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Chapter 190
hapter 190: Powerful! Pissed your pants?

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Although this is extremely ironic, but these reserve auxiliary police can't think of anything to refute, just one by one their red face bowed .

"I'll do it!"

A faint and sweet voice sounded .

Gu QianXue with her long hair fluttering, under the light of fitness room, her slender body like a layer of soft radiance stepped lightly toward the challenge arena . Her face without any makeup, but its still as rosy as peach cheeks, appearing a girl's unique clever beauty .

Yan Wang's face showed a bit of expectation . Although it was a combat lesson, he also wanted to know the strength of Gu Qianxue . In addition to Gu Qianxue, he also wanted to know one of the students and that was Xiao Luo . Through observation these days, he found that Xiao Luo seemed to be hiding his strength specially .

This makes him more curious about Xiao Luo!

The situation is exactly the same . Xiao Luo only wants to mix up a position as an auxiliary police officer, so he tries his best not to give prominence to his performance in the training camp, only to be able to safely pass the special training period, and everything is done with a low profile .

At this time, Gu Qianxue stepped lightly on the ground, leaping lightly over the guard rope like a spirit swallow and came to the challenge arena . The movement was elegant and natural, and the landing was silent .

"How do I feel she can win against Feng instructor!"

"I also have this kind of intuition . I can see her extraordinary skill when she jumps into the arena . "

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"Yes, it's just like the kind of master who practiced lightness skill in TV plays . "

The reserve auxiliary police atmosphere did not dare to look at the ring, they always feel GuQian Xue can bring them surprises and accidents .

"She is really beautiful . She and her sister Gu Qianlin are both beauties and a pair of sisters . " Liu Tieguo's Way of Fantasy .

"Is her sister Gu Qianlin?" Xiao Luo was extremely surprised .

Liu Tieguo blinked: "Yes, her sister is Gu Qianlin, the chief of Jiangcheng District . Everyone has known about this for a long time . You won't connect to Internet cafes now?"

Xiao Luo was in distress, he came to the training camp after he turned a deaf ear to the things outside the window, now that the girl in this challenge is GuQianLin's sister . . . With a closer look, she looks really like Gu QianLin somewhat, just less of GuQianLin's coldness and more inexperienced innocence .

"Wherever I go, I can be connected with Gu Qianlin . Is that JC my nemesis?"

Xiao Luo shook his head, helpless in his heart .

Gu QianLin always stared at him, making him feel ill-disposed, so the last time he used the dragon gang to teach Gu QianLin a lesson in HuangTian Las Vegas . She should now be raising herself and will not harass him for a short period of time, but he never thought that when Gu QianLin was gone, suddenly her sister Gu QianXue popped up again, and she was also an auxiliary police, this is too coincidental!

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On the challenge ring, Gu QianXue's feminine body launched . She quietly take the initiative to meet the opposite . She then fiercely jumped into the air, with a luxuriant one hundred and eighty degree reverse, crossing a distance of one or two meters . Her seemingly slender right foot wrapped in a force, swept out .

Feng Xiao's eyes narrowed . He experienced many battles . But at this moment, he also felt a lot of pressure . He clapped his hands on his side and clapped his hands on the long legs roaring towards him .

"Peng ~"

They collided, there's a dull explosion . Gu Qianxue's seemingly thin long legs broke out a strong attack, Feng Xiao was mercilessly lun to the guard rope behind him .

She kicked off the instructor Feng! ?

A bunch of reserve auxiliary police were shocked, they didn't expect the seemingly weak Gu QianXue would have such explosive force .

The JC, who was exercising around, was also alarmed .

Yan Wang was slightly startled, and then an arc of laughter came to his mouth: "It is really interesting!"

Feng Xiao on the challenge arena shook his arm to eliminate the feeling of numbness . His eyes did not dare to underestimate Gu Qianxue at all: "She really is old Dugu's apprentice . She has good skill . Come again!"

Excitement appeared on his face . He leaned down, catapulted forward like a spring compressed to the limit, tossed about like a windmill, swung his toe back, roared down, and lashed down severely .

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Gu Qiansnow's fine eyebrows furrowed slightly . With a palm swing, she brazenly meet the Feng Xiao's kick .


Fierce power swept across to both sides, Gu QianXue and FengZi Xiao backed two or three steps respectively . Then the two people again clashed . Gu QianXue with her palm and Feng Zi Xiao with his iron fist met . The fist and palm boomed . It seemed to create fierce wind . They are like tigers clashing .

"They are masters of internal force!"

Xiao Luo was surprised . If he hadn't exchanged the Yi Jin Jing, he would not have seen the internal force of Gu QianXue and Feng Zi Xiao . Even a training camp instructor in the district bureau is a master of internal force . It seems that there are still countless top masters in China .

The others were stunned . The wind was so strong . It was a fighting scene that seemed to have the power of 10,000 catties per punch and foot . Now, Gu Qianxue, to the reserve auxiliary police, had the strength to fight to this level . This is simply unthinkable .

"Peng Peng ~"

Gu Qianxue and Feng Zi Xiao blew a dozen moves in a very short period of time . The strong wind was roaring and the whole challenge arena seemed to be shaking .

As Gu QianXue a strike, her momentum is rising, a lot of pressure rippling from her body and open, making everyone present feel it . The originally attacking Feng Zi Xiao was defending . Gu Qianxue's attacks were like showers . Her palm shadows and leg shadows were crisscrossing, making a person feel dazzled .

Feng Zi Xiao was eventually hit in the chest .

Just listening to the sound of "bang", he is hig like a speeding car in collision . His whole person flew back, if it weren't for the protective rope block, he would fly out of the ring . At the same time, Gu QianXue didn't stop, she rushed after him such as a hunting female leopard rushing up . Her slender right leg mercilessly swept out, it was aimed straight on Feng Zi Xiao's temple .

Fast, crazy and fierce, carrying unparalleled strength!

When Feng Zi Xiao set his mind on it, he found that Gu Qianxue's right foot suddenly stopped on the left side of his head, less than 10 centimeters away from him . The terrible force turned into a gust of wind, and he subconsciously shivered .

"Should this be counted as winning?"

Gu QianXue lightly asked, her cheek cold, pure and moving .

Feng Zi Xiao really felt humiliated . Gu Qianxue had great skill . He had already prepared for it . However, she was only a little girl . Can she still win? But the result, she really won .

So many people were present, not only specially trained but also those young JC saw that his face was as ugly as it was at that time .

"Pa Pa ~"

Yan Wang clapped and smiled at Gu QianXue . "Yes, you won . You can relax for a day . "

Gu Qianxue withdrew her long legs and jumped off the challenge arena with ease . Then, without further ado, she packed up her things . She really wanted to have a rest .

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