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Chapter 138

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The Mid-Autumn Festival order is enough to enable Luo fang to climb from the down state to the up state, and it is not far from getting up completely .

At this moment, Xiao Luo frowned deeply . A very bad news came: the complaint against Chen Jianbai failed . The result of the first court session was extremely bad in Luo Fang . For no other reason, taste buds found a good lawyer for Chen Jianbai .

"The lawyer in charge of defending Chen Jianbai is Fu Heyu . He is a great lawyer with the same reputation as Ge Zhongtian . He has excellent eloquence and can describe the dead as alive and the black as white . Apart from the failure of a duel with Ge Zhongtian, he has never lost his hand in the case he took over . He is nicknamed "Famous Mouth Fu . " Law Minister Zhang Yong reported to Xiao Luo with his face full of self-effacing emotion due to the defeat of the first court session .

Xiao Luo ignored his words, only sitting in a chair, his eyes unblinkingly looked at the computer playback video of the first trial, fingers gently tapping on the desktop, it was very rhythmic .

Seeing Xiao Luo liem this, this let Li Zimeng and Zhang Yong who were standing in the office very uncomfortable . They have a kind of feeling on pins and needles .

Li Zimeng, in particular, thought that Chen Jianbai would lose the case if she had the recording in hand, and then she would save the reputation of Luo Fang . However, Fu Heyu suddenly popped up halfway . He turned right and wrong into black to white with one mouth, forcing the court team to favor Chen Jianbai's side, believing that Luo Fang forced Chen Jianbai to record the recording . Luo Fang was suspected of being afraid, intimidated, framed and slandered, and faced hundreds of thousands of compensation .

Luo Fang suddenly changed from plaintiff to defendant!

The change was so fast that people were caught off guard and even more unexpected was the result .

"Good eloquence, after watching the video, even I think there is something wrong with our Luo Fang . " Xiao Luo deeply exhaled as he laughed .

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"Mr . Xiao, we still have a chance to break back . As long as we can please move Ge Zhongtian, we don't have to be afraid of Fu and Yu . " Zhang Yong suggested .

For this situation, it is only by inviting Ge Zhongtian that the lawsuit can be won . Once the lawsuit is lost, Luo Fang's reputation is bound to suffer another fatal blow . Even if there are so many orders for the Mid-Autumn Festival, it will only support Luo Fang to go a little further .

Xiao Luo looked slightly cold and glared at him . "You are the minister of the legal department . It is your responsibility and your job to file a lawsuit for the company . What you want is not to spend money on hiring more powerful lawyers, but to think about how to win the lawsuit . "

Hearing this, Zhang Yong dimly bowed his head .

Xu Guansong stood up at this moment and said: "I agree with Zhang Yong's ability, but one mountain is higher than another . Fu Heyu is one of the best lawyers in Jiangcheng's legal circle . It is inevitable that Zhang Yong will be defeated by him, just like high-speed rail . We can't ask the low-speed train to run through the high-speed rail, can we? If the low-speed train runs through the high-speed rail, it is against the law, isn't it?"

These words are obviously absolving Zhang Yong of responsibility . Zhang Yong couldn't help but cast a grateful look at him .

"Xu Fuzong, you are very calm, it seems that this result is in your expectation?" Xiao Luo looked up at Xu Guansong, he tentatively asked .

"Mr . Xiao, it's not my last resort . Before that, I told you not to prosecute Chen Jianbai, but you didn't listen . "

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Xu Guansong said this with some resentment, "Chen Jianbai will not be prosecuted with folded arms . With the strength of taste buds, let alone Fu Heyu, it is possible to invite Ge Zhongtian to plead for Chen Jianbai . It is bound to be our failure in Luo Fang . As a reporter, Chen Jianbai has his own strength . I think a large number of reporters are coming towards our company and asking us to give them a statement . . . "

As if to verify his words, Ms . Liu from the customer service department knocked on the door of the office and said to Xiao Luo in a panic: "Mr . Xiao, it's not good . 50 or 60 reporters from outside the company have asked to see you, saying that they want you to give an explanation of why they threatened their colleagues . They have also brought in interview equipment to expose our criminal acts in Luo Fang . "

"This is the last step!"

Xu Guansong sighed long, "I'll deal with them . Their problems will definitely be very difficult . I should be able to deal with them . "

Saying that, he turned and marched out .

Li Zimeng bit her teeth .


As a person who personally followed Xiao Luo to collect evidence, she felt very angry and irritated . It was clearly Chen Jianbai who deliberately slandered their Luo Fang's reputation . However, after the first court hearing, it was said that they Luo Fang was the one who threatened and frightened Chen Jianbai . The truth was distorted like this . What is credible in this world?

Xiao Luo was deadpan, running a company is really not easy, and he is now personally experiencing it .

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At this moment, his mobile phone rang, and it was a video call from Zhang Dashan .

He waved and motioned Li Zimeng and Zhang Yong to go out . He had to maintain the image of dignity that he had been maintaining in the company otherwise it would collapse .

After the two people withdrew, Xiao Lul accepted Zhang Dashan's video request .

The big fat face of Zhang Dashan appeared immediately on the mobile phone screen, and there was a cacophony of noise . Zhang Dashan was located at the gate of Luo Fang . Not only Zhang Dashan entered the screen, but also Feng Ge's in security uniforms .

According to their strong points, Lin Chong of the HR department offered them a security position, which was easier than that of ordinary workers, and the salary difference was not much .

"Lao Xiao, it's going to blow up . This group of silly reporters say that we Luo Fang threatened Chen Jianbai . They are broadcasting it live . They said that you must come forward and give them an explanation . If this one is not handled well, we Luo Fang will make it in the black headlines albeit in a bad way . " Zhang Dashan said .

"Headache!" Xiao Luo rubbed his temples .

Zhang Dashan immediately scolded: "A headache is an egg . Do something quick . These bastards are too arrogant . Come on, you hear what they are shouting . "

When the mobile view was switched to rear camera, Xiao Luo could not only see the ugly faces of the reporters one by one, but also hear their shouts .

"Unscrupulous companies are threatening our colleagues with despicable and indiscriminate methods . We are determined to expose them!"

"If your company's boss does not accept our interview, we will stay here and see how you produce . "

"Come out, don't be a p*ssy-head . The boss of Luo Fang must get out of here . You owe us a statement from Jiangcheng reporters . "

The crowd was agitated and the shouting was getting worse . Of course, they didn't turn on the live broadcast when they hurled abuse at each other .

When Xu Guansong appeared, they immediately put the microphone through the iron gate, the camera was turned on and the live broadcast was started .

"Vice President Xu, the court said in the first instance that you Luo Fang threatened and forged evidence to slander our colleagues . What do you think of this?"

"As a vulnerable group, our journalists are vulnerable to threats from big companies like you . Have you threatened other people besides Comrade Chen Jianbai?"

"I heard that Luo Fang has a new boss . Is that boss from the H society?"

Harsh questions were thrown out one by one .

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