woman in the green dress sneered and sat on the iron stool embedded in the wall without fear . She cried out, "Do JC can just bring people in and detain them? Without an explanation, I will sit here and not go out! "

The five or six lawyers spoke in due course: "This police officer, on what grounds do you arrest my client?"

"Is there not enough reason in 'gathering people to fight, not cooperating, and insulting a police officer?" Xiao Luo said coldly .

The lawyer said unhurriedly, "This is only your words . Who can testify?"

"My client is a weak woman, she can affray? Do you think this remark is tenable? " Another lawyer stood up and smiled .

"She did not participate directly, but she was the direct mastermind of the collective fight in the department store . We can all testify . " Liu Tieguo said .

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The lawyer said: "You just said that my client gathered for a fight, and now you say that she is the mastermind of the fight . I have to doubt your handling ability . Besides, you are colleagues and friends, and your testimony is not counted . "

"The court is a place that pays attention to evidence . We will accuse you of taking people away and detaining them without asking whether they are right or wrong . We will ask you to take off your police uniforms and compensate my client for her mental damage compensation and reputation . "

A bespectacled lawyer said in a forceful voice, "The two fees add up to at least one million!"

A million?

This frightened everyone in the institute . Even if a mistake at work brings people in, the cost of compensation does not need to be as horrible as a million dollars .

"How miserable!"

Ma Bijin expressed deep sympathy for Xiao Luo, but in fact he was very happy .

Even Feng Yuqi and the instructor in the office were frightened . Indeed, anyone can be provoked . But don't provoke a lawyer . If you open your mouth casually, millions of compensation will be paid . Where can they fight a lawyer in a court of law for doing practical work?

"One million is too little, at least he must compensate five million!" The woman in green boldly stared at Xiao Luo .

"Well, as the client said, let him compensate five million!" The lawyer with glasses said .

"In addition, my client's legs were broken by you with a gun . This is an extremely bad act . It is the least to sentence you to ten years of detention if you know the law . "

"We will follow legal procedures and formally prosecute you and the Li Ren police station behind you . "

"You have to pay for your foolish behavior!"

A bunch of lawyers bombarded Xiao Luo with quite radical words .

Liu Tieguo, Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu wanted to say something, but in the end they opened their mouths but said nothing . They really couldn't say anything .

Xiao Luo smiled coldly and sneered, "You really take yourself seriously . "

"What did you say?" The bespectacled lawyer fumed .

Xiao Luo turned his head and looked at him scornfully: "I will be compensated as much as you can, and I will be sentenced to 10 years of detention . You bullsh*t lawyers are so imposing . Owo, I'm scared . If things are as good as you say, why are you scaring people here? The court has already summoned me instead of sending any lawyer's letter and me bullsh*tting with you . "

"You . . . "

The bespectacled lawyer was very angry . After seven or eight years of practice, he had never met such JC who was not afraid of lawyers .

"The department store is full of witnesses, and monitoring, your client Ms . Xin can escape the involvement of affrays? She can't, you are exaggerating here . What five million compensation, ten years of detention? You want to subdue me? " Xiao Luo said .

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