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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:15:52 AM
Chapter 167
hapter 167: Dragon gang .

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At midnight, eleven o'clock .

A white Mazda slowly drove into Lishui Binjiang District . At this point in time, most residents have gone to bed, only a few night owls still have their lights on, and from time to time there is a sound of men and women laughing .

He Ruanliang drove the car and listened to the dynamic music in the car humming a ditty . He felt extremely happy . He did not find that his mobile phone had been stolen . Glancing at the ice poison lying on the co-pilot position, he could hardly hide the obscene smile on his chin .

"This thing is good!" He let out a sigh .

Since he took over the business of ice poison, he has never worried that there are no beautiful girls to control . The hospital will recruit a group of small nurses every once in a while, single, young, charming and tender . . . As long as these three requirements are met, she will become the target of hunting .

If the hidden rules of the Ming Dynasty are not applicable, then the dark ones should be used . As long as a little bit of material is secretly put into their drinking cups while the hospital is holding activities, so that they can unconsciously become addicted to drugs . In less than two months, they can become playthings in his hands . It is as simple as that . After all, no matter how strong a person's will is, it is absolutely impossible for him to resist the torture and suffering during the onset of drug addiction .

"Good spring scenery is not as good as a dream, in which the grass is fragrant . . . "

He Ruanliang swayed from side to side and couldn't help singing . He felt that this was a good day . He didn't have to go home to see the old and ugly woman with a yellow face .

The white Mazda slowly pulled into the underground parking garage . . .

As Jiangcheng's upscale community, Lishui riverside is inhabited by people with certain assets . At first glance, the underground parking garage was full of hundreds of thousands or even millions worth of luxury cars . He Ruanliang's white Mazda is not worthy of the name here .

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He Ruanliang parked the car, then remembered his mobile phone, looking for a long time he didn't find it on his body, so he got out of the car . He pursed out, more than half of the body into the car to find it, the inside and outside was turned over, but he didn't even see the shadow of his phone .

After careful consideration, he suddenly woke up . While wandering around the bar, a man hit him . He cursed the other party for not walking carefully . Now that he think about it, his mobile phone was stolen at that time .

"Sh*t! ! !”

His cheerful mood was destroyed at once . He Ruanliang scolded and kicked the tire of the car with a loud cry, and called out maliciously, "Don't let me meet you again, dog . Let me meet you . This boss will kill you!"

He closed the door and locked it by pressing the key .

"Snapping . . . snapping . . . "

At this moment, the lights of the underground parking garage went off one by one, and in less than one breath time, the huge underground parking garage fell into opaque darkness . Then, the emergency lights automatically turned on, reflecting pieces of light in the darkness .

However, darkness is still the mainstream here . The light of the emergency lights is like the eyes of sleepy people, which will go out at any time .

The whole underground parking garage, instantly became dark!

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"Gu Dong ~"

He Ruanliang swallowed a mouthful of saliva, he calmed down some of his mind, and angrily cursed, "The power supply system of the parking garage is out of order again . If I don't complain to the Housing Authority tomorrow, I won't be named He!"

He does not have the appearance of any hospital director now . He has taken off all his disguises, revealing the most real and ugly face .

"He Ruanliang!"

A call suddenly sounded in the silent underground parking garage, producing an echo . The cold voice had no emotion, as if it came from hell .


He Ruanliang's whole person was surprised, twisting his head towards the sound source .

He saw a figure wearing a gray sweater, black pants, white canvas shoes that slowly came out from the darkness, playing with a short knife on his right hand, the length of about 40 cm short knife in his hand casually turning out the knife flower, the knife body reflects the light of the emergency lights, and scattered reveal permeability of the zither .


The undisguised murder has flooded from the person .

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He Ruanliang felt the temperature of the underground parking garage dropped to freezing point in a flash, which made him shiver .

He looked frightened and shouted at the bearer, "You . . . who are you?" What are you going to do? "

Under the cover of the dark environment, he could not see the face of the person at all .

The figure dressed in a gray sweater did not answer him, but suddenly sped up the pace, such as a hungry wolf hunting, breaking through the dark, with a strong oppressive feeling and sharp murderous look quickly swept up toward him .

He Ruanliang was frightened to disgrace . Such fast speed and agile movements are like a ghost .

"Peng ~"

When he was three or four meters away, the figure in the gray sweater stepped on the ground with both feet fiercely . With the help of this huge force, his body rotated 360 degrees luxuriantly in the air, like a hurricane . And was approaching rapidly and fiercely . The short knife in his hand drew a fierce and unparalleled radian, just like the tusks of a beast on a prey, penetrating deeply into He Ruanliang's left shoulder .

"Poof ~"

Blood splashed, pain poured into his brain instantly, the strong recoil force let He Ruanliang fly out like a shell .

He Ruanliang lay on the ground, wailing in pain . He watched in horror as his assailant approached step by step . When he came near, his pupil shrank sharply and his face showed an incredible expression of horror: "Yes . . . it's you!"

Xiao Luo said nothing, staring at He Ruanliang coldly, his clean face is full of frost .

He squatted down, stretched out his hand to hold the handle, and slowly turned the knife tied to He Ruanliang clockwise half a circle, and then counterclockwise half a circle .

"Ah ~"

Pain intensified, He Ruanliang screamed with a shrill . He attempted resistance with his right hand but Xiao Luo's left hand seized it, and his left hand could not move . He can only desperately kick and struggle .

When Xiao Luo stopped to rest, he immediately seized the opportunity to beg for mercy: "Don't kill me, I . . . I can give you a very rich benefit, I can also bring a lot of business to your Luo Fang . . . "

He never thought that the boss of Luo Fang would be such a cold-blooded executioner . If he knew, he would have never touched Sun Yu if he was going to be killed .

Xiao Luo leaned over with a straight face and said in his ear: "I just want to cut you alive now!"

His voice is very light, but every word is full of strong danger .

He Ruanliang deeply felt a shiver from his soul . Cold sweat poured out all over his body and his face turned pale . Then he suddenly seemed to grasp a life-saving straw and forced himself to calm down . "I . . . I am a dragon gang . If you kill me, you will be pursued by our dragon gang . Jiang has no place for you . . . "

"Another dragon gang!"

Xiao Luo coldly laughed, like the devil sneering, permeability .

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