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Chapter 197
hapter 197: All mine .

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Xiao Luo reported to the training camp and told Yan Wang and Feng Zi Xiao that Gu Qianxue was with him . Then he took Gu Qianxue to a hotpot restaurant .

The little girl ordered all meat and didn't even look at the vegetables on the menu, which made Xiao Luo feel that they still have a common interest . After all, they both like to eat meat .

After cooking a plate of meat rolls, Gu Qianxue started without even saying hello . Then she blinked her clever eyes and asked Xiao Luo, "What kind of meat is this?"

"Mutton rolls . " Xiao Luo said .

"It's not mutton . I've eaten it in Tianshan Mountain . It's not the taste . " Gu QianXue seriously said .

Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows and thought: There are so many meat rolls in the hotpot restaurant . They mean the meat of pigs, cattle and sheep . In fact, who knows what kind of meat it is, but it can be eaten anyway .

Changing the subject: "By the way, why didn't you return to the training camp after you know I lied to you?"

Gu Qianxue did not respond immediately . She bowed her head and rolled the noodles into her mouth with a fork . After a long time, she said without lifting her head: "I can't remember the way back . "

It turned out that she was really . . .

Xiao Luo sighed, how can she be an auxiliary police? He couldn't help doubting Gu Qianxue .

"You can call your sister . "

"No, if she knew I was going to be an auxiliary, she would definitely take me back . "

"Since your sister can't do it, you can still turn to JC . Just tell them that you are in training camp and they will definitely take you back . " Xiao Luo said .

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Hearing this, Gu Qianlin raised her head to give him a light glance, and there seemed to be some disdain in her nimble eyes: "We are JC . "

Xiao Luo was speechless .

After such a short conversation, Gu Qianxue went on eating . She was so hungry that she seemed to have no burden of beauty . She ate meat and drank water . She was quite chivalrous .

Although Xiao Luo had eaten dinner, it was obvious that her appetite was so good that she couldn't help arousing his own appetite . When he picked up the chopsticks, he had to try a piece of beef from the hot pot .

As a result, Gu Qianxue grabbed the beef with chopsticks just before he caught it in mid-air, and then sent it to her own greasy mouth to chew it with relish .

Staring at Xiao Luo: "It's all mine, you are not allowed to eat!"


Xiao Luo frowned deeply, thinking this little girl is too much, I invite you to eat hot pot, yet you do this . I can't even eat a piece of meat, is there any justice?

Not caring about her, he continued to take chopsticks and clamped a piece in the hot pot .

And at the moment of his pick up, Gu QianXue's chopsticks descended like snakes hunting again, Xiao Luo however was ready and avoided it . Gu QianXue's fine eyebrows furrowed, her wrist flipping, the chopsticks again attack the meat in the hotpot .

In the long run, the two of them are fighting albeit in chopsticks that often occur in martial arts TV dramas . One attack, one defense, one advance, one retreat . Sometimes the beef will soar in mid-air . The chopsticks of the two are squeezed as if they were alive . When the beef falls down, it is gripped by a pair of chopsticks again .

The scene is very ornamental!

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Many guests and waiters are looking over here .

"Look, chopsticks fight!"

"It's really wonderful and exciting . It turns out that the plot in martial arts TV is not all nonsense . "

"Is this an entertaining performance by the hotpot restaurant?"

When the beef was snatched by Gu Qianxue again and she took it into her mouth, the whole hotpot restaurant burst into thunderous applause .

Okay! ! !

Cheers followed .

Gu Qian gave Xiao Luo a snow-white look and said rudely, "You can't rob me . Don't waste your time!"


This is the first time that Xiao Luo has been threatened like this . "Don't think you just won . There are so many people watching . I don't want to see it like you . "

Gu Qianxue ignored him and went on eating meat . The steam from the hot pot pounded on her face . Her already ruddy cheeks immediately turned red .



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An hour and a half later, the two left the hotpot restaurant .

Xiao Luo was in distress, because the little girl's appetite is much bigger than the average girl, a hot pot, just cost him more than three hundred dollars, except to a sip of tea, he didn't eat a mouthful of meat, it was all eaten by Gu QianXue .

"You used to eat so much in Tianshan?" Xiao Luo curiously asked .

"Master said that those who practice martial arts must be able to eat . "

Gu QianXue replied, after eating with Xiao Luo, she is not so cold to him anymore .

"What do you usually eat on the mountain?"

"Meat . "

Gu Qianxue thought for a moment and added, "Snow deer meat, there are many snow deer on Tianshan Mountain . "

"I heard that you have been in Tianshan for ten years, have you attended school?" Asked Xiao Luo .

Gu Qianxue looked at the front and smacked her mouth . "There are schools in the cities at the foot of Tianshan Mountain," she said .

All right!

Xiao Luo thinks it's an embarrassing chatter, this little girl won't ask questions, he asked all alone, and then she immediately put the words to death, if he want to continue to chat, he had to find another topic, which makes it difficult for him to continue .

At the same time, he couldn't help sighing that he thought he was already quite unable to chat . He didn't expect to meet someone who could not chat even before him . She was as cold as snow .



They finally got back to training camp .

Yan Wang was angry and growled angrily at the two people: "I really regard training camp as my home . I can go out whenever I want . I can go back whenever I want . . But, you two are the worst auxiliary policemen I've ever had . Go, do 10 laps . No, 20 laps! You are not allowed to sleep until you finish!"

Originally, the punishment was set at 10 rounds, but suddenly it occurred to him that Xiao Luo and Gu Qianxue were strong . 10 rounds were too light, so he doubled it .

Without further ado, the two people ran straight along the track .

They were very fast and maintained the speed of the ordinary 100-meter race . Yan Wang and Feng Zi Xiao were so surprised that their chins were falling off, because it was enough to make people tired and collapse . Xiao Luo and Gu Qian Xue took only 20 minutes to finish .

One, two, three . . .

As if it were a joke, there was no pressure at all . After the run, they went to their respective dormitories without even greeting Yan Wang .

"Is my punishment too light?" Yan Wang took off his sunglasses and stood with his eyes wide open and wooden .

"It's not too light, but these two are too abnormal . "

Feng Zi Xiao swallowed saliva with difficulty . This kind of physical ability is stronger than those soldiers who retired from the special team . It makes people gasp in admiration from the bottom of their hearts .


Yan Wang felt that his authority as a military instructor was suffering a devastating blow . He was thinking that he would have to do something to regain his authority .

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