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Chapter 189
hapter 189: Fighting .

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It was not until 20 laps later that Zeng zi Xiao stopped the auxiliary police . As a result, all of them were exhausted and gasped on the ground . Some girls passed out directly and were sent to the medical room by the logistics personnel .

What is needed is this result, this is a duel!

But him and Yan Wang are very surprised, in addition to Gu QianXue, there's incredibly still another person standing, without any signs of collapse .

"Who is this guy?"

Yan Wang took off his sunglasses and pointed to Xiao Luo, looking at Feng zi Xiao .

Feng Zi Xiao looked through the information on the special training personnel in his hand and found it quickly . He handed it to Yan Wang and replied, "This man is Xiao Luo . The information shows that he is from the western province . He worked for Huahai Group a few months ago and was a common gold digger heading south . "

"So he was born with physical ability, hey . . . interesting, it seems that these people are not so boring . " Yan Wang smiled excitedly after reading Xiao Luo's information .

At the same time, Gu QianXue is also using her clever eyes to carefully look at Xiao Luo, very curious why Xiao Luo can stick to it like her, and then when she found nothing, discouraged she pie mouth and looked away .

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For two or three days in a row, they have been practicing physical fitness . Everyone's thighs are so sore that it is extremely difficult and painful to squat down to go to the toilet . They will never feel that this is very hot and exciting, instead they feel that this is purgatory .

In addition to physical training, it is to recite the JC code of conduct, and whenever and wherever it is, it is possible to be asked by Yan Wang what to do as an auxiliary under certain circumstances . Those who answer wrong will have to bear a heavy kick on their buttocks, while women are required to do 15 sit-ups .

Generally speaking, if the answer is wrong, Yan Wang will continue to ask the questioner, and then accept punishment for the wrong answer . For example, Liu Tieguo failed to answer ten questions in a row, and his buttocks were almost kicked open by Yan Wang . He cried miserably with pain and tears in his eyes .

Xiao Luo is also helpless, this is special training, there is no way, he can't rushed up to kick Yan Wang .

In the past two or three days, the big guys have also fully realized Yan Wang's prowess . This is really Yan Wang, too cruel . All the girls took Yan Wang to swear poison . For example, if I speak ill of you, let me be a Yan Wang type object in the future!

Five days later, everyone had gradually become accustomed to high-intensity physical training and was called to the fitness room .

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There are many muscular JC in the fitness room exercising themselves in vests and shorts . Yan Wang said to Feng zi Xiao shouted, "go up!"

Feng Zi Xiao nodded and walked to the front of the challenge arena, holding the guard rope with both hands . Then his legs stepped on the ground fiercely . His whole person leaped onto the challenge arena like a light swallow . He could not say how free and easy he was . As soon as he stepped onto the challenge arena, he took off his instructor's clothes, revealing a black vest and black shorts . The muscles were distributed in lumps with clear lines . Although he was 1 . 8 meters tall, he did not make people think he was thin at all . On the contrary, his whole body was covered with a breath of awe .

"Fighting is a compulsory course for you . Learning to fight is to give you enough ability to defeat a gangster when you encounter them . So today, I will teach you how to fight with the enemy . "

Yan Wang's iron voice sounded . He pointed his thumb at them and smiled with a ponderous smile on his face . "Any of you think your strength is good, go up and practice with him . If you can walk ten moves under his hand, you can have a holiday today and have a good time . "

"Report instructor, can we go out and play?" Liu Tieguo questioned, with a loud voice .

"Of course . " Yan Wang laughed .

Liu Tieguo's eyes sparkled and answered, "Okay, I'll try first . "

Xiao Luo stretched out his hand and put it on his shoulder, shaking his head and motioning him not to go, because he would not be Feng Zi Xiao's opponent .

"Brother, don't persuade me, I am addicted to the Internet, and it is too uncomfortable . I have been suffering from insomnia for several days . For my dream of eating chicken, I decided to go up and try it . Ten moves, I should be able to carry it down . " Liu Tieguo said .

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Xiao Luo didn't stop him . After getting along with Liu Tieguo for these days, he found out the reason why Liu Tieguo looks old . He stayed up late playing games and smoking .

In the spotlight, Liu Tieguo took himself to the ring .

He smiled like a Maitreya Buddha and saluted Feng Zi Xiao Wei: "Feng Instructor, how merciful you are!"

Feng Zi Xiao replied with a smile: "Yes!"

The words just fell, his body started tiptoe inching . He's fast acting like the wind and rushed up toward Liu Tieguo . His right foot swept out at the angle of the most sharp, straight to hit Liu Tieguo's face .

"Peng ~"

Liu Tieguo didn't even have time to react . His face felt like it had been severely beaten by a thick iron whip . He spun around twice and fell on the ground . His head hummed . He could not tell the difference between the southeast and the northwest . His face was burning with pain .

Hiss . . .

The crowd gasped . He downed a person with one foot . This is too abnormal .

Xiao Luo have a wry smile, he knew this would be the result .

"Don't feel cruel, Feng instructor has been merciful . In reality, the evil gangsters you encounter will never leave their hands behind . They don't want to sacrifice to be martyrs, so you will give me a good practice . " Yan Wang said in a reprimanded tone .

Stimulated by his remarks, several strong men rushed into the challenge arena to challenge Feng Zi Xiao immediately, but they all lost within ten moves . the one that lasted the longest was only five moves .

Thus, everyone's fighting spirit was completely repelled, and their eyes were filled with fear when looking at the challenge arena . This is not a human being . This is clearly a machine specially created for fighting .

"It's too shameful . I was the only one who couldn't take the next move . " Liu Tieguo felt his face very hot .

"No shame, 50 steps and 100 steps are the same . There is no need to feel ashamed because of this . " Xiao Luo spoke out to comfort .

Liu Tieguo nodded his head .

"Is there anyone else that dared to challenge?"

Yan Wang asked loudly at this moment . Blazing with anger swept to the crowd . Those swept by his eyes all bowed their heads . That was a monster in the ring . Who dared to go up .

"This is unintelligent? Then when you go to work and meet fierce criminals, will you be scared and piss your pants? " Yan Wang's voice was loud and clear, and the whole fitness room echoed with his voice .

Those JC who are practicing boxing and using various fitness equipment couldn't help giving out a burst of derision .

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