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Chapter 172
hapter 172: Forget the Pain .

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In the ward, Sun Yu's eyes were closed and her face was pale, just like a quiet sleeping beauty lying on a sickbed . Although she's wearing an oxygen mask, it did not affect her beauty at all . She was delicate .

Xiao Luo was sitting on the edge of the bed, flipping through page by page through a pink cover book in his hand .

This is Sun Yu's secret diary . It was found by Sun's mother and father at Sun Yu's residence . . .

"I'm finally going to a big city . I feel excited . Cinemas, shopping malls, beautiful parks … here I come!"

"I came to Jiangcheng with a vision of the future, but I didn't expect this place to be full of cold and dirty . In the past six months, I haven't met a good thing . I feel like I have fallen into an bottomless abyss, struggling and resisting, but I feel more and more that I will never turn over . "

"Dirty is gradually filling my body and corroding my soul . It is like tens of millions of ants crawling on my body . They bite my flesh and make me miserable . I really want to get rid of the devil's control . However, every time I compromise under the torment that life is not as good as death . "


A large pile of paper, writing is struggle, resistance, and destruction, until turning to a new page .

"Today, I am very happy to meet a boy from Shuai Shuai . His name is Xiao Luo . He is the brother of Ruyi elder sister and also my big creditor . He is clean, handsome and mysterious . He is like a beam of sunshine that shines into my dim life . "

"It turns out that big creditors also like to eat roasted sweet potatoes . He also told me a lot of interesting things about his childhood . How I wish time could stay at that moment forever . "

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"I think I fell in love with him . . . "

"For his sake, I must get rid of the devil's control . I can certainly, big creditor, you have to wait for me . "

"The big creditor finally expressed to me, but why is he the boss of Luo Fang, he is so outstanding, and I am so unbearable . . . the big creditor, forgive me for rejecting you, I am not worthy of you!"

"That kind of mosquito bite feeling welled up again, how to do? Big creditor, what should I do? "

Log here it came to an abrupt end, Xiao Luo's mood became unusually heavy .

He turned his head and looked at the girl lying quietly in the hospital bed . He understood that he was the main cause of Sun Yu jumping off a building . If he hadn't expressed himself to her impulsively and exposed his identity, even if Sun Yu couldn't get rid of He Ruanliang's control, she wouldn't have committed suicide .

Looking at her, she was like a flower that could wither at any time, and Xiao Luo felt some remorse .

"I didn't think my appearance would bring you pain . I just felt that there was no pressure when I was with you . In my eyes, you will always be a beautiful, kind and smiling girl . The dance you danced at the mid-autumn festival evening party was smart, enchanting and elegant like a fairy who came down to earth . At that moment, my heart was captured by you . I want the whole world to know that you are my woman . "

Xiao Luo, who is not good at words, said a lot of things at once in this ward where only he and Sun Yu were, all from the bottom of his heart .

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But Sun Yu did not have any reaction, not even a slight movement of her fingers . She fell into a state of suspended animation, though her body functions were able to operate normally, while her consciousness continued to die . This is a person's instinct of self-protection . When faced with unbearable facts, she would choose to go into a coma and eventually go into a permanent coma .

"I am responsible for everything, and I should end it!"

Xiao Luo closed his eyes and made a painful decision . Now the only way to save Sun Yu is to let Sun Yu forget what happened in the river, including him .

"Ding, congratulations to the host for his talent as a hypnotist, consuming 8,000 points!" In his mind, there was a system prompt tone .

Xiao Luo held out his index finger and gently pressed it on Sun Yu's eyebrows . He closed his eyes and settled down to feel the world of Sun Yu's consciousness .

"Forget this pain, return to your vision of the future, cinemas, shopping malls, parks . . . they are all still in your expectation . Everything you have experienced is just a dream . When the sun rises tomorrow, you will forget all the things that happened in the dream . Those people and things will gradually become blurred and blank, and your life will become meaningful again!"

Xiao Luo intervened Sun Yu's subconscious mind with a voice that penetrated into her soul, so that a large amount of information in her subconscious mind was recombined and her brain responded little by little, clearing away those painful and struggling memories .

This is a long process!

It was not until midnight that hypnosis came to an end . Xiao Luo was as tired as if he had experienced a serious illness because of his long concentration . He took Sun Yu's diary and stood up . He walked with heavy steps towards the outside of the ward, feeling dejected .

At the moment he closed the door, Sun Yu's finger moved slightly, and two lines of tears fell down from the corner of her eye, leaving two tears on her pale cheek .

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"Chief Xiao!" "Brother!"

Outside in the corridor, Sun Jiannan, Xiao Ruyi and Tang Ren rushed up to assist Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo motioned with his hand, motioning them not to worry about themselves . Then he turned his head and looked at Sun Fu and Sun Mu . "After she wakes up tomorrow, take her to another hospital and leave the river city . In this life, don't let her come back, let alone mention anything in the river city . "

Finished saying that, he left .

Outside the hospital, Zhang Dashan and Feng Ge were already waiting there .

Xiao Luo got silently into the car, put the seat to the lowest, and his whole people laid up, he closed his eyes, and began tobslowly restore his vigor, at the same time, he s also silently sad .

Hypnosis can make Sun Yu forget what happened in the river, but she can't see anyone familiar with the river again, especially him, otherwise hypnosis will easily lose its effectiveness, Sun Yu will remember everything again .

In other words, he and she will never meet again . This separation is a farewell .

"Lao Xiao, are you all right?" Zhang Dashan sat in the driver's seat and asked anxiously .

Xiao Luo said, "Drive . "

"Where to?"

"Wherever . "

Zhang Dashan long sighed, this is the first time to see his brother Xiao Luo's mood so depressed, he knew that this is related to Sun Yu, but he can't help it, after hearing about Sun Yu, he can only express regret and sympathy .

"Brother Xiao, you must cheer up . " Feng Ge sitting in the back seat, frowning advised .

"Yes, now the Dragon Gang is so rampant that it has smashed our store in Luo Fang three to five times . You must not fall . "

Xiao Wu's remarks were like a shot of stimulant, injected into Xiao Luo's body and made Xiao Luo sit up fiercely .

"How much have we lost altogether?"

"Almost 50 million . "

Although he don't know what Xiao Luo was thinking, Zhang Dashan told the truth about the total loss .

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