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Chapter 171
hapter 171: Will to Die .

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Gu QianLin was stunned, she subconsciously crossed her arms to block .

"Peng ~"

It was another dull blast, with terrible power rolling back towards both sides centering on the strike point, sweeping through most of her body instantly .

Gu QianLin only felt her arms numb, her body uncontrollably thrown back, fortunately Wang Hanxuan and a bunch of JC reacted quickly and caught her, to avoid falling to the ground and end in a mess as a result . She is surprised and angry, Xiao Luo's strength is too strong, she broke out a sneak attack actually and it only accounted for less than a little bit of cheap tricks, whether it's reaction speed, fighting consciousness, strength, Xiao Luo is far more than she knew the special forces .

This is a complete humanoid monster!

"This boy assaulted a police officer, handcuff him quickly!"

Seeing Gu QianLin seems to have been badly injured, Wang Hanxuan loudly ordered .


A bunch of JC's face is not good, so they took out handcuffs and got close to Xiao Luo .


Xiao Luo gave a remark and then pointed to the camera installed on the top of the corridor . "Whoever moved the hand first has a clear record here . Don't say that you are JC and have the privilege to attack others . I will only find it very ridiculous . "

This words, let these JC all froze, looked at each other after looking at Gu QianLin, asking for her meaning .

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Gu Qianlin waved and motioned them to step down, then walked to the front of Xiao Luo . A pair of beautiful eyes looked at Xiao Luo with unwilling and angry eyes: "I ask you, where did you go an hour ago?"

Xiao Luo replied, "Walking in the hospital . "

Gu Qianlin asked again: "Why did you turn off your cell phone during the walk?"

"I want to be alone and undisturbed . "

Xiao Luo lightly said, "Can't I?"

Gu Qianlin took a puff at the corner of her mouth, then smiled coldly: "I have finished asking my question, and finally I will send you a sentence,' the law is long and wide, but it does not leak out' . anyone who violates the law will be punished as it should, without exception!"

"Educated . " Xiao Luo slightly bowed his head and said .

Gu Qianlin looked at him for a long time and shouted, "Team Up!"

Although in her heart she believed that Xiao Luo was the murderer of He Ruanliang, and he was also the suspect of the "September 12 incident", there was no substantial evidence, and he could not be trialed if he was caught back, so she could nothing .

After all her subordinates went out, Gu Qianlin turned to leave . She did not walk a few steps, before she stopped, turned to Xiao Luo and said, "by the way, let me tell you, this dress on you is really ugly!"

Finished saying that, she got back .

Xiao Luo lightly hummed, and ignored her remark .


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Xiao Ruyi ran up and hugged Xiao Luo tightly .

Tang Ren is also concerned by the incident . He has not recovered from the shock just now . JC is not dealing with anyone else' but his wife's brother . This kind of thing is really unacceptable to him for a little while .

"Elder brother, JC why did they want to find you? Did you really kill He Ruanliang? " Xiao Ruyi asked eagerly .

Xiao Luo shook his head, he touched her soft hair and said in a very positive tone: "No, they are barking up the wrong tree . "

In order to reassure his sister, he had to tell a white lie .

"Really?" Xiao Ruyi is doubtful .

Xiao Luo smiled at her: "When did I cheat you? I really took a walk in the hospital and got some air . "



"Gu Qianlin, if the murderer is not Xiao Luo, then who is it? Is it possible that He Ruanliang's associates killed him? " Outside the hospital, Wang Hanxuan expressed his inner speculation .

Gu Qianlin frowned and glared at him with displeasure: "My intuition told me that the murderer was Xiao Luo, not someone else . "

Xiao Luo?

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Wang Hanxuan's brow wrinkled up: "But he was not injured . Isn't this enough to rule out suspicion?"

After being shot, even wearing bulletproof vests, one cannot be completely isolated . One is bound to leave wounds on one's body . This is common sense .

This is exactly what Gu QianLin couldn't think of . She obviously got a shot . Why didn't she leave a wound?

There is no evidence to prove that it is Xiao Luo, even with the current evidence, it can also rule out his suspicion, but her intuition and her judgment as JC, the murderer is Xiao Luo .

Two contradictions, let her had a headache like crazy!

She suddenly grabbed Wang Hanxuan by the collar and asked, "Do you think there are any drugs in this world that can heal wounds quickly?"


Wang Hanxuan opened his mouth wide in surprise . This question seems childish . How can there be such a specific drug in the world?

"Ah what ah, quickly say it!" Gu QianLin said agitated .

Wang Hanxuan was busy: "I heard that there is a secret prescription of Yunnan Baiyao that can stop bleeding quickly . However, this prescription has long been lost and none of the Yunnan Baiyao on the market has that effect . "

As soon as Gu Qianlin's eyes lit up, "Is it possible that Xiao Luo just had the prescription?"

"Gu Dong ~"

Wang Hanxuan swallowed a mouthful of saliva with difficulty . He doubted whether his boss was possessed by an evil spirit . Do we have to crown the crime on Xiao Luo's head before we stop? He shook his head and said, "It is impossible . Even with the prescription, it is impossible to recover the wound in such a short time, let alone leave no scar . "

Hearing this, Gu QianLin was unwilling to let go of him, then looked at the emergency room of the Hospital before she turned to leave .



After two days and two nights of rescue, Sun Yu's condition has stabilized and doctors have pulled her back from the jaws of death .

Sun Yu's parents also rushed out of their hometown overnight on the day of her accident . Seeing her daughter lying on a hospital bed with an oxygen mask, her face as pale as paper, Sun's mother fainted immediately . After Sun Jiannan came, his eyes were also red and he kept wiping away tears .

A week later, Sun Yu's condition completely stabilized . . .

However, the doctor brought bad news . He said: "The patient has been out of danger and her physical condition has stabilized . However, the patient's will to die is too strong . She does not want to wake up . What we can do is already done . If the patient insists on dying, we have no choice . "

"How did this happen? What exactly did Yu Yu experience?"

Sun's mother collapsed again, tears burst out of her eyes and burst into the ward out of control .

Sun Fu also wiped away a handful of tears and sadly walked into the ward .

"Yu Yu can't accept herself as she is now and can't face Xiao Luo . She wants to die with all her heart . " Hu Shuirong sobbed as she was also a victim . She understood Sun Yu's thoughts very well .

Xiao Ruyi's eyes turned red and she threw herself into Tang Ren's arms . She sobbed softly .

Tang Ren didn't know what to say to comfort her and could only pat her on the back .

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