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Chapter 139

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Chu YunXiong was sitting in the office, he was sipping tea while watching TV, with a smile on his face . If you don't know him, you will certainly think he is an ordinary middle-aged man, but if you do know him, you will understand that this is a high above fierce businessman, whether it be status or power, he is beyond the reach of ordinary people .

In the office, he was watching TV together with Ge Zhongtian, a lawyer with a pair of gold-rimmed glasses and plane .

And what was on TV was Jiang cheng (River City) news .

In addition to the journalists who hated Luo Fang because of Chen Jianbo, there were also journalists who remained neutral, and their reports were on the news of Jiangcheng Channel .

Is Luo Fang's intimidation creating false evidence, or is there something hidden in it?

Looking at the big headline on the following line, Chu Yunxiong shook his head and took a sip of tea . "It seems Fang Changlei has created another problem for Xiao Luo . "

Ge Zhongtian nodded: "Luo Fang's minister of legal affairs will never be Fu Heyu's opponent . Even I have not made sufficient preparations and have no absolute confidence to win against him . The failure of Luo Fang in the first court session is understandable, and the problems caused by the failure of the court session will follow .

The first is this group of reporters, they aren't afraid of the world, and most of them are thinking about damaging the reputation of Luo Fang . In this modern era of network development, once the processing is not good, Luo Fang will be hit hard .

Secondly, Fang Changlei will definitely not wait for death at this time . Xiao Luo has poached dozens of old customers from his taste buds . He has always held a grudge and added fuel to the fire . The person he arranged in Luo Fang should do something .

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Finally, there will be a court session in five days . If there is no more convincing evidence and rhetoric on Luo Fang's side, it must be Luo Fang who lost the case . Then, if the charges of fear, intimidation, threats to reporters and fabrication of false evidence are established, not only will Xiao Luo be involved in the lawsuit, but also Luo Fang's reputation will suffer a crushing defeat . This is undoubtedly devastating . "

"What do you think Xiao Luo will do?" Chu YunXiong ourtenant asked .

"This is a mortal bureau, not to mention the lawsuit against Chen Jianbai . The 50 or 60 reporters gathered in front of the gate of Luo fang are already very difficult to deal with . They can't take rough actions . Explaining to them will only add salt to injury, and as long as there is a little slip of the tongue or logical mistake then its game over .

They will be digging up and enlarging on a large scale . This is what their reporters are good at . It can be said that reporters control the trend of public opinion to a certain extent . Every word or even every word Luo Fang says to them must be guaranteed to be flawless, or it will be turned against them . "

After a slow and careful thought, Ge Zhongtian helped his glass frame and said, "So I think Xiao Luo will ask you for help, and this is the only way he can go . "

Hearing this, Chu Yunxiong's smile grew louder, he put down his cup and waved his hand . "No, you have little contact with him and don't know him very well . Xiao Luo will never ask me for help . He has his pride and his own ambition . He doesn't want to depend on others or owe others . He is the most stubborn young man I have ever met . "

Ge Zhongtian frowned: "If he doesn't ask you for help, how will he get out of the trouble?"

"This is also what I want to know . "

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Chu Yunxiong cast his eyes back on TV . "Xiao Luo is a man who can create miracles . This is why I admire him and pay attention to him . "

When Fang Changlei came to visit him to sound out the news, he knew what Xiao Luo had done for a while . The orders of Foucault Group and the orders of dozens of old customers from taste buds were all robbed by Xiao Luo now . Such strength and energy are simply terrifying . To be fair, if he were placed in Xiao Luo's position, he would not be able to do it at all .

He cheerfully chanted, "He's a carp in the pool . He turns into a dragon in the face of storms . What kind of surprise will he give me this time?"

Ge Zhongtian was stunned, he did not expect Chu YunXiong's evaluation of Xiao Luo was so high .

"Son of a b*tch, Xiao Luo, this time I see what you do . . . If you fight with me, you are tired of living, ha, ha, ha . . . "

Fang Changlei looked at the news and smiled happily . All his humbling for a while was vented . This time he wanted Luo Fang to die completely and never turn over .

At this moment, the office door was pushed open . Fang Shulan, dressed in school uniform, came in and gave him a bitter shave . "Dad, what makes you so happy? I heard your laughter in the corridor . "

"Of course it is a good thing!" Seeing his daughter, Fang Changlei's eyes were filled with love .

"Luo Fang's senior officials are afraid of the threatening journalists, creating false evidence and trying to restore their lost reputation by deceiving the public . Dad, is this your masterpiece again?" After watching the news, Fang Shulan guessed at once that it had something to do with her father .

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Fang Changlei only threw a smile at his daughter, meaning it was already self-evident .

"Dad, you are really good . Luo Fang is definitely not your opponent . Soon it will have to close down and our taste buds will dominate . " Fang Shulan gave a thumbs-up sign .

Fang Changlei raised his eyebrows and said with indifference: "That Xiao in Luo Fang is too young for me . He can't cope with it if I play little tricks . "


Fang Shulan was slightly stunned, because her mind suddenly remembered a name - Xiao Luo .

Since the last time they met on the other side of the wild boar ridge, it took her a long time to recover after she left . Although the mercenaries left an indelible impression on her mind, Xiao Luo was not much worse than them .

Therefore, when hearing the words " Xiao" from her father's mouth, she will naturally think of the man who once dominated her fear . She will never forget the scene when Xiao Luo grabbed her by the neck . The experience of passing by death made her shudder when she remembered it .

She shook her head and tried to throw these out of her head . She said, "Dad, I have no money . "

This is the real purpose of her trip .

"Didn't I just give you 100,000 yuan half a month ago?" Fang Changlei asked .

"I don't explain where the money is going, anyway I just have no money, you can do it yourself!" Fang Shulan turned away .

Fang Changlei shook his head: "Good, good, for Dad's sake, I'll give you another 100,000 dollars today, but . . . "

"Well wow ~"

Fang Shulan immediately hugged his neck, gave him a hard kiss on the face and smiled happily: "Dad, you are the best dad in the world!"

This melted Fang Changlei's heart, saying that he was best . Under Fang Shulan's pettish attack, he would not care about money, but merely gave a symbolic admonition: "But, Save some flowers!"

"I'm not afraid . Dad has plenty of money anyway . My brother and I can't spend it all in our life even if we spend it hard . Dad, I'll go first . Please remember to hit me with the money and I'll use it tonight . "

"You're a debt collector!"

Fang Changlei helplessly shook his head, but there was a happy smile on his face .

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