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Chapter 17

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He actually killed the blade master with a red Buff? !

Impossible, this is not true!
Xiao-fei Zhu and Ding Kai were stunned looking at Xiao Luo, clearly the blade master did a Q and then with an A, it can easily win the situation . But the result was the barbarian king killed blade master instead, how could they believe this?

Chu Yue was just as surprised as Bai Xeiwen . Just now they switched the map vision to the top lane . As a result, they saw a wonderful counter-kill, which was really unexpected .

"The blade master didn't score an A, if he did with the help of the A the difference in attack speed would be nulled . Instead, the barbarian king hit the blade master twice without injury . The details were handled very well, especially in the end, the barbarian almost flashed at the same time as the blade master . It was clean, calm and decisive, and its reaction ability was prestine!" Bai Xeiwen evaluated .

Chu Yue blinked her beautiful eyes, she returned to her being after her surprise . Looking at her studio screen it is full of praise for Xiao Luo, she felt sour in her heart, as to though he had just hit her child .

Although she agreed with Xiao Luo's technique, still she said with indifference: "He is a blind cat thats met with a dead mouse . The opposing blade master is obviously a fool . He flashed Ping A, so that he could have a chance to kill . " She really took it seriously . "Well, don't worry about them . It's time for us to blossom, let's just focus on the bottom lane . "

On the other side, Zhu Xiaofei was sending a message mocking the opponent blade master: "What did I say before, you were just waiting to be punished, a bunch of primary school students! "
The opponent blade master became angry from embarrassment and shouted directly to Xiao Luo: "Barbarian if I can't defeat right here, then, I am your grandson!"

Xiao Luo chose to ignore it directly .

His barbarian king bought speed boots and a combat glove . With a red Buff on him, plus the equipment and level suppression, the opposite Nar could only heal at a distance, and couldn't really get close . So it just went to base and bought a cloth before going back on lane .

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Nar is not only a long-range hero, but it also has its passive, fury . Once it is fully stacked, its size will increase, and its armor, magic resistance and attack power will be greatly strengthened . Moreover, it's E (Minute step) is a displacement skill that can easily create distance and then kite opponents . {1}

Xiao Luo is not in a hurry . He has been controlling the lane and moving flexibly, so that his barbarian king can avoid Nar's Q every time . Nar's intention of long-distance attack is completely shattered .

At this time, Chu Yue and Bai Xeiwen, who were at the bottom lane, got a sudden snowball . The source of the plague (The mouse) won a double kill instantly .

"The queen Chu is still the best, this big pressure to her is like nothing , ha ha . . . " Xiao-fei Zhu comfortably laughed .

"With Chu Beauty here, of course we can't lose . Besides, Luo Ge is also super good . Look at the other master Nar, who was beaten by Luo Ge . "

Ding Kai turned to Xiao Luo and said, "Brother Luo, a large minion wave is going to arrive at the offlane tower soon . You're almost Level 6 . Let me help you at the tower and kill them . How about stabilizing your advantage on the lane and get the lane on our side?"

"No, you go and help the other lanes!" Xiao Luo said with a smile .

"Well, then, be careful with the opponent blade master . He will probably come to gank you . "

Ding Kai put a ward in the brush in the triangle area, then turned and ran to the middle lane .
After clearing the wave, Xiao Luo's barbarian king unlocked its ultimate skill, R, once it was turned on, it was immune to death within five seconds, and instantly gains 50 points of fury, doubling the chance of a critical strike .

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On the opponents side, his mind was repeatedly stressed by the incoming waves . There are far too many minions accumulated . Even under the tower, fighting would account him less to no benefits . But he must clear this wave nonetheless so that he could catch up in the gold difference .

Of course, Xiao Luo won't make him feel comfortable, he controled the barbarian king and dd not hesitate to close the distance, he raised his sword and cut down towards Nar .

The hit is a critical strike . Nar lost half of his hp immediately . Horrified, Nar quickly retreated . Xiao Luo slowed him down with a W and followed it with an E . He continued to strike . Unfortunately the strike was unlucky this time and there was no critical strike . Nar saw that the barbarian king was fighting desperately and was chasing, he fought back against the barbarian king and hoping to get a counter kill .
Xiao Luo also wanted this as a result, he hit Nar, but suddenly he attracted the aggro of the enemy tower, Xiao Luo's barbarian king calmly left the attack range of the defense tower, his hp was attacked by the defense tower to about two hundred points .

"Oh, no!"

Watching his hp drop rapidly under the attack of super minions, he panicked, he turned to press E and flashed, but still it didn't work, after a dozen of attack light fell on him, the rest of his hp dropped bottom, his computer screen turned gray, the system prompted him as killed . {2}

Xiao Luo unhurriedly, bypass the outer tower, and continued to accumulate the minions, at this time the level 5 blade master appeared from the brush .
"This guy is crazy!"

Xiao Luo pondered a smile, the barbarian king made a big move, with its bar full of fury, even if he only have little hp left after the gank he's not afraid of the minion wave as his sides was pushed, he's also not afraid of the level 5 blade master, which accompanied by a scream of the blade master, "ah," the system prompted "Double Kill!" This line of words prominently appeared on the computer screen .

At this moment, Chu Yue's studio was boiling .

"Gahhh, I want to worship this pretty king as a teacher!"

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"This is definitely a great god . "

"Barbarian king: Ahem . . . Basic operations, all sit down and don't get too excited!"

At that time, the live room was full of screens discussing the barrage of Xiao Luo's barbarian king .

In the English major group, all the girls burst into flames, and the word "Luo Shen" was brushed up, wave after wave in the chat group . An Huan shouted directly from a distance: "Luo Shen, I'm going to dump my boyfriend and let you be my boyfriend instead!"

Everyone's address to Xiao Luo has become "Luo Shen", showing great admiration .

"Brother Luo, you are really a great god!"

Xiao-fei Zhu was shocked, if killing the blade master is just luck, then how would this double kill be explained? This is enough to prove the strength of Xiao Luo .
He killed the blade master enough for the super minions to be a threat to the blade master before retreating, as he also acquired aggro, without pursuing blade master knowing he is gonna die .

"It's because of the minion wave . " Xiao Luo said .

Ding Kai smiled: "Ha ha . . . Luo Ge is very modest . "
At this moment, the opposite Nar sent a message: "Barbarian king, you are not in platinum . "

It's not a simple sentence, but it was full of questioning and has a defiant tone .

The opponent blade master began to scold again: "Pretend your mother, hah, your family is all dead, dogs . "

His mouth was full of excrement and his words were rather extreme .

Xiao-Fei Zhu smiled angrily and typed back: "Mad dog, stop barking . Your mother called you home for dinner . "

"Eat your mother, pweh, this master f*cked your mother and gave birth to you * * listen here son, you dog beast, silly, I'll kill your family . . . " The opponent blade master has no limit in his abuse .

Xiao-fei Zhu himself do not have a very good temper, this time to detain his flame of rage he fiercely slapped the desktop and stood up, if the other party is standing in front of him right now, he vowed to split the other alive .

"Old Zhu, it is good to ban him from speaking . We are civilized people . Don't dispute with such unqualified primary school students . " Ding Kai comforted .

Xiao Luo also patted Xiao-fei Zhu on the shoulder, they're only playing games, they don't really need to be angry . If he really want revenge, take revenge in the game, there is no need to be so furious in reality . Its not worth it, the only thing it does is let oneself very unhappy, nothing more .
{1} the names of the characters/heroes/legends are finally popping up
{2} this is probably Nar
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