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Chapter 157

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"Luo Mei, sorry . . . who . . . ah, you Motherf*cker!"

Zhang Dashan shouted loudly, Fu Guisheng poured beer on his face . Although Xiao Luo took revenge for him, his anger still flared up . Like Xiao Luo, he also dared to challenge him even if he were the Jade Emperor .

The middle-aged man's face suddenly became livid .

Xiao Ruyi gasped and glared at Zhang Dashan bitterly . "He is the director of our department . Can you stop cussing big face?"

Xiao Luo made a look at Zhang Dashan, meaning not to be so bold and embarrass his sister .

Seeing Zhang Dashan stop, Xiao Ruyi continued to smile at the middle-aged man and said, "Director, can you bend the rules, please?"

She was exercising a woman's special skill-pettish .

The middle-aged man seemed unyielding . He said with a straight face, "No, this is a hospital party . If everyone started to bring their relatives and friends like you, wouldn't it be a mess? Ruyi, you are also a veteran in the hospital, you have to take the lead and set an example for everyone . Rules are rules . "

"Oh, director, it's not a big deal . You just have to turn a blind eye . " Xiao Ruyi insisted .

"It's no use saying anything further, please ask them to leave!" The middle-aged man shouted .

Fu Guisheng, who was nearby, also started adding oil in the fire: "Director He is right . This is the Mid-Autumn Festival party in our hospital for our staff, not for some random cats and dogs . "

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"Motherf*cker, you wanna die?"

Upon hearing this, Feng Ge stood up violently, reaching for his collar and almost lifting him from his feet . The bulging abs from the suit of Feng Ge frightened Fu Guisheng, the complexions of the middle-aged man and several people around changed .

"You . . . what are you doing? Let go, let go! " Fu Guisheng paled in panic, because he found that Feng Ge grabbed his collar like a bull, he struggled hard but he did not budge .

"What can you do if I don't let go? Do you want me to teach you how to speak?" Feng Ge lifted his palm like a cattail leaf fan, threatening ferociously .

"You . . . "

Fu Guisheng was both angry and surprised . In the face of such a strong force, he did not dare to test him .

"Xiao Ruyi, look at what people you are bringing with you, ruffians, security, security . . . " The Middle-aged man was disappointed in Xiao Ruyi, and then he shouted for the hotel security, ready to forcibly drive away Xiao Luo's group .

"Director, please don't call for security, oh why, ah, this is . . . " Xiao Ruyi was stomping her feet .

"Elder sister Ruyi, what is going on?"

At this time, Sun Yu, who was done with her makeup backstage and was wearing a dancing dress, arrived . There was also a woman who was wearing the same dancing dress and it was obvious they had to perform on the same stage later .

"Let go of this grandson!"

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Zhang Dashan hurriedly called Feng Ge to let go of Fu Guisheng . They now represent the image of Xiao Luo . Attention must be paid to everything in word and deed . Xiao Luo cannot lose points in Sun Yu's heart .

Feng Ge nodded, followed suit, and then sat back in his place . Before he sat back in his place, he threw Fu Guisheng one more threatening look, meaning he dare to swear again and kill him!

"Xiao Sun, the first program is yours . Are you not preparing backstage . what are you doing out here?" The middle-aged man asked curiously .

Then Fu Guisheng adjusted his collar and smiled with what he thought was the most sincere smile: "Yu Yu, you look really good in this dress!"

Sun Yu ignored him, skipped over Fu Guisheng, looked at Xiao Luo, and then said to the middle-aged man, "Director He, they are mine and Ruyi's friends . We know it does not fit with regulations to invite them, but I hope Director He can be generous . "

Hearing this, the facial expressions of the middle-aged man and Fu Guisheng have undergone subtle changes .

Before the middle-aged man could answer, Fu Guisheng laughed: "Ha ha . . . Yu Yu, you said earlier that they're your and Ruyi's friends . How can they be freeloaders who just came to eat and drink and look for trouble . So . . . " He smiled and said to the middle-aged man, "Director He, it must be a misunderstanding . Since Yu Yu said they're her friends, why not let them stay?"

The middle-aged man looked at Fu Guisheng speechless and thought to himself: You are the one who told me drive them away, and now you want to keep them . Do you even have a conviction?

"Huh . . Ahem!"

Dry coughing a few times, he took the majesty of the director, "Since you said so, then they can stay, Ruyi, Xiao Sun, since they are your friends, you will take care of them on behalf of the hospital!"

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"Thank you, Director!"

Xiao Ruyi squinted, smiled and bowed to thank .

The middle-aged man patted Sun Yu on the shoulder and turned to leave .

Fu Guisheng did not go, but his line of sight has always been on Sun Yu, with a silly smile on his face .

"Lao Xiao, judging from my seven or eight years of experience in picking up hot chicks, I can say that this grandson definitely has bad ideas about Sun Mei-ren . " Zhang Dashan whispered in Xiao Luo's ear .

Xiao Luo didn't reply to him, but in his mind, he was feeling a little uncomfortable .

Fu Guisheng viewed Sun Yu very differently . As long as he is not blind, he can see that Fu Guisheng likes Sun Yu . Otherwise, his attitude towards them will not change so fast .

"Ahem . . . Dr . Fu, should'nt you go back to your own table?"

Xiao Ruyi said with some disgust, Sun Yu is her sister whom she introduced to his brother, and has already been regarded as her future sister-in-law, this Fu Guisheng was unblinkingly staring at Sun Yu, she felt uncomfortable in her heart .

"Yu Yu, sit next to my brother!" Pulling Sun Yu to sit beside Xiao Luo .

Fu Guisheng found a clue, but there is no reason to continue to stay here, step by step returning to his position . But then, he was surprised to find that his favorite girl had just poured a man with wine and showed a smile like snow White, blooming with spring flowers .

The situation is wrong!

At this moment, he instantly understood, that this guy is his rival in love!

At this moment, he regretted so much that his intestines turned green, he actually pleaded for his rival in love!

At this moment, his teeth itched with hatred, and his hands tightly holding his fist, because Sun Yu looks like a qualified girlfriend in front of that guy, she's even looking at that guy's with eyes full of affection, making him feel envy and hate .


Fu Guisheng scolded, his face was grim as he sat back in his position .

"Brother Fu, it seems that you have a competitor . "

"Don't panic, wait for your chance to show yourself on the stage, then tell her how you feel it is better to start first . "

"Yes, yes, we will go along with it and let the whole audience shout' choose him' . Sun Yu will definitely fall for you, and then you can take her back to roll the sheets tonight . "

The men at the same table suggested one after another .

Fu Guisheng thought for a moment, then felt that what these people said was reasonable, he gulped down the wine in the glass in front of him, and then nodded heavily: "Yes, let's do as you say!"

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