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Chapter 16

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"F*ck you, what kind of bird are you? I'm in a higher position here . " The Blade master shouted insults .

On the other side, Catalina was also mocking coldly: "If I was the one shamelessly naming myself Luo Shen . I don't know how to bear my thick-skinned-ness . I'll be sure to change my name to Luo Gou after being abused by our great god . "

"Ha ha . . . dog, good name!" The policewoman and auxiliary Leona on the opposite road also sent messages to mock .

Xiao Fei-Zhu was angry for Xiao Luo, he typed back, "Stop talking bullsh*t and let's just see who is getting abused as a dog . "

On the other side, Channal, who had not spoken for a long time, suddenly replied, "You can try!"

Simple four words, showing contempt and strong confidence .

Xiao Fei-Zhu and Ding Kai are preparing to fight back . Xiao Luo's words stopped them: "It's useless to say more, let's just have fun!"

"Mmm . " Xiao-fei Zhu nodded .

Ding Kai turned his head and said: "The other side is really good . I just checked his record . In the last ten matches, he was MVP, so it must not be all acting . "

Xiao Luo smiled and didn't speak, but under his calm eyes are two fleeting cold lights .

"The whole army is attacking!"

In Heroes' Alliance, a woman's computer synthesized voice floated out, dignified, serious and stuffy . The siege soldiers of both sides began to form from the base and rushed to each other's base along the three roads like death squads . A match was officially kicked off .

"I am in the red, Chu Beauty, Bai Xeiwen, help me!" Ding Kai sent a signal of assistance on the map, signaling Chu Yue and Bai Xeiwen, who were going down the road, to help him fight .

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However, what had come was Chu Yue's cold response: Fight by yourself .

"Ha ha . . . I like Queen Yue's temper . "

"Queen Yue, you have become more beautiful again, my goddess . "

"As long as you don't give up, we will always be with you . "


The number of viewers in Chu Yue's studio is increasing exponentially . Many fans are frantically brushing gifts for her . In a few moments, there was a flow of 500 or 600 dollars .

"The popularity of our little Chu master is very high . I don't care . But when the money is made, you must buy me that floral skirt . " Bai Xeiwen said .

Chu Yue grumpily said, "Okay, okay, for the sake of your assistance, I'll reluctantly help you buy it . "

"What, still reluctant, you're reluctant . " Bai Xeiwen pouted .

"Oh please, you want 10,000 yuan for that floral skirt, I can barely buy it for you, ok?" Chu Yue took off her earphone and complained .

Bai Xeiwen smiled shyly, then changed the subject: "Oh, let's seriously play the game now, the other five are jumping just like that, you must give them a good lesson . "

Chu Yue agreed, wearing her headphones, she concentrated on controlling the hero to fill in with the soldiers .

“First Blood!”

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At this time, the game's female computer synthesized voice sounded, indicating that someone killed the first enemy . {1}

[TL: I'll interrupt you here! I'll change the terms immediately to MOBA terms . ]

Chu Yue saw that it was Xiao-fei Zhu, who played rune mage in the middle lane, he was the one who sent out the first blood . He immediately sent out a series of question marks .

Xiao-Fei Zhu grimaced and replied, "Sorry!"

"It looks like the middle lane is going to get pushed . If Catalina pushed, we will have a hard time . " Bai Xeiwen alerted .

"I have already prepared myself, this match depends on us pushing the bottom lane, the other lanes are not important as of now . " Chu Yue hummed .

"That's exactly what I said . "

Bai Xeiwen became serious, Chue Yue constantly harassed the enemy ADC and support .

The cooperation between the two women was naturally very tacit . In the long run, the policewoman and Leona across consumed half of their hp, especially the ADC, they have also expended their heal and flash and are now on cooldown .

Just as they were preparing to kill the policewoman, the female computer synthesized voice rang again: "Ally has been Slain!"

The one who was killed was still the same person, Xiao-Fei Zhu in the middle lane .

"Xiao-fei Zhu, what are you doing?" Chu Yue sent a direct message asking questions, with a tone of blame between the lines .

Fans in the studio also snapped .

"This ritz is a pig? He was already killed twice in three minutes . "

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"It's really a waste . Queen Yue should not bring this kind of waste next time . "

"True, this kind of crane tail is only suitable for low-end games . "

All the girls in the English Major also hurriedly scolded Xiao-Fei Zhu .

Xiao-fei Zhu is really embarrassed, weakly he explained to Ding Kai: "I could have killed Carter alone, with just a little bit of hp left in him . "

"A little hp has a difference between heaven and earth, Zhu . Hold on, if Carter gets fed, even if you have 10,000 hp, it won't be enough for him to spin for a few seconds . " Ding Kai warned .

"Well, I must have a wretched development this time!" Xiao-fei Zhu solemnly nodded, determined not to fight with Carter far his allied tower range .

At this time, the opposite Catalina sent a message with only two short words: Rubbish!

On the other hand, the blade master did not forget to hit him: "Mage, you are so rubbish, do your family know just how bad your are?"

"These two bastards!" Xiao-fei Zhu was gnashing his teeth in anger, he's going crazy .

"Ignore them . These guys are keyboard warriors . Just play hard . " Ding Kai said . {2}

Xiao-fei Zhu endured their assault and continued to play the game without saying a word .

"Enemy has been Slain!"

The female computer synthesized voice suddenly sounded, and a head portrait was displayed on the right . It was the Barbarian King who killed Lost Tooth .

Hey, Luo Ge is fairing good like this?

Xiao-fei Zhu and Ding Kai took a moment before they looked at Xiao Luo, their face full of shock . And more to their shock, Xiao Luo in that single kill his hp was still more than two hundred points . It seems that the other side is nothing but extraordinary and a master at acting . Ah, to be killed by Luo elder brother with a barbarian king, incredible .

Barbarian King relies on Q's three attributes of hp regeneration, replenishing hp and its talent in life steal . When the opponent's minions are in lane, it's hp will definitely return above the safety line, and he can continue to rely on that lane to level down the opponent .

"Brother Luo, be careful, the blade master is coming for you!" Ding Kai suddenly exclaimed aloud .

Sure enough, after blade master's detour, he was ready to kill the Bloody Barbarian King, and he also had a red Buff . Although it was a level 2 battling against a level 3, the blade master's probability of killing the Barbarian King was almost 100% without the protection of the minions on the Barbarian King's side .

Chu Yue also sent two harsh warning signals, motioning to Xiao Luo to hurry and return to the defense tower .

Xiao Luo smiled, pressed down the hp regeneration . While recovering his hp, he just pressed an E before quickly retreating into the defensive tower, which is a displacement skill that can quickly distance away .

"Silly, you already forced it, who cares about your E, f*ck!" The opposite blade master issued a sneer .

A Q alpha raid directly assaulted the front of the Barbarian King, Xiao Luo's hp has also dropped to no more than one hundred points . With the blade masters A, plus the red Buff's burning attribute, he can win with Xiao Luo's barbarian king .

At this time, Xiao Luo's Barbarian King swung its knife, full of anger, the knife took out a critical strike, the blade master's hp instantly fell to half .

After slashing with the knife, Xiao Luo immediately controlled the Barbarian King to retreat under the tower and pulled away the distance from the blade master . Because of insufficient distance, the blade master's A failed, so he had to keep pace with the Barbarian King and shortened the distance between the two .

The barbarian king took a rune for attack speed, plus its level was one level higher than that of the blade master . It's attack speed was naturally faster than that of the blade master . When the blade master shortened the distance and it was able to score an A immediately, the Barbarian King then turned and struck the blade master with a knife . It was still a critical strike . The blade master's blood volume fell in a flash, he was bleeding .

"My *ss!"

Seeing an aggressive wave of minions behind the defensive tower, the blade master made a decisive decision and flashed back . Otherwise, these minions could have killed him .

But just at the moment when he flashed, Xiao Luo's barbarian king also flashed to keep up with him at the same time . Then the broadsword fell relentlessly . The blade master uttered a desperate scream and died . The interface of the game also sounded solemn with a female computer synthesized voice saying: "Enemy has been Slain!"

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