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Chapter 19

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Xiao Luo's barbarian king was able to pick a fight, one VS . five . The result of the first game was no doubt . Xiao Luo's side won, Xiao Luo scored the highest and was of course the MVP .

"Are you at Divine Rank?"

In the public chat area, Chu Yue's ID "Purple Moon" sent a cold question .

Xiao Luo typed only two words: "No . "

"Whether you are or not, it depends on your performance in the next round . If your performance is still so good, I will let you join my team . " Chu Yue answered .

This, Xiao-fei Zhu and Ding Kai look at Xiao Luo with great envy .

"Luo Ge, the queen Chu said that you could join her team . " Xiao-fei Zhu said .

Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows: "Is this really worth being happy?"

"Of course, joining the Chu girls' team will not only have you many chances to get along with the Chu school girls, but also be eligible to participate in the glory battle on the national competition . If you win the first prize, you will get a bonus of 5 million . Even if you divide it equally, everyone will still get a million each . " Xiao-fei Zhu's face is full of envy .

Ding Kai nodded and echoed: "Yes, yes, this is a big pie, Luo Ge . "

Xiao Luo is startled, joining Chu Yue's team can mean of him having a lot of chances to get along with Chu Yue thus being a better hidden bodyguard, and not only that, he is qualified to participate in the war of glory to win bonuses, this is unexpected . He is not a Saint, but if he really can get one million by playing games, he is very much happy to do so .

Whether he was entrusted by Chu YunXiong or its for the million dollars, Xiao Luo has made up his mind to join Chu Yue's team .

After waiting for about two minutes, the second round began .

"Luo Ge, your barbarian king has been denied by the opponents . " Xiao-fei Zhu warned .

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Xiao Luo smiled: "It doesn't matter, I will be a little bit more of other heroes . "

At this moment, he is surprised by the system's prompt, because in the game just now, he actually gained 4,999 points, which made him suddenly feel rich .

Of course, he knows very well that this is due to Chu Yue's studio .

"I didn't expect that the opponent would go for full AD . This type of composition is easy to fight . Even if we can't defeat them in the early game, as long as we piled up our armor in the late game, we wouldn't have to worry about them . " Ding Kai's voice made Xiao Luo came back from his thoughts .

Xiao Luo saw that, indeed, the only AP on the opponents side was the barbarian king, Aso . The rest were the blade master, and the bounty hunter Miss Doom (female gunner) AD . The only AP was Lulu, which could almost be said to be a pure AD output lineup .

"Elder brother, your turn to pick, he . . . he . . . he . . . " Ding Kai smirked, his thin heinous face looks like a monkey .

Xiao Luo nodded, immediately without hesitation, he chose Rammus .

When the picture of the hero who looks like a hedgehog but is actually a turtle is selected, Chu Yue immediately sent out a series of question marks .

Ding Kai frowned and said, "Brother Luo, you . . . "

"The dragon turtle has restrained AD . This hero is the safest choice!" Xiao Luo explained .

Hearing this, Xiao-fei Zhu and Ding Kai were in distress . How could they not know that the dragon turtle restrained AD, but they had never seen anyone playing with the dragon turtle . The dragon turtle usually played jungle . The power sprint Q and frantic taunt E could easily stack with your teammates help to kill an opponent but still . . .

Chu Yue's Live Room Boiled Again . . .

"He's playing with the dragon turtle . Is he crazy?"

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"Even if this dragon turtle got farmed, it is only a lump of meat shield . Can it be expected to save fights?"

"I seriously suspect that the great god accidentally chose the wrong hero . "

At that time, questions were raised .

Chu Yue pouted angrily and said, "How confident is this guy that he dares to choose the dragon turtle?"

Bai Xeiwen recovered from her consternation and squinted with a chuckle: "Queen Chu, let's not rush to make a final decision yet . Perhaps Xiao Luo will perform well . "

"Then, I don't believe he will perform well at all!"

Chu Yue fretfully thinks that she is one of the strongest players in her ranks . Thus, she knows that apart from the low-end games where noobs played the silly dragon turtle, it would not appear on the high-end games at all . The dragon turtle is undoubtedly an exotic flower among exotic flowers, with short hands and especially low explosive force . When W spike defense is not used, the dragon turtle's attributes are far lower than those of ordinary tank heroes .

Moreover, against the barbarian king, the Lava beast and Mo Feite are the first choice .

However, the English major group is still as supportive as ever .

"Come on, God Luo, hit them hard . "

"God Luo is the most handsome . I look forward to your performance . "

"Like first game, let this again be a game of torture for the enemies . "

In particular, Anhuan shouted directly to show her love: "Brother Luo Shen, I want to give you a baby!"

"Poof ~"

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Seeing the words of An Huan, Xiao Luo almost sprayed out the water he had just drunk into his mouth . He can't imagine that such a thing came from a college girl's mouth . Are the times really different now, girls are so avant-garde and bold?

"Welcome to League of Legends!" {1}

The solemn woman's computer synthesized voice marked the beginning of the game .

"OH my God, dragon turtle is in the line up . It's the first time in my life!" On the other hand, Shan Jianhao and Yasuo immediately sent a message . {2}

"That's just asking for abuse, ha ha . . . " The opponent barbarian king also sent messages, with a mocking flavor between the lines .

The opponent female gunner warned: "Be careful, people are looking at us all, as AD's, thus deliberately choosing a dragon turtle . "

"Hum, the dragon turtle is nothing but a fart, in front of I . It's enough for me to cut him into pieces many times!" This was the opponent blade master's arrogant response .

Because of the blade master's speech being too dirty, Zhu Xiaofei felt quite upset when he saw this blade master talking sh*t . He typed and shouted, "Shut up, why not just have fun, so play less b*llsh*t!"

The opponent then sent "ha ha," expressing their disdain for Xiao-fei Zhu .

"His younger sister, such people!" Xiao-fei Zhu felt hatred .

"Zhu, calm down . After playing for so long, you should have gotten used to it already . " Ding Kai spoke comfortingly .

Xiao-fei Zhu immediately breathed out a long sigh of relief like a deflated ball . Also, this is the general environment of the game . No matter how cynical he is, he cannot change it .

"All troops deployed!"

Accompanied by the sound of the woman's computer synthesized voice, the minion waves from both sides came into being from the base camp, and formed a long line and ran to the their respective lanes .

Everyone was harassing and poking their respective enemies as well as clearing the waves .

Just 45 seconds after the start of the game, the female computer synthesized voice sounded: "First Blood!"

On the lane, Rammus harvested the barbarian king's head, and won the first blood .

"Youre just lucky, I just committed a mistake!"

The barbarian king immediately explained that when he prepared an E to retreat, his hand shook . As a result, his E passed to the direction of the dragon turtle, sending out a glorious first blood .

Xiao-Fei Zhu and Ding Kai were surprised and glanced at Xiao Luo, their heart finally had a trace of doubt on whether picking dragon turtle is silly .

"See, Xiao Luo is really capable . " Bai Xeiwen said to Chu Yue .

"It's just first blood, isn't it? Still, the dragon turtle can't stop the farm of the barbarian king . " Chu Yue disagreed .

Just as her voice fell, the game prompted a kill . Looking intently, the level 2 dragon turtle killed the newly-revived barbarian king and took the second kill .

"Is this barbarian king of bronze rank, carrying a minion wave and fighting with the dragon turtle but got killed?" Chu Yue coldly commented .

Bai Xeiwen corrected: "Queen Chu, you can see clearly that the dragon turtle "taunted", the skill it posseses, the barbarian king and attacked the dragon turtle . Attracting the aggro from the enemy minions after attempting escape from the hero damage and tower damage, in addition to the isolation of his allied minion wave to avoid triggering his passive . This is why he died again . "

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{1} So the game was LoL, League of Legends and not heroes alliance also I won't search for the proper hero names/terms . Its not that I don't want to but I have limited internet and I have to prioritize getting the raws and research of my studies and assignments as of now, this time of translation, at least
{2}chinese name for the champions/heroes

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