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Chapter 158
hapter 158: Worry for you .

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"Miss Sun, your dancing clothes are really quite good . They show your waists . By the way, what is the name of the beautiful woman next to you? Let's introduce her to all of us . Except Lao Xiao, we are still single . " Zhang Dashan wiped the drink off his face with a paper towel and once again assumed the role of an active atmosphere .

"I'll do it myself . "

The girl volunteered to introduce herself, "My name is Hu Shuirong and I work in the hospital with Yu Yu . "

Although her appearance is not as good as Sun Yu's, she is also sweet and has a good figure .

"Water Lotus, a good name . My name is Zhang Dashan . Nice to have met Sister Shuirong . " Zhang Dashan stood up and held out his hand to Hu Shuirong .

Hu Shuirong shook hands with him generously and greeted him with a smile: "Hello, Shan Ge!"

This "Shan Ge" satisfied Zhang Dashan's vanity severely . He glanced at Xiao Ruyi intentionally or unintentionally and said: "Look, look, how polite and meaningful it is . Unlike some people, thag always gives others ugly nicknames . "

Hearing this sentence, Xiao Luo and Sun Yu both laughed .

Xiao Ruyi rose up in anger and threw a chopstick at Zhang Dashan: "Big face, you want to be beaten again, don't you, who are you insinuating here?"

"Oh, my old sister, I didn't specifically mention who I was talking about . Why do you have to put yourself in every time? Do you know if you are like this, I am also very helpless!" Zhang Dashan waved his hand, sighing .

"You . . . "

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Xiao Ruyi stamped hee foot in anger . She could not speak of Zhang Dashan at all and had to turn to her brother . "Brother, look at him, he is bullying your sister again . "

Xiao Luo smiled and looked at Tang Ren: "You should find Tang Ren at this time!"

Hearing that he was named, Tang Ren put down the gnawed hairy crab, raised his head and asked with a puzzled face, "Elder brother, what's the matter, what's the matter?"

The wooden and innocent look made all the people at the table laugh .

Xiao Ruyi tooted her mouth and sighed: "You see, he simply cannot be counted on . " Then she glared at Tang Ren, hating the iron but not the steel . "Go on eating your hairy crabs . Don't talk if you're okay . "

"Oh, good wife!"

Tang Ren replied, then went on eating hairy crabs .

"Sloping ~"

Sun Yu was amused by Tang Ren's appearance and chuckled aloud . when she found Xiao Luo looking at her, she explained, "Tang Ge is very goofy . "

Xiao Luo glanced at Tang Ren, nodded and said with deep approval: "He is indeed, a bit . "

Finished saying that, found Sun Yu with a pair of bright big eyes fixed on looking at himself, without a doubt .

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"Xiao Luo, you have something on your face . Don't move . I'll take it off for you . " Sun Yu approached slowly, her soft hand reaching toward his face .

Xiao Luo did not move . His nose smelled a faint fragrance coming from Sun Yu's fingers, making him feel relaxed and happy . He looked at Sun Yu quietly . The girl's expression was very focused and her breath was like orchid .

At this time, the others subconsciously quieted down and looked at Xiao Luo and Sun Yu with a smile, as if they were watching a romantic movie . Their eyes were full of expectation .

"Hair silk?" Xiao Luo looked at Sun Yu's fingers holding filaments .

"Well, yes, it seems to be a girl's . " Sun Yu chuckled .

"Such short hair is definitely not a woman's hair, sister-in-law, you are definitely mistaken . " Xiao Wu spoke for Xiao Luo and explained .

Zhang Dashan, Xiao Ruyi and Hu Shuirong all glared at him with anger in their eyes .

"Gu Dong ~"

Xiao Wu swallowed hard and looked anxiously at Feng Ge . "Brother Feng, did I . . . did I say something wrong?"

Feng Ge slapped him hard on the back of the head and taught him: "Of course you are wrong about his grandmother . Xiao Ge and sister-in-law are having a love affair . What kind of words do you insert?! Does your boy have hard wings and want to fly, and can't stop your mouth while eating?"

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Xiao Wu want to cry without tears . . .

Sun Yu's face turned red again, but the time was almost up . The party was about to begin . As the first program of the party, she had to go backstage to prepare . Just like when she was at the gate of the hotel, she took Hu Shuirong and fled .

"Wait a minute, I haven't got my bag!"

Hu Shuirong turned back again to pick up her bag and said to Xiao Luo before leaving, "Yu Yu is a good girl . If you love her, take her away, because nurses are not a good job and often stay up late . Even the youngest girl can easily become old and yellow . "

Finished saying that, she left a smile to everyone, turned and left .

"Sister Shuirong's remarks are indeed reasonable . The position of nurse sounds very high, but only they can understand the hardships . Am I right, Sister Luomei?" Zhang Dashan then said .

"Yes, you are absolutely right . Since you came in, this sentence is the most correct . "

Xiao Ruyi raised her glass and said, "Come on, big face and drink to you for saying such a right thing . "

"Motherf*cker, even drinking has to satirize me!"

Zhang Dashan stood up, touched a cup with Xiao Ruyi, then looked up and gulped it down .

"Well, eat the food, or my husband Tang Ren will finish it . " Xiao Ruyi reminded everyone .

Zhang Dashan turned a blind eye: "How much can Tang Ren eat? Come on, Feng bro, let her see your appetite and frighten her to death!"

"Poof ~"

Hearing the words "scared the shit out of her", Xiao Ruyi laughed and threw up the drink . Fortunately, she immediately turned around and threw up the drink she hadn't swallowed . Otherwise, they couldn't eat the food on this table anymore .

Not long after, the party began .

Sun Yu, Hu Shuirong, and four other girls walked backstage to the center of the stage and danced to the soft music .

Xiao Luo did not pay attention to other people . His attention was on Sun Yu . Sun Yu danced like a beautiful butterfly, twisting like a graceful willow twig and dancing with her sleeves . It seemed that countless petals fluttered down from the sky, making people intoxicated with her beauty .

"Burst . . . burst . . . "

Xiao Luo could almost hear the sound of his heart beating faster, and could also feel the blood flowing faster in his body . Sun Yu, who danced on the stage, let him see some delusion .

"Old Xiao, look how enchanted you are, yet you're still waiting for sh*t, hurry and light the lamp alreadt, hey hey . . . " Zhang Dashan said .

Xiao Luo gave him a look and said grumpily, "Do you want to get taught?"

"Oh come on, I just worry for you!" Zhang Dashan said .

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