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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:15:14 AM
Chapter 196
hapter 196: I'm hungry .

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Guan Zhong's eyes only had paternal kindness and no resentment . He looked at Hua Haifeng cloudily with his old eyes and sighed, "I was a childhood friend with your mother . Hua Guoming robbed her . I hid my identity and came to China as a housekeeper . I am your own father . In the past 20 years, can't you feel my love for you?"

"You dead dog should speak less nonsense, want to cheat me? No way! " Hua Hai-feng was ferocious, he shouted .

"Son, you can go back and ask your mother, she will tell you the truth . . . "

"I don't believe it, I don't believe it, it's all your dead dog talking nonsense . My father is Hua Guoming, chairman of Hua Hai Group . How could it be you, a lowly dog!"

Hua Haifeng fell into madness . He could not accept such a thing . He suddenly became the son of a housekeeper or an illegitimate child from the position of Prince of the Hua Hai Group . This is how ridiculous and ironic it is . He stabbed Guan Zhong with a short knife like crazy and pierced his chest with more than a dozen blood holes .

Guan Zhong's nose and mouth overflowed with blood and his body began to twitch .

However, when Hua Haifeng realized that he had killed someone, he pushed open the car door in panic and limped out despite his broken left leg .

Guan Zhong showed a sad smile . He was killed by his own son . Is it really karma?

He stepped on the accelerator fiercely, and the high-class commercial vehicle jumped out like a sharp arrow and crashed directly into a tanker parked on the side of the road . Then "boom", it exploded and the two vehicles were instantly annihilated by the fire . This is the last thing he did for his son, destroying evidence . He cannot let his death drag down Hua Haifeng .

Hua Haifeng, who has not yet walked out of the distance, fell to the ground scared by the sudden explosion . Perhaps there was a father-son bond, or perhaps because of fear, but tears poured out uncontrollably as he watched the flames rising up .

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Xiao Luo stayed with Xiao Ruyi and Tang Ren all day, eating, drinking and having fun, he had a good time . When asked by Xiao Ruyi about some things, he didn't disclose too much, he just said to her: "At any time, anything will not change the fact that I am your brother!"

This sentence is very useful, Xiao Ruyi and Tang Ren's inner unease calmed down .

It was almost 9 o'clock in the evening when he returned to the training camp . Yan Wang and Feng zi Xiao immediately caught him and asked him anxiously, "Xiao Luo, where is gu QianXue?"

Xiao Luo frowned and thought: hasn't this little girl come back?

Sure enough, Feng Zi Xiao's next sentence was: "The guard saw you going out with her today, why did you come back alone?"

Yan Wang's face turned angry and asked directly, "Your boy didn't sell her, did he?"

Xiao Luo had a wry smile, then put the story of the account with the two instructors about it again .

Yan Wang immediately pointed to Xiao Luo, hating: "you boy has made a big deal . That Gu Qianxue went to Tianshan mountain to study at the age of 10 and did not go down the mountain until she was 20 . Her resume clearly stated that she was a martial arts addict . Once she arrived in a prosperous city, she could not tell the difference between southeast and northwest . She definitely lost her way . "

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"No way?"

Xiao Luo was startled, if so, wouldn't he have committed iniquity .

At the thought of Gu Qianxue's innocent face, he couldn't stay here longer, he turned and ran out of the training camp gate .

"Where are you going?" Yan Wang shouted at the back .

"Find her . "

Xiao Luo didn't tur his head, he stopped a taxi after he left the gate and headed for the' N' building, ready to take it as the center and look for Gu QianXue .

"We also can't be idle, notify all JC who are patrolling and help find Gu Qianxue . If anything happens to her, old Dugu in Tianshan will tear us apart . " Yan Wang said anxiously to Feng Zi Xiao .


Feng Zi Xiao turned and stepped down to carry out his orders .

"Sh*t, what are these things day by day?"

Yan Wang's eyebrows screwed up like rags . He really regretted giving Xiao Luo and Gu Qianxue a privilege to go out freely .

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When Xiao Luo took a taxi to the' N' building, he saw Gu QianXue sitting on the stone steps in front of the building gate . There was also a fountain directly in front of her . By this time, the lights in the fountain were lit up and the water sprayed out was colored .

Paying the fare, he got out of the car, Xiao Luo walked towards Gu QianXue .

She was wearing camouflage training clothes, sitting there curled up with her legs, her head down, her eyes fixed on the floor in front of her . She was very beautiful, jade clean and ice clear, with picturesque eyes, but at this time she was like a runaway child, lonely and helpless .

When she saw a pair of feet appear on the floor she was looking at, Gu Qianxue raised her head . After finding out that it was Xiao Luo, her clever eyes were stunned at first, and then her tooth bit her red lip and shouted, "You lied to me!"

Although she is naive and ignorant of the world, she is not stupid either . She knows that Xiao Luo cheated her in order to get rid of her .

Her words just fell and she stomped up like a beautiful little snow leopard and clapped her hands on Xiao Luo's shoulder .

The seemingly soft palm surged out unimaginably huge impact force, Xiao Luo was caught off guard .

"Peng ~"

As if struck by lightning, his body staggered backward and withdraw five or six steps, and his left shoulder was in pain .

Before he could return to his absolute being, Gu QianXue rushed up again, one punch and one foot, all contain a terrible offensive force, the thing that left a person speechless is her speed is very fast .

Xiao Luo knew it was his fault, so he just dodged and didn't attack . He said while hiding: "Stop, stop fighting, Yan Instructor . They are looking for you . You and I should go back as soon as possible . "

Gu QianXue didn't listen, he cheated her to come here . She doesn't even know a person here . She was just silly, sitting all day . But after the previous slap, all her attacks were dodged by Xiao Luo . She was helpless and very angry at the same time .

"Xiao Luo, can you not dodge?"

Hearing this sentence from her, Xiao Luo was amused and did not dodge .

Ten minutes later, Gu Qianxue finally stopped and sat back on the stone steps . After a long time, she said, "Xiao Luo, I'm hungry!"

"Gulu ~"

As soon as she finished speaking, her stomach also protested .

The little girl was a little shy, her cheeks were red, but she looked at Xiao Luo obstinately, like a little girl who was angry but had to compromise with adults .

Xiao Luo is really in distress, a moment ago, she wants to fight with himself to deatb . Yet after a second, she said she was hungry .

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