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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:16:01 AM
Chapter 159
hapter 159: Witness .

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The graceful dancing is like swallows crouching in their nests, flying high in the sky like magpie birds in night, the beautiful dancing is graceful and soft, and the nimble flying body is as light as the wind . . .

Sun Yu won warm applause for their dance . When they finished, cheers and applause thundered .

"Elder brother, did Yu Yu jump well?" Xiao Ruyi directly asked Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo nodded: "Not bad!"

The smile on Xiao Ruyi's face blossomed as if he were praising her, because she knew very well that what Xiao Luo said was good is very very good .

"By the way, do you have a program?" Xiao Luo curiously asked .

"It was originally reported, but was removed . It was the most complicated thing to prepare the program . I don't want to throw my rest time on it . "

Xiao Ruyi curled her lips and said, "By the way, didn't I tell you before that single girls as good as Yu Yu has many admirers in the hospital . Just now Fu Guisheng was one of them, and he was also the one who chased her the hardest . He sends her flowers every three to five . "

Hearing this, Zhang Dashan slapped his thigh: "I told you, that grandson definitely has dishonest ideas about Sun Meimei . "

"Dare to rob Xiao Ge sister-in-law, I'll kill him!" Feng Ge drank a glass of wine, then turned to Fu Guisheng boldly .

"You aren't qualified to do so, just watch and don't do damage . " Zhang Dashan spurned with disdain .

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"Zhang Ge is right . No matter what the comparison is, he is a lot worse than Xiao Ge . "

Xiao Wu seized the opportunity to look for his sense of existence, and then gave advice to Xiao Luo enthusiastically . "In fact, chasing girls, don't do too many tricks . Sending flowers and diamonds like this in the city is all nonsense . My father told me that when men used to take a fancy to women in primitive society, they only needed a stick to stun and drag them back to love and love, and they didn't play games . "

A stick to stun and drag back?

Xiao Luo smiled, but did not speak .

Zhang Dashan laughed so hard that tears are coming out, yelling at Xiao Wu's talent .

At this time, Xiao Luo saw an acquaintance, Jiang Yongchun, the boss of Yingtong Plastic Factory .

The host of Jiang Yongchun was just the Director He .

"Ruyi, that person should be your hospital doctor or leader?" Xiao Luo asked, just not righteously can't say for sure with outsiders to not come in, as a result, the director, he seems to have violated the rules .

Looking down his eyes, Xiao Ruyi saw Jiang Yongchun and explained: "It was the boss of a plastic factory that provided plastic syringes for our hospital . He Ruanliang, a fat man with no chin, received a lot of kickbacks from him, so he was the ancestor . "

Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows, he thought originally is such, then he noticed Xiao Ruyi's call to her own director, no chin fat? Don't say, this description is quite appropriate .

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"What is your director doing? I just want to ask, why hasn't this beautiful Sun girl come out yet after dancing?" Zhang Dashan said in a careless way .

"Yu Yu needs to put on makeup and change clothes . It takes time . "

"My brother is not in a hurry . What's the rush with your big face? The emperor is not in a hurry . The eunuch is in a hurry . Cut it off!" Xiao Ruyi crooned with both hands .

" . . . " Zhang Dashan was speechless .



The Mid-Autumn Festival evening party was going on in one program after another . The content of the program was quite wonderful . Dancing, cross talk, sketches, singing, I have to say, it was really good .

Sun Yu, wearing her usual clothes, sat next to Xiao Luo under the impetus of Xiao Ruyi . Her loose light yellow bottoming shirt, tight dark blue jeans . A lively and youthful air were scattered all over her body . Her smile was so beautiful and moving .

"Xiao Luo, my uncle said something strange to me today . " Sun Yu took the initiative to talk about a topic .

Xiao Luo asked, "What strange words did he say?"

Taking advantage of the noisy music at the party, Sun Yu boldly said, "He said to me to hold on to you!"

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Finished saying that, her cheeks were red, like ripe red apples .

Xiao Luo looked at her, but she turned her head shyly and pretended to enjoy the program .

He smiled and said, "Be my girlfriend . "

Sun Yu was stunned on the spot, her mind was like noodles being stirred, it's like a little deer in wanton jumping around, jumping and making her nervous, it's suffocating, but she's vindicated, Xiao Luo said what?

Her small mouth slightly opened, her beautiful eyes wide open, her cheeks flushed .

Xiao Luo took a deep breath and replied, "Sun Yu, be my . . . "

Before he finished speaking, the stage host's voice, almost shrill with excitement through the microphone, suddenly covered up his voice .

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"Ladies and gentlemen, the most anticipated and eye-catching finale is about to begin . It is" Be Your Man "sung by Dr . Fu, the youngest and most handsome brain specialist in our hospital . Our doctor Fu is versatile and not only is the pillar of our hospital, but also he has taught himself piano .

Having passed the 7th grade of the musicians' association piano examination, he is extremely talented in music . Let's welcome Fu Guisheng, the male god of all nurses in our hospital, with warm applause! "

Thunderous applause reverberated in the large scene, and there were many girls shouting "Doctor Fu" loudly . The scene was very lively .

Under the much-anticipated attention, Fu Guisheng came out of the backstage with a microphone while a piano was slowly pushed out by the hotel staff .

"Huhhhhh, can this grandson play the piano?"

With a full face of disdain, Zhang Dashan turned to look at Feng Ge and said, "Do you believe it?"

Feng Ge shook his head: "I believe he doesn't know sh*t!"

Zhang Dashanthen looked at Xiao Wu: "Do you believe it?"

"If he can play, then kill me . " Xiao Wu made a determined effort .

Xiao Luo said flatly: "Didn't you notice his hands just now? His fingernails are short and won't exceed the flesh of his fingertip . His fingertip is round and his palm is wide . This is a typical piano player . With his confidence, he will definitely play the piano, but it is not clear whether he passed the Grade 7 examination . "

This words made Xiao Wu got a fright, if that Fu Guisheng really can play, then he'd be dead!

Xiao Ruyi smiled: "My brother observed carefully, unlike you louts . To tell you the truth, Fu Guisheng does have two skills . His singing is a bit like that of Zhang Xinzhe . He is soft and pleasant to listen to, and his piano is also very good . Last year's Mid-Autumn Festival party, his Chopin nocturne piece moved everyone . "

"Peng ~"

Xiao Wu's forehead heavily clap on the table .

At this moment, Fu Guisheng, who was standing on the stage, smiled affectionately: "Before starting my singing, I would like to say a few words to a girl . Please bear witness for me . "


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