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Chapter 156

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It was a man who looked polite, dressed in a suit and a watch, with rather literary fluffy and curly hair with a long white face, giving a high-grade impression .

At the moment, the man's face was full of anger, his eyes were round and fierce like an angry wild horse . The object of his anger was none other than Zhang Dashan .

"Broken Zhang Ge, his name is Fu Guisheng, he is a very young doctor in our hospital and also the nephew of the lawyer, Fu Heyu!" Tang Ren exclaimed .


Zhang Dashan face immediately turned into a bitter melon, and then complained: "Lao Biao, why didn't you say earlier that there was Fu Heyu's nephew, I wouldn't have said this . "

Tang Ren explained with some grievance: "I was about to say but . . . alas . . . "

He now devotes himself to preparing for the doctor's certificate, and he doesn't listen to what is going on outside the window . The only reason why he knows Fu Heyu is because of this Fu Guisheng . He wanted to take part in the work soon, after he graduated from the university . He is still an intern . He once laid hands on Fu Guisheng for a while . Of course, he has heard about Fu Heyu .

He was really ready to tell Zhang Dashan, but before he could, he didn't expect Fu Guisheng sitting not far away, and just heard Zhang Dashan's words .

Xiao Luo also felt speechless, he gave Zhang Dashan a white look and scolded, "Can you keep a low profile in the future?"

"I didn't take the microphone to the stage and speak out loud about my glorious history in court . It was low-key enough . " Zhang Dashan sighed .

While speaking, the young doctor named Fu Guisheng and his table of seven or eight people have gathered around Zhang Dashan, staring at him .

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"What did you just say? Say it again if you have the guts?"

Fu Guisheng combative mode, looked at Zhang Dashan, gnashing his teeth .

Although Tang Ren still looks like a child, he has been out of the society for more than a year but still understands how to conduct himself . He immediately stood up and greeted him with an apologetic smile: "Fu Ge, don't take it to heart . He just drank some wine and said nonsense . "

"Yes, yes, Dr . Fu just ignore him . His character is just like that . He likes to spout some random BS . "

Xiao Ruyi and Tang Ren, stood up and said with a smile, then made eyes at Zhang Dashan and motioned for him to apologize .

Although Zhang Dashan is ruthless, he is not unreasonable . Fu Guisheng is Fu Heyu's close nephew . He will take it to heart if others speak ill of his old uncle, he can't stand it . What's more, this is the Mid-Autumn Festival party in the hospital of Xiao Ruyi . One thing is more than one thing .

He poured a glass of wine, stood up with it, turned to Fu Guisheng and said, "Brother, it's my fault . I shouldn't have talk nonsense . This glass of wine should be regarded as an apology to you . "

After saying this, he looked up and gulped down the wine in his cup .

Fu Guisheng has clearly recognized that this person in front of him is the rotten person who embarrassed his uncle in the court trial on that day and personally destroyed his uncle's future . He might just forget it if it were someone else, but it happened to be Zhang Dashan . So how could he stop there?

In a cold way: "Is that so huh!"

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As soon as this remark was made, Feng Ge that was eating and the eyes of Xiao Wu became cold .

Xiao Luo also took note of the situation . He glanced at the young doctor, Zhang Dashan has apologized, if the other party want to push their luck, he cannot promise not to do anything . Of course, on the surface, he did not show it . He just continued to eat food as if nothing has happend .

"Fu Ge, forget it, he is my friend, don't . . . " Tang Ren tried to find dissolve the matter .

"Tang Ren, this matter has nothing to do with you, stand aside!"

Before Tang Ren could finish, Fu Guisheng pushed Tang Ren aside . Tang Ren was weak and fell to the ground .

"Fu Guisheng, watch your actions . What are you doing?"

Xiao Ruyi blamed Fu Guisheng and went over to help her man Tang Ren .

Fu Guisheng ignored her and re-filled the glass of wine and brought it to Zhang Dashan . He said with a commanding voice: "Drink it!"

"Hey . . . what's with your attitude?"

Feng Ge threw the chopsticks . Standing up, glaring at Fu Guisheng, Zhang Dashan was his benefactor . In those days of injury, he could only rely on Zhang Dashan . He could not see anyone else picking his nose on Zhang Dashan .

There was a slight suffocation on his body . From this stand, the seven or eight people around Fu Guisheng all tensed up .

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Da Shan, raised his hand, motioned him to sit down and smiling, looking at Fu Guisheng, he said: " OK, I'll drink it anyway, this is our table, sooner or later it will enter my belly"

He may not like being scolded, but he do not want to make things big, destroying the atmosphere where Xiao Luo and Sun Yu are close to each other .

But when he reached for the glass of wine, Fu Guisheng suddenly poured the wine directly on his face .

"Now I forgive you!"

Fu Guisheng was satisfied with a cold smile, he then turned around and returned to his seat .


A faint voice sounded .

Fu Guisheng sneered and stopped to turn around . As soon as he turned around, he was greeted by a large bowl full of wine . and a small amount of wine was also poured into his nose . It's like having two bugs in his nose, it’s very uncomfortable .

Looking at it, it was not the person who insulted his uncle, but the person who just sat quietly in the position to eat .

A clean face, with thick sword brows, sculptural facial features . . . it was Xiao Luo!

Xiao Luo looked at him indifferently: "Sorry, my mistke, I thought it was a trash bin . "


Fu Gui was furious and took a swipe at the flesh on his face . This was clearly an insult to him .

"You bastard . . . "

"Guisheng, what are you doing?"

Just when Fu Guisheng was about to go berserk, a middle-aged man came up with a glass of wine . His hair was slicked, his belly was engaging, his face was round, his chin was almost nonexistent, but his body was full of leadership .

Seeing the middle-aged man, Fu Guisheng's fierce face immediately changed into a smile: "Director He, it's nothing, it's just . . . " His eyes glanced at Xiao Luo and then whether intentionally or unintentionally, he said in a gloomy way . "It seems that some irrelevant people came to the our hospital party . Do you think it's time to shoo them out?"

He naturally didn't wanted to tell the whole story, otherwise there would be another person who would know about his uncle's scandal, and he was also the leader of their hospital .

"Oh? Who are those irrelevent people? " The line of sight of the middle-aged man fell on Xiao Luo .

Xiao Ruyi hurriedly smiled and rounded up the situation: "Director, they are all my friends . Anyway, our hospital party was not full, so I asked them to come and join the fun . "

"Ruyi, the party is only for hospital staff, don't you know?" The middle-aged man said in an official–accent .

Xiao Ruyi continued to explain: "Director, he is my brother, they are not . . . "

The middle-aged man waved his hand and interrupted: "Not even your brother, this is against the regulations . You'd better ask them to leave . "

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