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Chapter 185

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Xiao Luo looked at the man up and down . His face had more flesh than Zhang Dashan’s, and his skin also showed obvious aging, especially the three wrinkles on his forehead . He immediately decided that the age of the man should be around 45 years old, and immediately thanked him: “Big Brother, thank you!”

Calling the other as big brother, is also out of politeness, but the other party surprisingly rebuked: “Who is your big brother, you are the big brother . I will ask you, how old are you this year?”

Xiao Luo confused, after thinking for a moment, he replied, “Twenty-six . ”

“You are 26, I am 22 . ”

“You’re 22?”

Xiao Luo was wide eyed, he can’t believe this guy that look like more than 40 years old will be so young .


The man took out his ID card directly from the inside pocket of his clothes and put it in front of Xiao Luo’s eyes . “Look for yourself, am I, 22?”

Xiao Luo carefully looked at his ID card, he really is 22 years old, he also has a very earthy but grounded name-Liu Tieguo .

“See it clearly, so don’t yell Big Brother in the future . You are four years older than me . I’ll call you Big Brother instead . ” Liu Tieguo put away his ID card and scoffed .

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Xiao Luo was in distress, looking at Liu Tieguo’s mature face, he would doubt Liu Tieguo when handling identity card pushed back the date of birth for 20 years .

“Knock, knock …”

The door of the ward was gently knocked, and then a nurse came in with two JCs .

“This one in the hospital bed is the owner of the car who was sent for treatment in an accident last night . ” The nurse introduced to JC .

Two JCs nodded and stepped forward . One of them, JC, gave Xiao Luo a start: “Hello, are you Zhang Dashan, the owner of the C0019 license plate?”

“No, Zhang Dashan is my friend . ” Xiao Luo answered truthfully .

Another female JC was busy recording this information .

The Male JC asked again, “What’s your name?”

“Xiao Luo . ”

“Do you remember what happened last night?”


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The two JC asked more than a dozen questions in a row . The scene of the accident last night was a blind spot for monitoring . They could not check the whole process of the accident through monitoring, but only asked the parties concerned . According to their preliminary judgment, the accident was not simple . The big truck that crashed recklessly was scrapped a year ago . Someone specially repaired it and made such an accident .

“Thank you for your answer . ”

“Comrade, I heard you say just now that it seems that the car accident last night was premeditated . What is going on?” Liu Tieguo curious got up and asked .

“It’s okay, don’t think much, we’ll investigate . ” The police answered .

The woman JC smiled and chimed in: “Don’t worry, we will definitely bring the criminals to justice . You should be an uncle . Your son is over 20 years old . You are so young and blessed . ”

As a woman, naturally speak better than men . She is smiling and comforting from the bottom of her heart, but this is not comfort at all for Liu Tieguo, but humiliation as if being naked .

Liu Tieguo stormed again: “What is a blessing? You are blessed . Your whole family is blessed . I don’t have such a big son . You gave birth to me!” Said, and took out his identity card, showing the female JC, “see clearly, I am only 22 years old, don’t think you JC can yell at other people as uncle, you are insulting my personality you know?”

When the date of Liu Tieguo’s birth was clearly seen, the woman JC was immediately embarrassed . Her face turned red and became of pork liver color . She apologized: “Sorry, it’s … I misunderstood …”


Liu Tieguo angrily collected his ID card .

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Xiao Luo was so amused that he forgot that he had just been mistaken for someone else’s son .

The Male JC then asked, “Mr Liu, what is your relationship with this Mr Xiao?”

“It has nothing to do with anything, I was just passing by and seeing him faint on the ground, I sent him to the hospital . ”

Liu Tieguo left grunted, “By the way, since you, uncle and aunt JC are here, I don’t need to stay here anymore . ” Turning to Xiao Luo, he said, “big brother, I bought wonton for you on the table . Eat it while it is hot . If it is not convenient to do it yourself, I will ask uncle JC and aunt JC to feed you . People’s servants, it is right to do these things . ”

He deliberately took the pronunciation of his uncle and aunt very seriously . The sarcastic meaning was very obvious . After saying that, he left without looking back . He was very depressed . He was regarded as a big brother just because he grew worried . What’s more, he was mistaken as the father of a 26-year-old big brother . This day by day, what is the matter?

Both JC were in distress and disbelief, but in their hearts they were thinking: You have grown too mature . It’s your fault!



Zhang Dashan rushed up as soon as he got the news . Before anyone arrived, the rough voice came in first .

“Lao Xiao, Lao Xiao …”

Pushing open the door, Xiao Luo, who was dressed as a mummy on the bed was the first thing he saw, he rushed over and said, “Are you old Xiao?”

“No, I’m somebody else . ” Xiao Luo didn’t gave good spirit .

“Mom’s egg, which quack bandaged you into this pair of urine, except for your mouth, nose and eyes, all wrapped up tightly . How about taking a dump?” Zhang Dashan put down his briefcase and was not afraid of death shouting quack doctors in the hospital .

“Why are you yelling? Please help me pay the medical expenses . ” Xiao Luo said .

“Urgent egg, I ask you, did the dragon gang do it?” Zhang Dashan asked .

Xiao Luo nodded .

“Mama of, I really want to kill these animals!” Zhang Dashan grind his teeth as he shouted .

“All right, you can help me to take care of Luo Fang . You don’t have to worry about other things . ”

Xiao Luo advised him, and then he thought of Feng Ge . “Feng Ge they are working for me now . Don’t mistreat them in terms of salary and treatment . When I destroy the dragon gang, you have to recall them to the company again to give them a chance to hone and improve their abilities . Then when Luo Fang marches into other cities, they will be able to bear the heavy responsibility . ”

“Lao Xiao, I’d better wait for you to get rid of these things . The most important thing for you now is to get rid of them . ” Zhang Dashan picked up his briefcase and paid for the medical expenses .

Xiao Luo suddenly remembered the Liu Tieguo who brought him to the hospital .

If he let Zhang Dashan know that there is a person’s face bigger and fatter than his, he should feel incomparable comfort .

And last night’s car accident!

Xiao Luo’s eyes emerge with a chill, great ape is dead, and the surviving cold leopard, is on his must-kill list .

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