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Chapter 205
hapter 205: Feng Yuqi's Plan .

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The woman stood on the stool, just comparable to Xiao Luo's height, a little bit . And then her hands is on her waist, her face loudly denounced Xiao Luo, her swear words got harsher .

"All right, all right, this is the police station . If you insult like this again, I can accuse you of insulting police officers!" Lao Zhang warned with a dry cough .

Hearing this, the woman became more energetic: "Insulting police officers? If you don't give me an official title here, why do you call this dead auxiliary police a police officer? He is nothing to me! "

Xiao Luo smiled, he did not do anything to her, he just turned and leave .

The woman thought that Xiao Luo had been subdued, and suddenly her arrogance reached the extreme . She shouted at Xiao Luo's back, "what are you going to do, dead auxiliary police? I thought you were going to hit me? Come on, you . . . "

But at this moment, Xiao Luo grabbed a stool beside him and turned to hit the woman .

Quick, malicious, changing at a blink of an eye!

The harsh words of abuse came to an abrupt end, and the woman standing on the stool flew out on the spot, banging on a solid floor a meter or two away, unable to hold herself, screaming "ouch, ouch, ouch . "

All JC in the office hall opened their eyes and looked at Xiao Luo with disbelief . Just now, everyone thought Xiao Luo was soft, but who expected Xiao Luo to take up the stool and hit het the next second . While everyone was startled, they also felt incomparably . . . happy, yes, they're happy .

"Hitting people, the JC hit people, quick!" After the woman reacted, she lay on the ground shouting loudly .

Xiao Luo took a big step up, coldly stared at her .

"You . . . what are you doing? I . . . I can sue you . . . you . . . "

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The woman was scared, now she realized that this auxiliary police officer was a malicious stubble, he started to be malicious like a devil .

"Didn't you say I dare not touch you? Then I'll show you now! "

Xiao Luo had a cruel smile, he stretched out his hand from under the table beside and slowly pulled out a stool .

Teach this woman?

In the hearts of all, Xiao Luo let them all feel afraid .

Seeing that things were not going well, Lao Zhang stood up and stopped: "Xiao Luo, please, don't ruin your future for such a woman . "

"Lao Zhang, you just assume you didn't see it . " Xiao Luo smiled .

His smile permeates everyone's eyes as they see it .

Ma Bijin stood up at this moment, pointing to Xiao Luo and sternly accusing him: "Xiao Luo, you've had enough . Do you really regard the police station as your own home? Come as you like . "

Tit for tat, he stood at the commanding heights of morality and law this time, so he accused Xiao Luo .

The woman cried for help to Ma Bijin like she saw a lifeline: "Police officer, stop him, this man is crazy!"

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"Madam, please rest assured that we will never let him fool around!"

Ma Bijin promised, then rebuked Xiao Luo again, "Xiao Luo, please stop your atrocities immediately, otherwise even if you are a colleague, I have the right to arrest you and accept the legal judgment . "

"Sycophant, I don't have time to take reason to you, you still have energy, right?"

Xiao Luo laughed coldly, and then he deliberately stepped on the woman's palm, the leather shoes have hard bottoms, although he's not stepping hard, but it still let the woman issue a miserable cry like a pig .

"You you you . . . "

Ma Bijin was shocked by Xiao Luo's imposing manner and broke into a cold sweat . He immediately mobilized everyone in the office hall to crusade against Xiao Luo . "Xiao Luo is breaking the law . We must stop him . He can't continue to do such evil!"

But no one responded . The JC here was all concerned about the things they are currently doing; making phone calls, writing files, pretending to see and hear nothing .

"You . . . "

Ma Bijin felt humiliated and thought clearly that Xiao Luo was making a mistake . Why did everyone choose to be blind and turn a blind eye to this?

"Well, you don't care, I'll find the director!" Ma Bijin unwilling, he went straight to the director's office .

As a result, he came out with a grey head and a grey face in a few minutes . Feng Yuqi not only did not support him, but also reprimanded him .

"This little thing disturb me . What did you eat?"

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In a word, it shows Feng Yuqi's position . Ma Bijin doesn't even know what he did wrong, and why everyone would rather take the side of Xiao Luo .

"Beaten?" Liu Tieguo walked over .

Ma Bijin glared at him with a sullen face .

"The police station may not be so big, and the director can know what happened outside . Flatterer, flatterer, you are clever but you are mistaken . By the way, I have to tell you that the wallet stolen by the woman was found . It was hidden in her chest and cover . Xiao Luo hung her upside down, shook the wallet up and down until it fell out . The surveillance video and the stolen good made the woman guilty of stealing . " Liu Tieguo happily said .

What? Is she really a thief?

Hearing this, Ma Bijin felt bad .

He turned to look at the woman, indeed as expected, he saw the woman slumped in her seat, honestly accepting Lao Zhang's interrogation .

As for Xiao Luo, he put his hands in his trouser pockets and walked towards him . Out of reflex, he immediately stepped out of the way and looked at Xiao Luo's eyes full of fear .

"Brother, tell me, how on earth did you find the wallet hidden in the woman's chest?"

Liu Tieguo was so impressed with Xiao Luo that even Lao Zhang, who was old and has qualification and experience in handling cases, could not find the wallet that Xiao Luo found . How could he not be curious and admire?

"I didn't know before . I only knew when the stool hit her . "

Xiao Luo truthfully answered, when he hit the woman's chest, the feeling is completely different .

"Ha, ha, ha . . . I give you 99 compliments, and the rest will be packed for you . "

Liu Tieguo laughed heartily and then added, "Good luck, let's eat chicken at night!"



"This boy is not bad!"

Feng Yuqi knew what was going on outside through the shutters . His praise was naturally inspired by Xiao Luo .

The instructor said dismissively, "Is he all right? The typical "hot-headed" person who starts fighting if he doesn't agree with a word and is not afraid of anything, it will cause us trouble someday . "

"Er, we can't just look at one side of things . Everything has two sides . "

Feng Yuqi propped up his chin with both hands, smiling . "This Xiao Luo is a double-edged sword . If it is used properly, it is the bane of illegal and criminal activities . Isn't the regional bureau always saying that we don't do anything and that our achievements are far inferior to those of other places? I am still worrying about this matter . But Xiao Luo is a boy who comes at the right time . "

"Director, you . . . you don't want to use Xiao Luo?" The instructor exclaimed .

Feng Yuqi did not speak, but only gave him a mysterious smile .

The Instructor breathed in a gasp, the two people had been working together for so long, how can he not know Feng Yuqi's meaning . Using Xiao Luo? This is too ridiculous, isn't he afraid that the boy will poke a hole in the sky?

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