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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:15:17 AM
Chapter 194
hapter 194: You really don't want to live.

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Hua Haifeng caught a glimpse of Tang Ren. There was no hostility or anger in his eyes. There was only fleeting contempt and disdain to hide in place. Then he politely said, "Miss Ruyi is a fairy. Fairies should enjoy the love of others and should be above others. They should not serve people in this hospital full of disinfectant. The next generation is incompetent. Although she has no great wealth, her family circumstances are poor.

If Miss Ruyi wishes, I can give Miss Ruyi a brand-new life. You don't have to rush to work every day, you don't have to suffer from the patient's cowardice, and you don't need to live in a rented room with hundreds of dollars for a month. You will own your own house. When you go shopping, you don't need to consider the price of clothes any more, you can buy whatever you want, and your bank card will never have less than seven-digit deposits. "

He built a woman's fantasy life for Xiao Ruyi, and let the younger nurses around him be infatuated. How they hoped Hua Haifeng would express this for themselves, in which case they would not hesitate to promise.

No matter how good-natured Tang Ren is, he can't stand Hua Haifeng confessing to his woman in front of him.

Hua Haifeng did not even look at him, he smiled and continued, "I wonder if Miss Ruyi would like to live like that?" Like a man who invited his partner to dance, he stretched out his right hand. "As long as Miss Ruyi gently nods her head and gives her hand to me, then life will open the door for you."

"What's the matter with you, hooking up with someone else's wife, do you have no shame?"

Tang Ren was extremely angry and shouted at Hua Haifeng. At the same time, he reached out to push Hua Haifeng, but he didn't even touch Hua Haifeng when Guan Zhong appeared like a ghost, with a withered finger on his hand. He stopped Tang Ren's wrist. A strong squeezing force acted on him. Tang Ren immediately turned pale and let out a cry of pain.

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"Why? Let go, you old man. Do you hear me? Let go of my husband! " Xiao Ruyi turned pale and shrieked.

When she rushed up, Hua Haifeng, an experienced flower picker, took advantage of the opportunity to hold her in his arms and cling to her: "Miss Ruyi, this man is not worthy of you at all. He will never give you the life you want. Leave him and stay with me. I will give you everything you want, even the moon in the sky. I will try my best to pick it for you."

"What are you doing, Hua? Let me go!"

Xiao Ruyi struggled hard, but she couldn't get away from Hua Haifeng's arms. However, she was a thorny flower. She stepped on the sole of Hua Haifeng's foot with one hard foot. Hua Haifeng suffered from pain and retreated repeatedly howling.

Xiao Ruyi didn't stop, but took advantage of the victory to rush up, then raised her right knee and pushed under Hua Haifeng's crotch.

"Pa Cha ~"

All the guys around saw this scene and felt a twinge of acid and numbness in their crotch, and the image of breaking eggs came to mind. This is the image that everyone felt when looking at it.

Hua Haifeng clamped his legs tightly in pain, bent over and his face turned red to pork liver. He stamped his foot on the other side and cursed out the "F*CK" that had been suppressed to the limit.

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Guan Zhong looked at this and let go of Tang Ren.

Hua Haifeng pushed him away like crazy, raised his head and pointed at Xiao Ruyi and shouted, "Guan Zhong, take this bitch away from me. She dares to kick my penis. This boss must torture her to death!"

Such inhuman pain made him unable to maintain the image of a polite gentleman any longer. It directly revealed his real ugly face, with veins standing out on his forehead and his face torn to pieces as if he wants to kill someone.


Guan Zhong listened to the order, just like a dead man, stretching out his dry hands and heading for Xiao Ruyi, his fingertip as sharp as a knife, drawing fierce and cold tracks and locking Xiao Ruyi tightly.

Xiao Ruyi was like being attacked by a wild animal, her face changed miserably, and she poured out a cold sweat all over.

"Don't touch my wife!"

Tang Ren shouted and threw himself at Guan Zhong in spite of everything. As a result, Guan Zhong slapped him.

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At this moment, a shrill scream swept from the distant corridor without warning, like a bit of black lightning, carrying a rolling sound breaking through the air barrier. The moments came to the crowd, and then an endless leg with biting potential split to Guan Zhong's neck.

The sudden change made Guan Zhong's face suddenly change. His strong momentum sharpened and the swift leg shadow put great pressure on him.

He quickly retreated, turning his left hand, holding it fiercely into a fist, and brazenly rushing out.

"Peng ~"

The fist and leg collided accurately. The huge impact force surged toward Guan Zhong like a tsunami. He was like a broken kite flying back. At the same time, old blood gushed out, outlining a poignant arc in the air. He finally fell to the ground, leaving a trail of blood on the corners of his mouth.

The flying figure whirled in the air and landed lightly, revealing a handsome young man with a chill in his face.


Xiao Ruyi saw Xiao Luo, she was slightly surprised then followed by joy. After holding up Tang Ren, she jumped into Xiao Luo's arms.

Tang Ren received a palm from Guan Zhong on his shoulder, causing slight pain. However, he came to Xiao Luo and gave a cordial cry of "elder brother".

Everyone else present was stunned with eyes wide open. The scene just now was too eye-shaking, just like the scene in martial arts TV series. It was sprinting, spinning in the air, kicking, and moving in one go. It was really amazing. Besides, the other party was actually Xiao Ruyi's brother.

Xiao Luo fondly touched Xiao Ruyi's head and smiled: "I haven't seen you for a few days. You seemed to have become more beautiful."

"Hateful, you make fun of people." Xiao Ruyi pie mouth.

"Xiao ... Xiao Luo?"

Hua Haifeng looked at Xiao Luo with consternation. The pain in his crotch gradually faded, and he stood up straight slowly.

Xiao Luo's eyes swept toward him coldly, and a wave of murder leaped like a flame in the depths of his eyes: "Hua Haifeng, you even dare to flirt with my sister, it seems that you are really impatient to live."

Guan Zhong felt Xiao Luo's murder, regardless of his pain, he struggled to climb up, ran up, held his fist with both hands, lowered his posture and said, "Xiao Shao, we have no eyes, we still hope Xiao Shao can be lenient. I can guarantee that Hua Haifeng will never appear in front of Miss Ruyi again!"

A cold sweat broke out on his forehead. For the first time in all his years of martial arts training, he never felt such a strong murderous look from a person's body. It was a power that made his soul tremble. He was defeated after only one move. This was a completely ruthless role.

In addition, the reason why he used to randomly find five people to deal with Xiao Luo was that he felt that Hua Haifeng was not mature and there was no need to rob other people's girlfriend and then teach others. But now he realized that Xiao Luo was such a terrible person and it was a lucky thing that his master Hua Haifeng was still alive.

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