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Chapter 191
hapter 191: Anger .

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"That's awesome!"

"Yes, she's really Gu Qianlin's sister . She's too strong . "

"She is definitely the best of our auxiliary police . She is the first in special training!"

A group of reserve auxiliary police looked at Gu QianXue with their eyes full of awe . At the hands of combat machine instructor Feng, she not only got through ten moves, but directly beat instructor Feng . This is really terrible .

"I feel she can kill me with one punch . . . " Liu Tieguo said, his face unknown .

Xiao Luo smiled and did not express any opinions, but in his mind, he recognize Gu QianXue's skill .

"Does anyone else want a holiday?" Yan Wang then asked loudly in his iron voice .

No one dare to answer, they don't have Gu QianXue's skill . Going up is asking to be beaten . It is impossible to survive in the hands of Feng Zi Xiao .

Yan Wang set his eyes on Xiao Luo and asked with a smile: "Xiao Luo, why don't you try?"

In the distance, Gu QianXue, who was going to leave, stopped, turned slightly and looked up at Xiao Luo . Her clever eyes seemed to be looking forward to something .

Others, at this time also have looked Xiao Luo, their faces have a "we don't understand expression . "

"Why did Instructor Yan just ask him?"

"I don't understand either . I didn't know there was such a person in our auxiliary police team if instructor Yan hadn't called his name . "

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"Shh . . . don't talk about your colleagues . "

Some whisper their doubts, others persuade them to be quiet and not to talk .

Xiao Luo himself did not expect to be named by Yan Wang . He took a step forward and replied, "Report, I can't hold out for ten moves . "

He didn't have to go to the arena to show himself, which is meaningless to him .

"Oh? Are you so insecure? "

Yan Wang looked at Xiao Luo and his tone became somewhat playful . "My intuition tells me that you can go up and give it a try . "

Xiao Luo didn't answer him, just shook his head .

"The unintelligent bag is soft . Everyone else has tried it, but you are afraid . Are you sure you are here to be an auxiliary police?" Yan Wang was heavy .

"Report, people have to clearly define their own position, there is no need to make meaningless attempts . " Xiao Luo answered .

Yan Wang sneered: "You dare not even try . What is the difference between you and a salted fish?"

"Xiao Luo, don't dawdle, you're a man cone up to practice!" Feng Zi Xiao also spoke irritatingly .

Xiao Luo said: "Report, I don't want to fight, okay?"


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Yan Wang lamented, "Since you don't want to, forget it . "

He put on his sunglasses again and turned around .

But at this moment, Yan Wang suddenly challenged, he suddenly turned around, and his taut body suddenly rushed forward, like an arrow from the string, like an eagle off its cage . He stepped five times, volleyed into the sky, leaped over a distance of four or five meters, and rushed to Xiao Luo in the eyes of all stunned people . He shook out his clenched iron fist and headed for Xiao Luo's face .

The combination of speed and strength, this punch is just so fierce . If you get hit, you can imagine how serious the consequences will be .

"Be careful!"

Liu Tieguo was frightened to disgrace and warned aloud .

Xiao Luo also didn't expect Yan Wang to make a sudden move . He couldn't hide . He had to cover his face with his arms crossed in panic . Yan Wang's fist hit him firmly at the intersection of his arms .

"Peng ~"

The power of terror surged forward, and Xiao Luo's face changed slightly . He flew back like a shell . He came into close contact with the wall of the fitness room, and then fell to his knees on the ground .

Many people didn't understand what was going on . They stared at each other for no apparent reason or rubbed their eyes until they were sure that Xiao Luo had been blown four or five meters away by Yan Wang .

"Old Yan . . . "

Feng Zi Xiao in the challenge arena showed a puzzled look . He had no problem testing the depth of Xiao Luo, but the power of that blow was too strong just now . Even the internal force was used . Can Xiao Luo bear it?

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However, seeing Xiao Luo kneeling on one knee, there was no movement . Yan Wang frowned and muttered to himself, "Am I wrong?"

His words just fell, when Xiao Luo suddenly patted the dust on his arm and stood up .

He's . . . he's okay?

All the reserve auxiliary policemen changed color .

The distant Gu QianXue also showed some surprise .

"Is that how you test my strength?" A bleak voice sounded .

Xiao Luo raised his head and looked at Yan Wang, the originally elegant indifferent face was suddenly clothed with a different kind of aura, he didn't want to be high-profile, but it doesn't mean he would be willing to get beaten and not utter a word . Yan Wang's blow is very heavy, heavy enough for a normal person's ribs to be broken . This instructor, regardless of profile . . .

Yan Wang's face changed and he was shocked by Xiao Luo's bleak momentum .

Then smiled: "I really want to, I hope you can do your best to knock me down!"

"Are you sure?" Xiao Luo sneered .

"I am very sure . I have stayed in this training camp for too long and haven't met any decent opponents for a long time . I hope you can bring me unexpected surprises . "

Yan Wang took off his dark glasses again and threw them aside . He had an intuition that Xiao Luo was a wild animal, and his fist had angered the wild animal . As a hunter, he felt no panic but inexplicable excitement .

"Meet you!"

With a light snort, Xiao Luo's body suddenly exploded . He stepped on the ground in four or five rapid steps . His feet stomped on the ground fiercely, leaping into the sky with unparalleled wildness . His speed was extremely fast . The release of the moment shocked the whole audience and made everyone look at each other with horror .

After that, the fist, with its overwhelming power, crashed down like a mountain towards Yan Wang .

It was filled with incomparable ferocity!

Yan Wang's face suddenly changed and he immediately retreated to avoid Xiao Luo's heavy blows .

The fist that broke through the heavy void swung against his chin and hit the ground like a meteor .

They only heard a loud noise of "bang", the power swept away . The strength of the impact made dust splash at that time . Yan Wang who abruptly avoided just got himself steady . Then he saw and was dumbfounded on the spot, Xiao Luo's blow actually smashed the ground with ceramic tiles, the ground now shows a bowl of pit .

"Gu Dong ~"

Yan Wang couldn't help swallowing a mouthful of saliva, and his face became extremely ugly . He said to himself, "Is this f*cker still human?"

Liu Tieguo was stunned, gaping .

Gu QianXue's clever eyes also emerged shocked, she did not expect Xiao Luo to be strong .

When his blow failed, Xiao Luo raised his head, a pair of eyes like a beast stared at Yan Wang .

Yan Wang broke out in a cold sweat . Although he stayed in Shaolin temple for a period of time and practiced a set of internal skills, he was very sure that he would not be Xiao Luo's opponent . He quickly held out his hand to stop fighting and said with mirth: "All right, all right, I have a preliminary understanding of your strength . "

"Don't you want to know more?" Xiao Luo looked at him coldly .

Hearing this, Yan Wang's face turned red, but there are students here, so he can't lose face . He tried to calm down and said decisively with a dry cough: "No, I have penetrated all your strength . "

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