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Chapter 181
hapter 181: Dinner .

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The NSA headquarters was shocked . It was indeed another person . In other words, in addition to lark, another computer genius was hidden in their country, Mie .

[remember mie =destroy]

Bai Xeiwein was very curious about who this Mie was, that was able to use three firewalls to repel the foreign hostile forces, so she typed and asked, "real name?"

Xiao Luo smiled, "Is Lark a real name?"

After answering, he stopped talking and withdrew from the virtual cyberspace .

"This guy has just quit . "

Bai Xeiwen immediately enter the codes, and want to find the other's IP address, but immediately there is a firewall to prevent her access, this firewall is like the established wall in front of the country that prevented hostile forces from invading, for a while she can't find fall holes .

"I don't believe it can't be opened!"

Bai Xeiwen skimmed and became more aggressive with this firewall . then, when she found out that NSA people were still peeping, she couldn't help typing a line angrily: what are you looking at? believe it or not, your computers are all infected with virus .

After sending that, she removed her traces and get offline from the virtual network space .

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A group of NSA executives were in distress and disbelief, but the former middle-aged man in a suit and glasses was the first to speak: "A look at the girl's temper, I bet Lark will not be over 24 years old . "

"Chief, you're not talking nonsense . After two years of investigation, our agents have preliminarily determined that Lark is a student of Hua Ye University and a girl named Bai Xeiwen . She is 21 years old this year . I think through this cyber war, the two agents we sent out will be able to finally confirm whether she is or not . "

There are a total of six people present here, one of whom is talking, and the other five are also smiling, obviously laughing at the director's thick skin . They have already confirmed that the other party is a girl and is still a college student . This is the time to make a bet . This is not to take off pants and fart .

"Ahem . . . "

The bespectacled middle-aged man gave a dry cough and said seriously, "We have all seen the strength of' Lark', which is definitely the computer genius that China has encountered in a hundred years . Now there is ' Mie', whose strength is even stronger than' Lark' . Such genius must be found out as soon as possible . He and' Lark' are priceless treasures of China . With them, foreign invaders will not be able to open our country from the virtual network world . "

Six people nodded and agreed .

"I think' Lark' seems to be very interested in' Mie' . If we can be sure that Hua Ye's Bai Xeiwen is' Lark', I think we can find Mie through her, as only she can find him . " Another person said heavily .

This is absolutely true, but no one will think there is a problem . If even Lark cannot find the IP address, they are even more helpless .


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Xiao Luo did not think of the cyber war he encountered by chance, and then stopped the invasion of foreign forces by the way, which would have received the NSA's high attention . Otherwise, he really wouldn't have shot, after all, he really didn't want to be the focus of attention .

After passing the examination of Guangming district police station in the afternoon, after several hours of waiting, he came to the interview .

An old-fashioned and timeless question came out: "Why do you want to be a JC police?"

Auxiliary police are also commonly called JC, although they are only personnel engaged in auxiliary police work under the command and supervision of the people JC .

"In order to crack down on crime and safeguard justice!" Xiao Luo said smiling .

This is bullshit, of course, but most of the time this society has to bullshit, this is the necessary form .

Sure enough, the two JC that interviewed him looked at each other, nodded, and then put a tick on his resume .

It takes at least five days to pass the interview and the political review, that is, to investigate the family situation and participate in anti-social activities . After passing the political review and finally passing the medical examination, you can officially become an auxiliary police officer .

Putting on this skin and fight against the black forces of the dragon gang will become justified!



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In the evening, Maple Leaf Hotel .

Xiao Luo arrived at eight o' clock in the evening, Chu YunXiong's kindness . . . he had to take, besides, it will take at least five days for his auxiliary police position to be decided, during this period, the enemy can strike .


There are many women wearing big red cheongsam smiling leisurely all around, regardless of whether they are putting their hands or standing posture, or the pace interval between walks are very exquisite, giving guests a kind of accomplishment and improving the image and grade of the hotel .

"Is that Mr . Xiao Luo?"

Just as Xiao Luo had just walked in and looked around, a tall woman seemed to have known he was coming and came up smiling .

Xiao Luo nodded: "I am . "

"Boss Chu has been waiting for you for a long time . Please come this way . "

Under her guidance, Xiao Luo took the elevator to the third floor and stopped at the door of a wing . The tall woman helped push the door open . she leaned back to Xiao Luo and left the elevator .

"Xiao Luo is here, sit down!"

Chu YunXiong stayed in the wing, he was chatting with another person, it is the dragon gang's boss Long Sankui .

Leng Zuo and Leng You is standing on both sides of Chu Yunxiong, while the great ape and Leng Bao are standing on both sides of Long Sankui . The two camps are distinct, white and black . At the moment, they are drinking tea in harmony . Such a situation is rare .

"Good boss Chu!"

Xiao Luo greeted Chu Yunxiong, came in and conveniently take the door .

Long Sankui's plump finger was slightly pointed at Chu YunXiong: "Boss Chu, is this the rotten boy you want to protect? How dare you cut off the hands of 53 people? I don't believe it . "

The great ape behind him challenged without warning, suddenly jumped out like a beast of prey, with a fierce look emerging in his asymmetrical eyes . His flexible body, which was strong enough to reach a certain level, broke out in an almost eerie radian, with a strong air force in his arms, he kicked out and kicked Xiao Luo's face .

Xiao Luo's body leaned to the right side, at the same time he held out his hand to pat on the foot joints of great ape, seemingly light but contains a terrible strength and beat him directly . It made great ape's body imbalanced, Xiao Luo lightly snorted, with the left leg as the axis, shaking the right leg abd swept on the arm of great ape .

The great ape took four or five steps back sideways, leaning on the wall to stabilize himself .

On the wooden floor, impressively, there are traces of excessive force and extrusion .

"Boss Long, please control your staff . I don't want to get blood all over the place and disturb boss Chu's pleasure . " Xiao Luo spoke coldly .

This remark abruptly stopped the great ape, because he felt a touch of danger in his heart .

"Dead rotten son, step down son!"

Long Sankui waved and motioned the great ape to step down, then rolled up his left sleeve and snorted, "if it's boss Chu then fine, but what are you? In front of me Long Sankui, you dare to be arrogant, do you have the capital? When I came out to mix, you were still f*cking sucking on your mother's breast! "

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