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Chapter 193
hapter 193: A Narrow Way to Go .

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Arriving at Guangming District People's Hospital, Xiao Luo saw Feng Ge .

"Brother Xiao!"

The five people respectfully gave him a cry .

"Have you found out recently that the dragon gang is against Ruyi?" Asked Xiao Luo .

"There is no dragon gang, but there is a rich second generation who does not know whether to live or die and often pesters her like a dogskin plaster . " Feng Ge reported .

Xiao Luo frowned: "Rich Second Generation?"

His sister has already married Tang Ren . She is a married woman . People who will pester her are definitely not good birds .

Feng Ge nodded and glanced at the hospital gate: "Yes, I have already asked . The man is Hua Haifeng . He had a car accident while racing . He has been convalescing in the senior VIP ward . Now his injury is not serious but he still stays in the hospital and harasses Miss Ruyi every day . "

He did not know that when someone offered 20,000 yuan to teach Xiao Luo a lesson, the real employer was actually Hua Haifeng .

Hua Haifeng? !

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Xiao Luo sneered, this is really a narrow way to go, Hua Haifeng robbed Zhao Mengqi, he has nothing to bear grudges, after all, it was Zhao Mengqi's own choice . But now his idea is hitting on his sister who's married .

"I know . "

Xiao Luo patted Feng Ge on the shoulder, "It's been a long time for you . "

Holding fast day and night is not a simple and easy thing, on the contrary, it is a dull and boring job, even sleep is not steadfast .

"Brother Xiao is very kind . " Feng Ge shake his head in an embarrassed way .

"I'm here today, so you can relax, you can come back at 8 o'clock in the evening . " Xiao Luo laughed .

"Hey hey . . . "

Hearing this, the five people immediately beamed with joy . It was indeed a bit difficult . This was a holiday to relax . This was exciting news for them .



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In the hospital, a well-dressed man with a high forehead and a playboy charm was walking along the corridor with a bunch of flowers . A diamond ring worn on his finger stung the eyes of many hospital nurses . It was too bright as a gem . The woman who knew the goods naturally knew that it was valuable . As for the owner wearing it, it must be the son of a wealthy family .

"Saint Laurent's leather jacket, DIESEL BLACK GOLD pants and Ferragamo shoes will cost more than 100,000 yuan in this outfit alone . If anyone can stay with him, they will definitely have endless money . " A female nurse said in a low voice, her eyes shining brightly, as if she saw a golden hill .

Such men, like the prince charming in their dreams, have magnificent palaces for these young nurses struggling in the bottom floor . If the prince can see them, they can immediately transform themselves into princesses on high .

However, one don't know how many women with such dreams this man has harmed .

He is none other than Hua Haifeng, the son of the boss of Hua Hai Group .

Hua Haifeng was accompanied by a man of about 50 years old, dressed in a gentleman's suit, who was the housekeeper of their family . His surname was Guan Mingzhong . After Hua Haifeng was injured, the boss of Hua Haifeng Group sent him to take care of Hua Haifeng all the time .

Guan Zhong was extremely disappointed with this young master . he liked beautiful girls who had not been developed before . Now, his taste has changed and he has become interested in married women . He sighed earnestly: "Young master, you should learn to grow up . The Huahai group will fall on your shoulder one day . But before that, you must have enough ability to bear its weight . "

"Oh please, shut up . How dare you tell me what to do? You have to understand at all times that you are just a dog of our family and does a dog dares to take care of its owner's affairs? Are you crazy? " Hua Haifeng rapped out .

"I . . . "

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Guan Zhong opened his mouth and said nothing in the end .

Hua Haifeng ignored him, because he will soon arrive at the nurse's desk, Xiao Ruyi .

"Hey hey . . . the woman in nurse's clothing is really sexy, it can let a person have the desire to conquer her . . . "

Looking at Xiao Ruyi, who was working at the nurse's desk, Hua Haifeng couldn't help swallowing saliva, showing obscene and evil expression on his face .

He tidied up and greeted her like a gentleman: "Beautiful Miss Ruyi, we have met again . This flower is for you!"

His handsome face showed eagerness and fervor .

Some female nurses' eyes were full of envy and jealousy, biting their lips .

Xiao Ruyi looked up at him and said coldly, "You may as well give this flowers to someone else . I don't want my husband to misunderstand . "

When she was young, she might still be attracted by men like Hua Haifeng, but now she is not an ignorant little girl . She can see at a glance that Hua Haifeng is a wolf in sheep's clothing . Women who fall into his gentle will be gnawed to the bone . If it weren't for the fact that the other party is a patient, she would have told him to roll .

"This represents my gratitude to you . During the time lying in the hospital bed, you lit up my gloomy world and let me find the hope of life again . You are not only an angel in white, but also an apothecary in my heart, so please accept my gratitude to you . "

Hua Haifeng is especially good at coaxing girls to be happy when he opens his mouth . As soon as these words come out, the female nurses and patients around her are envious, jealous and hate to the extreme . How they wish they were the object of Hua Haifeng's gratitude .

Xiao Ruyi shook her head contemptuously: "I am a nurse . It is my job to look after patients . You don't need to thank me . I have work to do . Please go . Don't stand here and delay my work . "

"If Miss Ruyi agrees to have dinner with me today, I will leave . Dinner is also part of my thanks . I hope Miss Ruyi does not misunderstand . " Hua Haifeng Road .

"You give me . . . "

Xiao Ruyi's eyebrows furrowed, she almost called out the word "roll", then she realized that she had to have the image of a nurse, so she abruptly swallowed the word "roll" back .

"Wife . "

At this moment, Tang Ren heard someone harassing his wife, and finally caught an empty moment to catch up with him from his department . Seeing the roses in Hua Haifeng's hand, he immediately understood all of them . He smiled and picked up the flowers and said politely, "You are here to thank my wife . Then I accept your thanks for my wife . Well, the flowers are quite fresh and have fragrance . "

"Is it, husband?"

Xiao Ruyi deliberately, to Tang Ren, acted coquetry . She intimately took Tang Ren's arm . She did not believe Hua Hai-feng will be so thick-skinned enough to continue to pester her .

But she obviously underestimated the thickness of Hua Haifeng's face . His psychology has even been distorted . What he wants to conquer is not women, but the pleasure of robbing others . The more loving Xiao Ruyi and Tang Ren are, the more excited he is to get Xiao Ruyi .

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