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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:15:30 AM
Chapter 184

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The car came to an intersection, and the difference became steep . A large truck came hurtling from the right without warning, slamming into the white corolla driven by Xiao Luo with mountain-like impact .

"Peng ~"

With a loud noise that shook the eardrum, the white corolla sank deep into the middle like paper paste . the window glass, windshield, and headlights broke into countless pieces of glass .

At the same time, the car rolled violently to the other side and was thrown out until it was 20 or 30 meters away . Many parts were scattered along the way .

The whole car body is sunken everywhere, a broken vehicle lying on its side . The alarm sounds like its whine, which is especially harsh in this deserted street .

The truck had stopped at this time, two doors opened, and a yellow-haired ape and cold leopard with glasses jumped down from the truck .

The great ape took a look at cold leopard with a playful smile on his face: "Is that boy supposed to be dead?"

"Not dead but he's not far from death . " Cold leopard habitually helped his glasses and said coldly .

"Whether he dies or not, I'll give him another knife!"

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Big ape had a cruel smile, he pulled out a dagger from his waist, and walked toward the broken corolla .

But at this time, a loud noise came from the broken corolla, the right side of the door fly out from the car body, the bleeding Xiao Luo grabbed the window edge and climbed out from the inside, and then gently jump to the ground .

"Hey, he's still alive!"

Great ape's face had a surprised color, and then he excitedly laugh .

The cold leopard in the distance noticed a slight abnormality and said aloud, "Don't underestimate the enemy!"

"Don't worry, this boy has been hit so hard that he even has some difficulty standing . It's a piece of cake to kill him . " Big ape's cold voice laughed .

Xiao Luo's state is really bad, his body is full of wounds, the impact of the truck is too big, the destruction of the moment is extremely horrible, if it weren't for his exchange of Yi Jin jing, and the internal force protecting his heart pulse, he might have given his life in this just now .

At the moment, the internal force is running crazily, and the new sense of murder is flooding out .

He was like a wild animal, staring at great ape with his eyes fixed on him . He said slowly, "You have to die!"

Anger occupied his whole mind .

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"You're a dead mother . You're such a piece of garbage, you don't deserve to say that do you?"

The muscles of the whole body have long been taut, great ape's feet fiercely stamped the ground . His body like shell towards Xiao Luo, the dagger in his hand draw a bleak trajectory . The sharp point fiercely stabbed towards Xiao Luo's neck, murder is awe-inspiring .

Witouht waiting for him to stab, Xiao Luo's left hand appeared out of thin air and caught his wrist with a knife . Accompanied by a ferocious and complete roar, Xiao Luo's right fist like a moving hammer, blasted off forward and firmly hit great ape in the chest .

Boom! ! !

The power of terror centered on the contact points spread wildly around and swept through most of his body in an instant .

"Poof ~"

His chest and abdomen churned violently like rivers and seas, one mouthful blood spurted out, great ape flew upside down directly from the ground, and his body fell uncontrollably toward the rear .

But great ape was also of great strength . He abruptly turned his center of gravity in the air and finally landed on one knee . After landing, another mouthful of thick blood burst out . Severe pain came from his chest . He looked down and fixed his eyes . He couldn't help but stare round eyes . Several ribs broke, his chest collapsed in, and the blood seeped out dyed red the clothes on his chest . In the hazy blood, he could still see his heart beating vividly .

The great ape was horrified . He practiced kung fu and had internal force to protect his body . However, he was punched and broke several ribs . His whole chest was sunken . How is that possible? !

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"Great ape, be careful!" Cold leopard urgently cried .

Hearing him, great apesl looked up and saw Xiao Luo's body suddenly shooting up, his feet inching the ground, volley churning, and directly crossing the distance of more than ten meters came to him . Then he abruptly stopped, with his left foot as the axis, and strong rotation, all the power was poured on the left foot, straight to his chin attack and kill .

Quickly, fiercely, without leaving room!

"Om ~"

When Xiao Luo kicked him in the chin, great ape only felt that his whole brain was instantly shaken into a mushy slurry, humming, and he lost consciousness even before a scream could be uttered . His body flew out like a shell and crashed 20 or 30 meters away .

His nose and mouth overflowed with blood, his chin cracked, his left eyeball fell out of the eye socket under the influence of this force, and the sticky blood rolled to one side, completely without a human form, and the appearance was extremely miserable .

Hiss . . .

Cold leopard gasped in horror, from Xiao Luo's shots to great ape before he fell to the ground, it was only about four or five breaths, he doesn't even have the chance to rescue .

"It's your turn!"

His voice without any emotion, as if it came from nine deep and remote hell, Xiao Luo's face was flowing blood, his clothes broken, but his body gave a strong fighting spirit, his fanatical eyes against the backdrop of the fighting spirit appeared ferocious .

Cold leopard shivered, he knew that this is completely a monster, he can't infer with common sense, he's hit by a big truck and yet incredibly he still have such a powerful force .

He didn't accept the challenge, he thought for a moment, then turned around and shouldered the body of great ape and left here with vigorous body .

Xiao Luo gasped and watched him leave until he disappeared from his sight . He could no longer support himself . When his eyes closed, his whole person fell to the ground like a pool of soft mud .

Even if he was protected with Yi Jin Jing, he was hit hard by a truck that accelerated to more than 90 miles . His insides and heart arteries were protected by the internal force of independent operation, but the trauma on his body was serious enough . A lot of glass fragments were embedded in his flesh and blood like parasites .



Don't know how long after, Xiao Luo regained consciousness, he opened his eyes and found himself in the hospital, he wanted he found that his whole body was wrapped in bandages, the white bandages wrapped him like a mummy .

At this moment, a fat man with round head and round face came in with a bowl of hot wonton . Seeing Xiao Luo wake up in bed and move at will, he was so scared and put down the wonton and ran up to appease him . "Brother, don't move . More than 100 pieces of glass have been removed from you . The doctor had a hard time suturing the wound . If you move, it will easily collapse . Then you will suffer again . "

"Who are you?" Asked Xiao Luo .


The man with round head and round face froze and then grinned, "I am * * ah, I see you faint on the road, no one dare to save you, yet I dare to call 120 to send you to the hospital, and I have taken care of you day and night, I am not * * who is * * . "

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