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Chapter 204
hapter 204: B*tch .

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"I think Xiao Luo is bound to be punished . After catching so many people back at once, our detention center is almost full, and the instructor's face is as ugly as it was just now . Question, how can he be scolded?" Ma Bijin said to Liu Tieguo outside .

"It's all illegal and they're criminals . Can't we catch them?" Liu Tieguo hummed softly and fought for Xiao Luo .

Ma Bijin put his hands on his chest and said earnestly like a person who has come before him: "It is not impossible to arrest or overstep his authority . But illegal activities involving so many people should be handled by the District Bureau . Our police station is small . Our main duty is to solve civil disputes . It is not up to us to crack down on real crimes . "

Liu Tieguo lightly snorted disapprovingly and did not reply .

Ma Bijin continued, "Look, Xiao Luo will definitely pay for his own behavior . Maybe his career as an auxiliary police have come to the end . He is really stupid . He is crazy to perform meritorious service, but he doesn't know that everything has to be done according to the rules . "

It seems to be pity, but in fact it is schadenfreude . When he was in training camp, he didn't like such excellent people, so now he is eager to see Xiao Luo get punished . It is better to kick him out of the police station directly . This is a typical envy of others' excellency .



At the office, the instructor was flushed, he don't know what to refute .

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"I just came to report the day before yesterday . The director told us personally that as JC, you should not be afraid of things first . If you are afraid of things, you should not be JC . I listened and acted strictly in accordance with this sentence . Yet the instructor now accuses me of provoking that filthy place . Does the instructor not agree with the director's point of view?"

"Poof ~"

As soon as this was said, Feng Yuqi, who was sitting on the office chair drinking tea slowly, immediately sprayed out the tea and then said in distress: "Good boy, you are waiting for me . Yes, I did say that as JC, you should not be afraid . But who knows you boy is so big that you dare to swallow even the meat of the regional bureau!"

The instructor nodded heavily, as if he had caught Xiao Luo's pigtail with difficulty, and immediately echoed aloud: "That is, do you know what you are doing? Ultra vires case, a small auxiliary police, who gives you the power to arrest people? Who gives you the power to talk to your boss like this? "

Xiao Luo is too lazy to argue with this old-fashioned person with a straight face . He just won't talk . He is still expressionless and supercilious even if you say that the sky is broken .

"Xiao Luo, you go first . " Feng Yuqi said calmly .


Xiao Luo turned and went out, he didn't even look at the instructor .

"Lao Feng, look at this boy . He is simply arrogant and has his tail up in the air . " The instructor blew hot air from his nostrils like a bull

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Feng Yuqi took a slow sip of tea and smiled, "I think this boy is quite interesting!"



"Brother, how is it? What did the director and the instructor say? "

As soon as Xiao Luo came out, Liu Tieguo greeted him with concern and asked .

Ma Bijin sneered aside: "What else can they say? It must be to scold him for showering his head with dog blood . Do you think they'll reward him?"

Xiao Luo glanced at him lightly and threatened: "If you don't want to be beaten, please shut up . "


Ma Bijin was really afraid that Xiao Luo would beat him, so he hurried off without saying anything .

"This flatterer is really annoying . Brother, don't pay attention to him . Such people are like flies, they're everywhere . " Liu Tieguo looked at Ma Bijin's back in disgust and said .

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Xiao Luo smiled, he naturally didn't put it to heart .

"By the way, what did the director and instructor exactly say? Did they say they'll punish you? " Liu Tieguo asked with concern .

Xiao Luo smiled: "Don't worry, Brother Pan, it's nothing . "

At this time, he noticed a woman tgat was very arrogant and was shouting at the police officers who questioned her .

"If there is evidence, take it out . If there is no evidence to prove that my mother stole something, let her go at once . Otherwise, I will let the lawyer take you and accuse you of illegal detention!"

Hef arrogance is very high, her voice is very loud, her voice is harsh and sharp, and the whole police station hall can hear her .

When Xiao Luo's eyes fell on her, she immediately clapped her hands on the shore and shouted at Xiao Luo, "what are you looking at, dead auxiliary police? You have never seen a beautiful woman like me before!? "

Xiao Luo frowned and asked Liu Tieguo beside him, "What is the situation of this woman?"

"The surveillance cameras caught her stealing a wallet, but they couldn't find it . Look at Lao Zhang . This woman is very difficult to deal with . " Liu Tieguo said quietly .

Lao Zhang is the police officer who interrogated the woman . He is old and is counting down to retirement . He dare not make any mistakes when he's this close . Otherwise, it will affect his retirement . So at this critical juncture, he would rather let go of it than make a mistake .

"It turned out to be a female thief . " Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows and expressed his helplessness to the world .

The woman felt that she should let her confidence be stronger so that she could be cleared of theft . Her character was also extremely vigorous and unreasonable . He was an auxiliary police officer with a fresh face . In her heart, she decided that Xiao Luo was a new comer and was just a soft persimmon that could be kneaded at will .

Then the previous conversation got turned all over to Xiao Luo: "hey, say you dead auxiliary police, are you deaf . Did you not get enough milk before you came to JC . I know, you're a silly hat kind . Though I dare not discredit JC, but ha ha . . . Still pretending not to hear, right, curse you, you fart . . . "

She was so vicious .

Many of the auxiliary police in the police station were not able to listen to it, but Ma Bijin was happy to see it, like a fly .

Xiao Luo was not the one who could endure being bullied . He walked straight to the woman and looked at her from a high position . His handsome and cold face was filled with disdain: "B*tch, what f*cm you're scolding for?" It's a pity that this is not the street, this is the police station, you'd better be honest, otherwise . . . "

"Otherwise? Do you still want to use lynching? "

The woman suddenly stood up and was fiercely arrogant . "Dead auxiliary police, I've caught up with you . If you can't find evidence to prove that I stole the wallet, I will hire a lawyer to prosecute you, and I will also prosecute this garbage police station!"

"Do you really think I dare not do anything to you?" Xiao Luo said coldly .

The woman felt an inexplicable panic, but she felt confident that the auxiliary police in front of her did not dare to start a ruckus . She stepped on the stool without fear and glared at Xiao Luo . "Ok, come on, fight, you son of a b*tch!"

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