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Chapter 161
hapter 161: Declaration of Dominance .

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After the song was finished, the crowd could not recover from the beautiful sound of the piano for a while . Their souls seemed to fall asleep at the comfort of the song . The whole party was silent and a needle dropping could be heard .

Xiao Luo stood up, walked to the stunned host, took the microphone from the host's hand, and then facing Sun Yu, loudly said: "Sun Yu, from today on, you are my woman!"

What . . . what . . .

Sun Yu was shocked and stunned . She was almost suffocated with nervousness and trembling . Happiness came so suddenly that she was completely caught off guard .

Some people in the place were also shocked . Theybdon't know what kind of situation this is, and why there are two people confessing to a girl at the same time . Oh, no, this one is not a confession at all, but a direct announcement, not a discussion, not a confession, an announcement to everyone that Sun Yu is his woman .


"Lao Xiao this is too domineering, ha, ha, ha . . . "

Zhang Dashan couldn't help swearing . There were no flowers, no flowery words, only boldness . This was really shocking!

"His grandmother's, now this is my Xiao Ge, this boldness of vision that one can't match . " Feng Ge felt incomparable happiness .

"My brother is really too bossy, but I like it, hee hee . . . "

Xiao Ruyi laughed, then looked at Tang Ren next to her, she stretched out her hand, pulled his ear and smacked his lips . "Look at my brother's boldness, can you learn something?"

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Tang Ren cried out in pain: "Wife, it hurts, it hurts, let go, let go, or my ear will be torn off . "



"Son of a b*tch, Yu Yu is my woman . What are you doing here?" Fu Guisheng got angry from embarrassment, his face splitting toward Xiao Luo as he shouted .

"This man is not from our hospital . He has come to make trouble on purpose . "

"Yes, there is no such person in our hospital . "

"Dr . Fu's good confession was completely spoiled by him, so let's get him out of here . "

Fu Guisheng's friend raised his fist at the bottom and shouted loudly .

Not in our hospital?

At this time, He Ruanliang, the director with high authority in the hospital, echoed aloud: "This man is not really a colleague of our hospital . I don't know what purpose he is trying to destroy Dr . Fu's romantic confession, but it must be sinister . We must not be bought by him just because he plays a good tune . We must stand by our colleagues and support Dr . Fu . "

Obviously, this fat man without chin is on Fu Guisheng's side .

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They listened and nodded, dozens of temper blunt male doctors immediately stood up, pointing to the stage where Xiao Luo is and roared .

"Who the hell are you? What do you want to do at the party in our hospital, mixing food and drink? "

"Dr . Fu's good show and confession were all spoiled by you . Without an explanation, you yakuza cant walk out of here easily today . "

"Get out of here, that stage is not the place for a suspension spring like you!"

Xiao Luo suddenly became the target of public criticism, suffering from all the criticism .

Ignoring these voices, he took the microphone and looked directly at Sun Yu below with a slight smile: "Sun Yu, as long as you nod and promise, I'll take you away immediately!"

He doesn't care about anyone's opinion, even if the whole world opposes it . As long as Sun Yu nods, he will take her away .

"Yu Yu, promise my brother quickly!" Xiao Ruyi shouted eagerly .

Zhang Dashan, Feng Ge, Xiao Wu and Tang Ren also looked at Sun Yu anxiously, expecting her to nod to Xiao Luo quickly .

Sun Yu felt that she was now the happiest girl in the world . She met Xiao Luo for the first time . This was a few words and a handsome and cold man left an indelible impression on her heart . Later, they ate roasted sweet potatoes together and chatted about the fun of childhood . She found that she unconsciously fell in love with this man . Whenever she remembered the little things between them, she could not help laughing like a fool who ate honey .

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Even in dreams, she often dream of him, snuggling in his arms, holding his arm and stepping into the palace of the wedding banquet together .

Now, the man is reaching out to herself to be his woman .

How beautiful, how sweet, her whole person is like soaked in a honey pot, full of sweetness!

"I promise . . . "

Sun Yu's excitedly nod and replied, before she finished, a shrill voice sounded beside her .

"Xiao Sun, do you really want to do thus? Do you think he will be the man you can rely on all your life? " This sentence carries a hint of caution and a warning .

Sun Yu's mind jerked and turned away, only to meet He Ruanliang's serious face .

"Director He, I . . . "

Sun Yu became hesitant . He Ruanliang's words seemed to make her wake up from some sweet fantasy and struggle appeared on her delicate face .

At this moment, Jiang Yongchun stepped onto the stage and took Fu Guisheng's microphone without saying anything . Then he said to all the people present with a smile, "Don't make any random attacks and chase after girls . It is fair and just for everyone . Is it true that Dr . Fu did not allow others to do the same after he did? Obviously there is no such reason, all this is decided to go to the girl who was vindicated, who she wants, who is willing to go with, we who also have no right to interfere, this is her freedom, by the way . . . "

He walked up to Xiao Luo, "You don't know who he is yet, let me introduce him ceremoniously . He is the current boss of Luo Fang, Mr . Xiao . The reason why he is here today is that he is invited by me, not just what you said just now . "


He's . . . he's the boss of Luo Fang? !

Jiang Yongchun's words were tantamount to a shell exploding at the scene . Everyone was stunned and looked at the slender figure on the stage with disbelief .

If you want to say which company in the river has the loudest reputation now, it is undoubtedly Luof Fang, which has been suppressed by taste buds all the time . As a result, it suddenly rises suddenly and directly crushes taste buds into slag . It is said that Fang Changlei, the boss of taste buds, has not only been investigated by the Anti-Unfair Competition Bureau, but also several hotels under his name are involved in prostitution, all of which have been investigated and dealt with . People are already locked up in detention facilities, waiting for court hearings . I'm afraid they can't hide from prison for several years .

It is precisely because of the downfall of Fang Changlei that more and more people feel very curious about the boss of Luo Fang and wonder what kind of person it is . It can actually bring Luo Fang back to life and trip up the taste buds of powerful competitors at once .

Now, the mysterious boss, who makes people full of infinite curiosity, is standing on the stage!

He is so young, so courageous, and the music he plays is so beautiful . This, this . . .

No one said a word, all were startled in situ, Xiao Luo's image in their mind at this time is like a towering mountain tall and straight, insurmountable .

The dozens of angry male doctors looked embarrassed and sat down despondently .

Mixed food and drink? Beggars? Suspension spring?

Remembering the calls of Xiao Luo just now, their faces were boiling hot .

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