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Chapter 14

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Xiao Luo followed Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai to the English major boys' dormitory .

These two guys are both talkative and seldom quiet along the way, just like two bees buzzing in Xiao Luo's ear . They were also very curious about Xiao Luo's past . When they learned that Xiao Luo had joined the army for two years and would continue to come to Hua Ye to finish college after retiring, they immediately changed his name to Luo Ge .

They originally thought that Xiao Luo was about their age, but now it seems that Xiao Luo is much older than them, so it is not appropriate to call him "Xiao Luo brother" .

About ten minutes later, the three came to the seventh floor of the seventh dormitory .

"Luo Ge, here it is!"

Xiao-fei Zhu put down the suitcase and took out the key from his trouser pocket to open the green iron gate in front of him .

Xiao Luo secretly admired this guy's physical strength, carrying his more than 40 kg luggage while walking such a long way . They also climbed to the seventh floor, he didn't even breathe heavily, it's like he's not fat at all .

When he came to this student dormitory, he smelled the peculiar smell that only exists in the dormitory, and a long-lost feeling welled up in his heart . Who would have thought that he had worked for three years after graduation and returned to the university as a result . This feeling deeply touched Xiao Luo's heart .

Opening the door and walking into the bedroom, two iron frame beds came into view, followed by a row of bookcases, wardrobes, computer desks as one of the desks, like most boys bedroom, Xiao-fei Zhu and Ding Kai's bedroom is also very messy, the clothes and socks are casually put everywhere, they didn't fold the quilt, it's a complete mess and the smell of the whole room is pungent .

Xiao-Fei Zhu scratched the back of his head awkwardly: "The dormitory is a bit messy, we should take care of it!"

"Don't mind . " Xiao Luo laughed .

When he was in college, Zhang Dashan was a slovenly king . He made his dormitory stink and malodorous every day . He couldn't stand the habit from the beginning to the back . After four years, how could he care about this short period of three months?

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Ding Kai tidied up one bed and said enthusiastically, "Brother Luo, you can sleep in this bed . There is a suitcase on the upper bed, which has accumulated a lot of dust and cannot be cleaned up at once . "

"You two live in this dormitory?" Xiao Luo curiously asked .

"Yes, the standard dormitory was originally for four people, but there were only two men in the class . One dormitory was dissatisfied and other majors didn't want to mix and match with us, so only the two of us lived together . " Ding Kai waved his hand helplessly .

I see!

Xiao Luo nodded, he opened the suitcase and began to make his bed .

He packed up his personal belongings, and Xiao-Fei Zhu and Ding Kai naturally did not pack up together . When they turned on the computer, they were ready to play games .

"Brother Luo, do you play Lu Lu?" Xiao-fei Zhu turned around and asked expectantly .

Xiao Luo tidied up his clothes and answered with a smile, "A little!"

During college, Zhang Dashan was a loyal player of this game . He was brought into the pit, and he played less after graduation .

"Do you want to take a break?" Ding Kai excitedly said .

"You can play . I'll sort things out first . " Xiao Luo smiled and refused . He is really not interested in playing this game .

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Ding Kai raised his eyebrows: "Oh, all right!"

The two immediately formed a group and lined up in a double row . Taking advantage of the queuing time, Xiao-Fei Zhu entered the English major group and took a look . At this moment, he exclaimed: "Oh, my god, the queen Chu of the university has started the live broadcast again . She is inviting everyone to open the live broadcast website to watch!"

Ding Kai cried out like a chicken: "Tell her to take us!"

"Yes, we must . "

Xiao-fei Zhu quickly replied in the group: "Chu Beauty, please take my points!"

Ding Kai did not wait to die, but also answered in the crowd: "We have to get on the bus, please take it, we can give you a gift . "

He also added a "delicate and touching" expression at the end .

This time around, they were attacked by other English major girls .

"Two crates of goods, the last time the princess Chu Yue pit so miserably, and you still dare to beg, shameless . "

"Xiao-fei Zhu, Ding Kai, you team up to pit with others, only the best row are allowed, plus you'll only end up receiving crazy abuse, hee hee . . . "

"Ha ha . . . don't do that, they are the national treasure of our class no matter how they say it . It's not good to hit people so hard!"

"What are you afraid of? With handsome Xiao, they can come down from being the national treasure . "

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Looking at the full screen of attacks, Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai wanted to cry, thinking: Why are we so unpopular?

Xiao Luo has already put things in order at this time, and heard the words "the queen Chu", he guessed it was Chu Yue . His mission here is to protect Chu Yue . On what is related to Chu Yue, he is naturally very attentive to it .

Then he asked: "Xiao Fei, did you just refer to Chu Yue as the queen Chu of the university?"

"Yes, she's Chu Yue . She is the chosen beauty of our school and the dream goddess of countless boys . " Xiao-fei Zhu's face showed intoxication . One can see that he also have the heart of love to Chu Yue, after all, she is a big beauty, any normal man will be like this .

Ding Kai added: "Not only she is beautiful, but she is also godly when playing games . Her tuba has become the strongest king, and her trumpet is platinum 2 . When she is free, she will broadcast live with Bai Xeiwen in our class . She has more than 200,000 fans in her studio, and the money she receives from the live broadcast website every month is the wages of the white-collar workers who have worked hard in the society for many years . "

Xiao Luo was startled, he never thought Chu Yue's attainments on the heroic alliance had reached the peak .

"Back, back to Chu Yue, she promised to take us!" Xiao-fei Zhu suddenly shouted excitedly .

When Xiao Luo looked at the computer screen, Chu Yue did return and agreed to rank with Xiao Fei Zhu . however, she added with a commanding tone: "No pit . "

"Ha, ha, ha . . . that's great, now I can be on TV!"

Ding Kai was also ecstatic . Then he took out a mirror and began to comb his hair . "No, I have to tidy up my hair . "

"Tidy your sister, I can see your appearance clearly, so don't be narcissistic here . " Xiao-fei Zhu scolded .

Shrugging it off, Ding Kai tossed his bangs on his forehead: "There is a stage in my heart, and there also are stages everywhere . I want to show the most handsome and cool side of me to the audience . "

"Oh ~" Xiao-fei Zhu made a dry heave expression .

"BEEP ~"

At this time, Xiao-Fei Zhu's QQ came with a message .

When he looked at it, it was sent by Chu Yue . There was only a short line of words: Call another one and make up five people!

"I'll go . It seems that the queen Chu is going to show her real skills this time . She has to drive with five people qualifying, but it is easy to overturn . " Xiao-fei Zhu frowned .

"Afraid of what, she is the strongest king in the district!" Ding Kai motioned with his hand .

"I know this, but she told me to call another person . For a while, what's her platinum rating?"

Xiao-fei Zhu's woebegone, and then realized the existence of Xiao Luo, then asked, "By the way, elder brother, what grade are you?"

"It looks like platinum . " Xiao Luo answered .

Xiao-Fei Zhu rejoiced and then asked, "Which district?"

"Black Rose!" Xiao Luo answered without thinking .

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