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Chapter 176
hapter 176: Do you want my help .

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Gu Qianlin was born in the special forces, with extraordinary skill . With a steel pipe in her hand, she was as brave as a lioness . However, JC restrained her and did not dare to do anything malicious . Therefore, every move was only to repel her opponent and did not cause much substantial damage .

But these dragon gang members are not the same, potential like wolves,l, after a while, Gu QianLin's body has more than a few knife wounds, her back and waist also suffered a few steel rod beating, there is a kind of tiger that can't hold the Wolf's powerlessness .

She attracted fire while Xiao Luo was relaxed, he just brought a glass of orange juice from the fruit bowl left by the waitress in the casino, and sat down at the gambling table to drink slowly . His eyes were cold and he didn't seem to intend to help Gu Qianlin at all .

With the passage of time, Gu QianLin became more and more a mess, her physical strength appeared in an exhausted state, her body suffered more trauma, those who were cut by the knife had burning pain, this kind of powerlessness let her indignation unceasingly, thinking she should not had been soft in the beginning .

In the face of the dragon gang, she was losing, her clothes were cut with many holes by a knife, and each hole is full of blood poured from the wound, she's almost a dyed blood man .

"Peng ~"

Two dragon gang members kicked her in the chest at the same time .

These people have practiced themselves, and the strength that broke out under the resultant force is unparalleled . Gu Qianlin, who had already been overwhelmed, was hit hard again . Her body was like a broken kite and thrown back uncontrollably . Then she fell to the ground, her whole body was as miserable and painful as if she's falling apart .

"Officer Gu, do you want help?"

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Xiao Luo then put down the empty cup and walked up with a smile .

Gu QianLin was not light with anger, she looked up and gnashingly stared at Xiao Luo, she didn't speak, but her eyes flashed light .

"These people don't have to show mercy to them . The consequence of mercy is that you are like this . I am being forced to shoot now . In any case, you will be my best witness and can prove my innocence, right?" Xiao Luo smiled innocently .

This smile, in the eyes of Gu QianLin has incomparable permeability .

Xiao Luo turned around, facing the group of dragon gang members with knives and weapons, the smile on his face instantly converged, cold like polar ice, makung the dragon gang members subconsciously shudder .

"Is this little rabbit, you are all still here, alright, give him to this boss with dismembered body of ten thousand pieces!"

Geng QiuXing roared, his casino is over, and Long Ye will never let him go, he hated Xiao Luo that his tooth itched, he can't wait to see Xiao Luo die .

The dragon helped the big fellow to kill Xiao Luo . The sword was full of light and murderous look!

Xiao Luo coldly hummed, he didn't retreat, after four or five steps rushing high, a foot of his fiercely kicked, a big fellow was like a bullet shell that was sent flying, hitting in front of Geng QiuXing, he cried a few times before he passed out, the sword just conveniently fell into the hands of Xiao Luo .

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A knife in hand, a cold grave murderous look on Xiao Luo diffused out, letting these dragon gabg members shiver in their heart .

"Kill him, kill him!" Geng Qiuxing clenched his fist and roared loudly .

Five big fellow with knives rushed up, they crazily cut down .

Xiao Luo's knife fiercely crossed cut, leaving no spare capacity .

The knife was quick and sharp . The five only felt a gleaming knife light in front of them . Then they found that their right hand was cut . The cut surface was as smooth as a mirror . Then blood shot out . The sharp pain had not reached the brain yet . But to them, the whole world was silent in a flash .


This is their own hand gone, how is it possible!

Xiao Luo is fierce and ruthless . It is also unacceptable for them to see their hands cut off . After a brief stupidity, severe pain and unutterable panic swept through their whole body .

"Ah ~"

Shrill screams suddenly sounded, their eyes showed thick panic, their magnificent body fell to the ground shaking violently .

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Xiao Luo waved his bloody combat knife and poured out dense murderous look . He did not even have a moment's pause to meet up with the others . He chopped down the front big fellow in the sky with one knife and the terrible murderous look swept through .

The man was so frightened that he suddenly changed his face, he subconsciously lifted the steel pipe in his hand into the air to block it .

"Peng ~"

The steel tube was split in two under Xiao Lou's long knife, and the blade turned 90 degrees in a flash, like a cold light passing over the wrist of the person's right hand . Shrieks rang again, and a broken hand fell to the ground .

Xiao Luo smiled coldly . His body rotated 360 degrees in the sky, turned into a hurricane and rushed to the other side . The machete in his hand turned into the reaper . The place he passed through was full of scattered broken hands .

He is stronger than Gu Qianlin, but he does not have Gu Qianlin's relentlessness . He is ruthless in his tactics .

The dragon gang members have gradually become unintelligent and scared from the very beginning . This is a monster . He is too fierce, leaving them with no room for backhand .

Gu Qianlin swallowed saliva several times, and her facial expression changed from anger to dignified and awe . Since she was called in, she had already been involved in Xiao Luo's calculation, smashing the casino, giving her a run for her money, and then letting the dragon gang pay the price of blood in front of her . She was also forced to prove that Xiao Luo was forced to fight back under life-threatening circumstances .

Step by step, it not only hit the casino and counterattacked Long Sankui, but also escaped the legal sanction!

Such shrewdness and scheming made her tremble with fear, and seeing Xiao Luo cut down the dragon gang members as if they were cabbage, she was more convinced of her inner speculation that Xiao Luo was the cold-blooded and cruel killer .

Ten minutes later, none of the dragon gang members were still standing . they all fell to the ground howling in pain . Their right hands were cut off and their severed hands were scattered everywhere . This was a shocking scene . Gu Qianlin, who was accustomed to bloody scenes, was also severely shocked and broke into cold sweat .

The only one still standing is Geng QiuXing, but he's already scared pale, stiff on the spot .

Xiao Luo walked towards him with a machete, a handsome and cold face and a bloody machete . At this moment, he was like a shura coming out of hell .

"You . . . you . . . I am a dragon gang . . . " Geng QiuXing even couldn't say a complete sentence .

"Don't worry, I won't do anything to you . If I touch you, wouldn't it be too offensive?"

Xiao Luo showed a faint smile and turned to Gu Qianlin . "Am I right, officer Gu?"

Gu QianLin's whole body twitched, she has been subdued by Xiao Luo .

"Eighty million, I won a total of eighty million here . You can't rely on this money in the casino . You must put it into my account, understand?" Xiao Luo suddenly put the knife rest on Geng QiuXing's shoulder, he said coldly .

"Yes, yes!"

Geng QiuXing that was arrogant before, vigorously agreed .

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