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Chapter 140

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"We have absolutely no fear or intimidation to threaten anyone, let alone to produce false evidence . The court is impartial and strict . Everyone in Luo Fang is a good citizen who knows the law and abides by the law . There is no H social background . Everyone must calm down and wait quietly for the court's judgment . I believe that there is a public opinion on the merits!"

Xu Guansong was responding to the reporters at the gate with a high-pitched official voice, shouting red-faced and spitting . However, his voice seemed very small when asked by 50 or 60 reporters, just like it would disappear in the noisy sea at any time .

"According to you Xu Fuzong meaning, we build cypress and slander you Luo Fang? Us little reporters, dare slander you such a big company?"

"Xu Fuzong, your carelessness is really first-class . You aren't the boss of Luo Fang . Let your boss come out quickly . He must give us an explanation to the masses . "

"That's right . As a reporter, I am busy every day and earn hard money . Didn't I just report the poisoning of your bread in Luo Fang, and I was threatened and even sued by you . How can you convince people and the general public of the quality of your food when you don't change your mistakes and just try to win back your reputation by cheating?"

One harsh question after another was thrown out again . These reporters came with an angry mood . They did not come to interview, but rather came to singling out the culprits under the banner of the masses of the people .

"As I said, there is a public opinion on the merits of the case . The court will give us dá n . You may as well disperse . Don't block the door of our company and affect the normal production of our company . "

Xu Guansong said he was thirsty and lost . He went back to the office building to drink water and rest .

After drinking water and recovering some strength, he headed straight to Xiao Luo's office, shaking his head and sighing, "The reporters outside won't let it go until they see you . It's all because I didn't convince you at the beginning, alas . . . "

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Xiao Luo looked up at him and said, "Why shouldn't vice president Xu ignore them? Wouldn't it be nice to assume that they are a group of flies . "

"But they have been stuck at the gate, and our vehicles transporting goods and products can't get in and out normally . It's not a way to go on like this, sooner or later it will affect the normal operation of our company . " Xu Guansong said .

"Do you have any good constructive suggestions?"

"I think you'd better go out and meet them, mainly to appease them, and not to have any verbal conflicts with them . Even most of these reporters are deliberately picking on Chen Jianbai's instructions, and the verbal conflicts will be magnified by them, and then they will make a big fuss . Then sometime they will write some extremely bad news to smear our Luo Fang . "

"I'll think about it, you go first . "

"This time I really hope you can listen to my opinion, I watched Luo Fang grow up step by step, I will never let anything harm Luo Fang further, everything . . . "

"Well, I know!" Xiao Luo interrupted with a wave of his hand .

Xu Guansong finally swallowed the words back into his stomach and nodded back out .

After he withdrew, Zhang Dashan sent another video call .

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"Lao Xiao, these sons of b*tches are too f*cking arrogant . Nré n!" Zhang Dashan shouted loudly .

On the call, Xiao Luo could clearly hear what the reporters were shouting about .

"The head of Luo Fang, get out of here, don't be a little p*ss-head!"

"Do you dare not come out to accept our interview if you dare to fear or threaten our reporters?"

"Society H, the Black Company, your Luo Fang is a black-hearted factory . Your bread poisoned people and you still don't want to say anything, do you think you can hide the sky?"

Listening to their clamor, Xiao Luo's eyes grew colder and colder . Although he is a businessman now, he is a vicious beast in his bones . This humiliation of this group of reporters is absolutely intolerable to him .

"Dashan, notify the security department and arrange for these reporters to enter the auditorium . "

"Do you really want to be interviewed by them?" Zhang Dashan was surprised .

"If they really come to interview, I will definitely promise, but they obviously are not . "

Xiao Luo smiled gently, "Remember, after putting them into the auditorium, don't worry about anything and don't ask anything, just let them wait . "

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"What are you . . . what are you doing?"

Zhang Dashan couldn't help but swallow saliva, even if he and Xiao Luo are brothers, he now feel Xiao Luo's eyes hiding abnormal danger .

"Nothing, you and the security department will do it now!"

Xiao Luo smiled, "Tell Feng Ge's group too . . . "

One by one, the arrangement was conveyed to Zhang Dashan . Zhang Dashan's frowning at the start, then his brow slowly loosened, and in the end it turned into excitement .

"M*therf*cker, you just do it like this . It'll make those grandchildren get goose bumps when they hear about Luo Fang after this . "

Zhang Dashan hung up the phone and shouted at the Feng Ge's Group, "Old timers, it's time to work!"

"It was Xiao Ge, right? This father had long been upset with them . Rest assured, if it is our security department, I could shit them out . " Feng Ge rolled up his sleeves, ready to rock the boat, showing an excited expression on his face .

"Oh please, we are civilized people, and we are not interested in knives and guns . "

Zhang Dashan deliberately reprimanded with a straight face . When the group got confused, he took the megaphone from the minister of security and cleared his throat to shout at the agitated reporters outside . "You rubbish … Oh no, you reporters, who represent the masses of the people and work hard, I have good news to tell you . Our boss has promised to meet you . Come, please come with us to the auditorium, sit in a comfortable seat and wait for our boss with the air conditioner blowing!"

This shout got almost a slip of the tongue, because he almost shouted out the truth, but in a timely manner he stopped the car, the garbage word was abruptly swallowed back .

The security guard guarding the gate was motioned to press * *, and the automatic door slowly opened . As for the iron gate next to it, it was for emergency use and there was no need to open it for these reporters .

"That's about it . We'll wait for him in the auditorium . let him come quickly . "

"Don't tease us, or we will definitely expose it . You can see it in Luo Fang's fall . "

"It seems that you Luo Fang are quite up to date . "

A group of reporters came in triumphantly, holding their heads high, walking sideways like a group of crabs, not afraid of everything .

Zhang Dashan smiled and said, "Please inside, please inside!"

When they all came in, they made a look at the security guard, who closed the door .

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