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Chapter 183
hapter 183: Terrible Power .

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The whole wing was silent and if a needle drop it could be heard . Both Long Sankui and Chu YunXiong looked at Xiao Luo with stupefied eyes . If they hadn't seen it with their own eyes, they absolutely couldn't believe that a person could drink two bottles of 53-degree liquor at one breath, let alone alcoholism . Even if the stomach burn and bleed, how could he still stand perfectly .

"It's really good wine . I've never drunk such sweet wine since I was a child . " Xiao Luo with a bit of contempt sneered at Long Sankui .

These words almost got Long Sankui vomit blood, if it weren't for he can smell in front of two empty bottles having thick wine aroma floating out, he also thought Xiao Luo just drank two bottles of water .

"Damn, hell!"

Long Sankui's face was quite ugly . He slapped the table hard . He thought that two bottles of wine could kill Xiao Luo easily . But he did even feel anything after drinking, and even praised it as good wine . This is like your mother slapping your face hard and it burns your face, "You are really a freak, you rotten son!"

Chu Yunxiong smiled faintly: "Boss Long, Xiao Luo has already drunk two bottles of maotai according to your requirements . Can you not make enemies with him . . . "

He waited for Long Sankui to say it himself .

"All right, I'm a dragon . I'll take my word for it . The feud between this dead son and me is over . My dragon gang will never touch him . "

Long Sankui slightly tilted his head and suddenly said coldly to the cold leopard and the great ape behind him, "Cold leopard and great ape, from this day on, you are expelled from the dragon gang and cut off all communication and contact with the dragon gang . From this moment on, what you do has nothing to do with this boss, do you hear?"

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Hearing this, the brains of the cold leopard and the great ape went blank . They were expelled from the dragon gang? Cut off all ties with the dragon gang? This . . .

"Long Ye, what have we done wrong? Why should we be expelled from the dragon gang? "

The great ape growled impatiently . He had worked hard for the Dragon Gang for so many years . How could he suddenly be expelled from the Dragon Ganv? He could not accept it .

"Great ape, let's go . "

Cold leopard directly pulled out great ape .

"What the hell are you doing pulling me for? Long Ye is crazy . He even kicked us out of the Dragon Gang . Don't you ask why?" The great ape kept shouting .

Cold Leopard lifted his glasses and a cold light gleamed in his venomous eyes: "Long Ye didn't want to let go of Xiao, but he has just promised to Chu Yunxiong that the dragon gang will not attack Xiao . If you don't understand here, your IQ is really pitiful . "

The great ape's brow almost twisted into a knot in one's heart . Then when he heard this, he immediately felt the sky was clear through the clouds and laughed: "Gao, Long Ye is really a genius . We are not dragon gang members now, so naturally we can attack Xiao, ha, ha, ha . . . "

Cold leopard nodded, and didn't speak again .

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In the wing room, Chu YunXiong's eyes were staring at Long Sankui, coldly: "Boss Long, you are really good at tai chi!"

Long Sankui sighed: "Boss Chu is joking . What tai chi is not tai chi? Those two rabbits violated the rules I set and should had been expelled from the dragon gang long ago . This is the internal affairs of my dragon gang . Boss Chu will not want to get involved, will he?" In a strange voice, he gulped down a cup of tea before him and stood up . "All right, the matter is over, I should go too . Boss Chu, I'll see you soon . "

Holding a leading crutch, he paused as he passed by Xiao Luo, and stretched out his hand and patted Xiao Lio on the shoulder: "dead rotten son, there are unexpected events in the sky, and people are in danger . You must take good care of yourself, ha ha . . . . . . "

Finished saying that, he laughed and roared off .

Chu Yunxiong finished his last cup of tea and asked with concern: "Xiao Luo, do you need some anti-alcohol drugs?"

Xiao Luo shook his head: "No . "

Under the wrapping of internal force, two bottles of maotai liquor are slowly seeping out, which will not cause any harm to his body .

"This reconciliation did not achieve the expected results, and Long Sankui gave me a trick that was both positive and negative . "

Chu YunXiong forcibly pinched the cup, to be honest, if it were for him when he was young, if Long Sankui dare to play with him, he would definitely destroy Long Sankui by strong means, but now is different, a lot of people want to rely on him to eat, the most important point is his daughter Chu Yue, he cannot not care about everything, he just want to give her a safe and peaceful living environment now .

"One foot higher than the Tao and one foot higher than the devil, Long Sankui is really cunning, but I am already very grateful to boss Chu for all that he has done for me . " Xiao Luo laughed .

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"You should pay more attention to yourself in recent days . Cold leopard and great ape have extraordinary skills . " Chu YunXiong warned .

Xiao Luo nodded his head .

"By the way, I am here today, and there is another important thing . "

Saying that, he pulled out a bank card from his pocket and delivered it to Chu YunXiong .

"Is this?"

"This is the money owed to you, calculated according to the bank's interest . It's all in there . The password is six eights . " Xiao Luo smiled slightly .

Leng Zuo and Leng You were stunned . It was originally scheduled for one year, but Xiao Luo paid off 600 million yuan in two to three months . Although he knew that Luo Fang was now at the height of his power, dominating the pastry and bread industry in Jiang City, he was still very shocked to return 600 million yuan to his boss in such a short time .

Chu Yunxiong was also startled and looked at Xiao Luo firmly: "Xiao Luo, I found that I underestimated your ability . "

"Lucky . "

Xiao Luo smiled politely . To be honest, he can repay Chu Yunxiong's money so quickly because apart from the return of Luo Fang's current business to its heyday, the most important thing is Fang Changlei's compensation for unfair competition and the 80 million yuan he won in Huangtian Las Vegas .



Perhaps there is a gap in age . Xiao Luo feels that there is always a generation gap in communication with Chu YunXiong, so he has been keeping a distance with Chu YunXiong, or his inner pride is at work, and he doesn't want to owe Chu YunXiong this kind of big man's affection . In short, he doesn't think he will have any interweaving with Chu YunXiong in the future .

Coming out of the Maple Leaf Hotel, Xiao Luo drove home in Zhang Dashan's white corolla .

The Yi Jin Jing he exchanged seems to be different from prior knowledge . According to the system, the Yijinjing can prevent him from being poisoned . Its internal force is like a surging river, flowing endlessly . He himself has deep experience . As long as he holds his fist gently, he can feel the powerful force surging out .

"How strong will it be now?"

With this question in mind, Xiao Luo gently increased the strength of his hand holding the steering wheel . The steering wheel made of aluminum alloy skeleton immediately shriveled and deformed, with ten fingers deeply stuck in it .

Xiao Luo gasped, he was deeply shocked by his own strength, he didn't even do it that hard, only less than 20%, but the result made the steering wheel deform .

However, this car belongs to Zhang Dashan, he is very embarrassed to make somebody else's steering wheel like this, so he immediately thought about finding a repair shop to replace the steering wheel .

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