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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:16:29 AM
Chapter 137

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The final amount was 5 million, that is to say, orders that have been won with only 500,000 would have cost 4 . 5 million more . After the news came out, the whole office of Luo Fang was boiling up .

"Five million, my God, ten times!"

"Jiang Yongchun actually agreed and is now signing a contract with Boss Xiao inside . "

"This is outrageous . This is unbelievable . Is Jiang Yongchun collapsing?"

The spirit of trance, they can't understand it, and the more that they couldn't believe it . A guy who has always been hostile to Luo Fang incredibly spent ten times the price from their Luo Fang . If it weren't for them personally hearing it, they certainly wouldn't believe it .

Xu Guansong was shocked and stupefied . It took him a long time to say "crazy" and then walked back to his office . He had to sort out what he saw and heard in the early morning .

"Is Jiang Yongchun a big fool?"

Zhang Haidong said with his eyes wide open, then turned and left . It was not acceptable at the moment .

Li Zimeng and Lin Chong also stood still, trying to digest Jiang Yongchun's sky-high order .

"Jiang Yongchun is coming out!"

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A man shouted, originally gathered at the gate of Xiao Luo's office immediately dispersed . They hurriedly back to their posts to sit down, pretend to know nothing, seriously working, keyboard typing, writing, making a phone call . . . Basically in a busy state .

When the office door opened, Jiang Yongchun took Xiao Luo's hand sincerely: "Boss Xiao, from now on, I, Jiang Yongchun, will only follow your lead, and all orders from my plastic factory will be handed to you Luo Fang!"

"Then I thank boss Jiang . " Xiao Luo smiled .

This smile, Jiang Yongchun straight wanted to wail, five million ah, thinking about it, he ached, but he still calmly maintained a smile .

When he left, he waved his hand to the members of Luo Fang who pretended to be working . "Everyone is working hard . You must follow Boss Xiao . One day Luo Fang will defeat taste buds and become the first in river city . Oh, no, it is, the first pastry enterprise in China . Come on, fighting! fighting! fighting!”

In the end, it was like a pyramid scheme selling person, holding a fist in his hand and cheering for everyone with excitement .

The f*ck!

What kind of situation is this?

Everyone in the office were stupefied in their mind, though they are happy after getting five million dollars . It is like beating chicken blood . Did Jiang Yongchun really come after taking the wrong medicine?

But what they don't know, out of the gate of Luo Fang, back in the car, Jiang Yongchun is crying .

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Crying for a while he gradually thought, well, he got to continue to live, and also can play with women like when he was young . Immediately his spirit was lifted, thinking the value of this money, he is convinced that Xiao Luo is bonfide . When in the office, Xiao Luo just with fine needle pierced on him, he immediately felt very carefree and it relaxed his body, this shows that Xiao Luo is really an effective doctor .

When he think about this, he feel the prescription in his pocket is heavy!

At this moment, the phone rang, it was Fang Changlei calling .

Jiang Yongchun's eyebrows wrinkled, hesitating for a moment, he finally picked up: "Boss Fang, I have good news and bad news to tell you, which do you want to listen to first?"

Fang Changlei at the other end of the phone was obviously stunned . It seems that he didn't expect Jiang Yongchun's first sentence to be this . He asked, "Jiang Yongchun, what's wrong with you?"

"Nothing, just a little excited . "

Jiang Yongchun laughed, "Let's tell Boss Fang the good news first . The good news is that in half a month, I can now play with women . "

Fang Changlei, was puzzled and thought to himself: what the hell is this? It is no secret that you, Jiang Yongchun, can't do 'that' for a long time now . He is a living eunuch . Yet he suddenly comes up with a saying like this, is it a trick?

"Are you on drugs?"

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No wonder Fang Changlei guessed so, excited and raving, this is the performance of drugs .

"No drugs, no drugs . I met Xiao Lao . He can help me cure the disease . "

Jiang Yongchun was really excited and incoherent with excitement . It was like being blind for more than ten years and suddenly having the hope of seeing light again . His mood was several times more exciting than taking drugs .

"Xiao Luo? Xiao Luo, the little b*stard from Luo fang? " Fang Changlei suddenly opened his eyes wide, gaping .

"Yes, yes, that's him . "

Jiang Yongchun smiled and said, "He can cure my illness . I have no choice but to hand over the factory order to them in Luo fang . "

"Is this the bad news you said?" Fang Changlei suppressed his anger and gnashed his teeth .

"Yes . . . "

Jiang Yongchun finished his answer and quickly took his mobile phone away, because he knew very well what would happen next .

Sure enough, Fang Changlei's roar came from the receiver and could be heard clearly from a long distance .

"Jiang Yongchun . You've been kicked in the head by a donkey . He said that he can cure your disease, you believe it? Move your dog's brain and think it over . He is obviously bluffing you . "

"He didn't cheat me, boss . I have personally experienced it . Xiao Luo has that ability . " Jiang Yongchun frowning, explained .

"*ss, you Jiang Yongchun is a complete * ss, You believe what that little b*stard said . I say that you are a stupid donkey and he is just flattering you . "

Fang Changlei's spirit is not light, he has already seen Chu YunXiong, got a rest assured news, that is ChuYunXiong didn't want to deal with his meaning, that is to say, all these waves are from Xiao Luo . He's surprised and shocked by Xiao Luo's means, and he's also quite angry .

Calling Jiang Yongchun, asking but as a result, this Jiang Yongchun unexpectedly also cancelled the order like those brutal and cold blooded bastard before, turning to Luo fang . With so many betrayal, even if his psychological quality is strong, he almost spray a mouthful of old blood .

"Mr . Fang, whatever you say, I can only be sorry for this mid-autumn festival order . "

Jiang Yongchun looked like dead mouse that feels no cold and hung up the phone . There was nothing to say . In front of his taste buds and his health, he did not hesitate to choose the latter .

Fang Changlei, who spoke to Jiang Yongchun, was unusually calm, but the haze on his face was horribly gloomy . He couldn't think of it . He really couldn't think of it . Without Chu YunXiong's help, how on earth did Xiao Luo rob dozens of old customers of his taste buds?

Jiang Yongchun's defection, in particular, hit him very hard!

How did he expect Jiang Yongchun to betray him? Why? Xiao Luo, exactly have what is his ability . According to the data, Xiao Luo was originally an ordinary wage earner, how did he suddenly have so much energy?

No, all the humiliation must be recovered!

He took out his cell phone and dialed a number named "card number" . Meanwhile, somewhere in Luofang, there was a cell phone ringing . . .

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