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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:16:00 AM
Chapter 160
hapter 160: Hearing Feast .

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A man came onto the stage with a bunch of red roses in his hand . Just when the crowd did not know why, Fu Guisheng took the bunch of roses, then knelt down on one knee and looked at Sun Yu sitting underneath with deep feeling .

"Yu Yu, the first time I saw you, I was deeply conquered by your beauty . From that moment on, I lost my soul . You took my soul away . I want to see you every day . I fantasize every day that we walk hand in hand in the sunset . I love you all my life till death do us part!"

The affectionate voice was spoken through the microphone and reverberated throughout the evening .

All of a sudden all reactions halted, it turned out to be a confession!

Many people became excited when they saw this . Some girls even screamed like anthomaniacs, wishing they were the object of Fu Guisheng's confession . The atmosphere at the scene became very lively .

Fu Guisheng struck the iron while it was hot and said with a smile: "Yu Yu, I like you, would you like to be my girlfriend, let me take care of you, and become the happiest woman in the world?"

Sun Yu froze, her face full of bewilderment . She never expected Fu Guisheng to make such a move .

At this time, Fu Guisheng's friend booed loudly .

"Promise him, promise him!"

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This cry was quickly echoed by other people . After all, it was a great event and romantic . There was no reason why they wont cooperate . At that time, Sun Yu was encouraged to promise Fu Guisheng to promise in her eardrums wave after wave .

"This thief, that grandson has come to this!"

Zhang Dashan was on fire, he knows this recruit is severe, many girls are defeated by this type offensive attack, thinking about it, when the people around you are shouting "promise him", and when the man spoke a long period of affectionate expression, no matter how strong the concentration of a girl, her psychological defense will be lax, and can't bear to refuse .

Xiao Ruyi hated Fu Guisheng till her teeth itched: "Shame on you!"

Feng Ge rose to his feet: "His grandmother's, this is clearly robbing my sister-in-law, Xiao Ge, where is Xiao Ge?"

By him, such a reminder, everyone returnd to their absolute being . The originally sitting of Xiao Luo is now empty, a few people looked at each other, they don't know where Xiao Luo went .

Sun Yu realized Xiao Luo left, her face turned pale gradually, looking at Fu Guisheng's amorous eyes, there are hundreds of hospital personnel surging cheers, she suddenly don't know how to deal with it .

Accept Fu Guisheng? This is absolutely impossible . She doesn't like Fu Guisheng . The person she likes is Xiao Luo .

However, it seems cruel to refuse directly, or to disappoint all the people present and embarrass them . Does she want to refute everyone's face?

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What should she do, what should she do?

Sun Yu was so anxious that she almost cried . Such a situation left her at a loss and her heart was in turmoil .

At this moment, a wonderful music played softly on the scene, melodious like a mountain spring water, spouting and stirring, occasionally stirring up waves mischievously, touching the rocks on the bank, saying hello, whispering, and then continuing to flow forward .

All the voices cheering for Fu Guisheng stopped slowly . They looked back at the stage and saw a fleeting figure sitting in front of the piano . The nimble fingers were playing on the black and white keys . The music wreathed in the large party scene flowed out slowly from the fingertip of the man's fingers .

The clear sound of the harp gurgling flows like a wrinkled person from a deep valley and a secluded mountain, through life, through the vicissitudes of time and into the deep heart of everyone .

"What kind of piano is this and why have I never heard of it?"

"It's wonderful . I feel my ears are going to be pregnant . "

"Don't talk, just listen quietly . "

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Some people who have studied music whispered .

Even ordinary people who do not understand the melody are infatuated with it . This piano piece seems to be the voice of the soul, which can make people calm down quickly .

Zhang Dashan and his entourage are now staring at the stage, especially Zhang Dashan . His mouth can fit a big duck egg and his face is shocked, because it is not others but his good brother Xiao Lou who is sitting in front of the piano playing the tune .

"I'm not dazzled, but I'm afraid, Lao Xiao can play the piano!" He murmured incredulously .

Xiao Ruyi also said dully, "When did my brother learn to play the piano?"

Tang Ren, Feng Ge and Xiao Wu recovered quickly and said excitedly, "Brother (Xiao Ge) is simply awesome!"

When Xiao Luo was discovered, sun Yu changed from initial bewilderment to surprise, then from surprise to joy and expectation . She looked at Xiao Luo with deep love .

Fu Guisheng smoked the meat on his face, he carefully arranged a confession, using the enthusiasm of hundreds of people in the audience, in order to make Sun Yu nod and agree, he even fantasized about tonight with Sun Yu rolling on the sheets in the soft big bed, just one step, just one step away .

But as a result, it was like a raging flood suddenly encountered a tall and straight mountain, which was abruptly stopped and castrated .

What he couldn't stand most was that Xiao Luo was still sitting in his position to play the piano as if nothing had happened . Anger broke out like a flash flood, but the next second he was shocked and did not run to push Xiao Luo away . As he had made some achievements on the piano, he naturally recognized the subtlety of this piece of music played by Xiao Luo .

Rhythm, speed, arrangement are so full, rhythm of the cut and beat is so appropriate, brake, weak, hinder, long and short sound . . . Everything is handled like a master .

This guy has such high attainments on the piano!

Fu Guisheng opened his eyes wide, he couldn't believe it, but the more he can't accept it .

He don't know whether Xiao Luo has acquired a talent for music before . Apart from singing, he is proficient in all kinds of musical instruments . Of course, piano is no exception .

He was sitting on the seat, graceful as a legend of 1900, his fingers playing nimbly . The sound flowing from his fingertips was like a butterfly spreading its wings to fly, flapping its nimble wings, and like the distant sky beyond the Great Wall, precipitating clear light .

Listening to this song, some people saw the rice fields in Chengcheng Huang, some remembered the fields they had run through in their childhood memory, and some also remembered the infinite scenery and beautiful scenery in their hometown .

How beautiful!

Such as beautiful scenery, such as fine wine, make people infatuated, deeply intoxicated in it, all the words, at this moment appeared pale, they can't aptly describe the beauty of this song .

At the end of the day, the tone of the tune rose abruptly, with ups and downs, magnificent waves and mountains and rivers, as if the whole world were resonating, like gunpowder rushing into the sky, which bloomed at the top with brilliant fireworks and lit up the dark night sky .

Absolute shock, its an absolute hearing feast!

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