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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:15:02 AM
Chapter 206
hapter 206: It's time for the weather to change .

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Returning to his residence and turning on the computer, Xiao Luo found that his network firewall was being attacked by others . He could not help but shake his head, because it was also the hacker named "lark" . Since these days, this "lark" has been making unremitting efforts to break through his firewall and obtain his computer information .

He immediately typed and asked, "Is that how you want to break into my computer?"


Bai Xeiwen, in the girl's dormitory rightfully answered .

After thinking for a moment, she then sent a message: "I want to know you!"

Xiao Luo smiled and typed back, "We already know each other, don't we?"

"No, I mean in reality . "

"Wait until you break my firewall . "

After typing this line of words, Xiao Luo closed his notebook and went to the bathroom to take a bath . He was confident of his firewall, so he refused the request of "lark" directly on this condition .

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Bai Xeiwen angrily bit, Xiao Luo's words aroused her morale, she must crack Xiao Luo's firewall .



Three days later, an explosive news spread in the Li Ren police station . Feng Yuqi made an exception and submitted Xiao Luo a confirmation application . Through some relationships, the confirmation application was quickly approved by the district board, that is to say, Xiao Luo is no longer an auxiliary police but a real JC .

Ma Bijin envied and hated, his heart was extremely unbalanced .

Other people are also envious, from an auxiliary police into a formal police . The process is so difficult, everyone is clear about this . Some people even worked for three or four years and not necessarily able to become a full member . But Xiao Luo, he came only four days ago, and now he directly became a full member, this is too incredible!

"ha ha . . . I'm really happy for the Xiao Luo . He became a full member by accident . I can follow him to drink hot and spicy food in the future!" Liu Tieguo deliberately praised Xiao Luo loudly beside Ma Bijin .

Ma Bijin was livid and hit the table with one blow, saying: "It must be Xiao Luo who has some relationship . Otherwise, he could not have become a regular so soon . This kind of relationship is shameless . "

"Sycophant, you don't understand this, Xiao Luo relied on his strength . If you can also go catch 60 or 70 people back, I promise the director will also promote you . " Liu Tieguo was very happy in his heart . He liked to watch Ma Bijin's expression of anger .

"Liu Tieguo, why do you always have trouble with me?" Ma Bijin said boldly

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"What do you mean, this is for your own good . It's the same from the training camp, how can you say Xiao Luo isn't good? I think it is better for us to have him become a full member because he is from our batch . Why can't you think it through? " Liu Tieguo annoyed, said .

Ma Bijin sneered: "Why didn't I think it through? I just don't get ahead by nepotism like Xiao Luo!"

"You are mentally ill, very ill at that . "

Liu Tieguo was too lazy to respond to him . When he left, he also said, "I stress again that the Xiao Luo relied on strength . What you call nepotism is all you fantasize about in that hysteria . It is a myth . "

Ma Bijin gnashed his teeth and trembled with anger . It was hard to accept the fact that Xiao Luo had turned right .



"Do you know why you got a full employment?"

At the office, Feng Yuqi like appreciating a rare treasure looked at Xiao Luo, face full of expectation .

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"I don't know, please express it . "

Xiao Luo shook his head and answered, indeed it also let him be surprised . Before, he has been thinking about he will be given punishment . He didn't think he'll get a positive reward instead, too unexpected .

"Because you dare to fight, and tough enough, I want you to be our sharp sword and give a hard blow against those dirty illegal and criminal activities!" Feng Yuqi said .

Xiao Luo was greatly surprised by these remarks . He did not expect this Feng Yuqi to be so outspoken . He became a full member in order to give him power and open the shackles that bound his hands and feet .

"Director, are you serious?"

"I've given you boy a full term, isn't it enough to show my sincerity?"

Feng Yuqi took out a red notebook from the drawer and handed it to Xiao Luo . "Take a look . This is also for you . "

Xiao Luo did not need to open it at all to know the content, because there were big golden characters in the cover of the notebook: Gun license!

With this license, he can carry a gun when he goes out on patrol . Of course, having a gun does not mean that he can behave in such a way . The use of guns and the number of bullets are strictly controlled . Where and how many shots are fired must be reported in a detailed report .

"In addition, you can also choose three auxiliary police officers as your subordinates in Zhili province to assist you in your duty . Xiao Luo, you boy will have to do a good job for me . I am optimistic about you . " Feng Yuqi dribbling .

"Yes, we will never let down the trust and cultivation of our director!"

Xiao Luo hold out a bosom, voice loud he answered . He always thought being an auxiliary police still ties his back . But now that Feng Yuqi directly let him free from those ties, this is just like his wish .



"Director, to tell the truth, my heart is very uneasy . Letting Xiao Luo like this, is it really okay?" After Xiao Luo left, the instructor was worried .

Feng Yuqi took a cup of hot tea and sat down and took a sip gently: "you are too cautious, too timid . How can we crack down on illegal crimes if it's like that . I really appreciate Xiao Luo's style . He is a tiger . But a tiger in a cage can't do nothing . Only by releasing it can we realize its value . I've had enough of these years, and it's time to knock on those bastards . "

"Can Xiao Luo do it? That's a group of crazy people . Our family were threatened at the beginning! "

The instructor's eyes were filled with fear . As JC, they were not really afraid of anything . But when the black forces became more powerful, they had to compromise and settle for nothing, all but a safe and stable life for their families .

Feng Yuqi covered the cup heavily and raised his head . his eyes glowed with hatred: "sometimes, I have to choose to gamble . " He got up, walked to the window, looked at the scene outside the window, and smiled, "it's time for the weather to change!"

The Instructor was suddenly big eyed, looking at Feng Yuqi that generous figure, he only realised Feng Yuqi's determination in hitting the dragon gang that it is this huge .

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