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Chapter 136

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In came Ms . Liu from the customer service department . Ms . Liu respectfully said to Xiao Luo, "Mr Xiao, boss Jiang from Yingtong plastic factory said he wanted to see you!"

The open office door has not yet been completely closed . When a loud scream and cries of great anxiety were heard in the office hall outside the door: "Xiao Zong, Xiao Zong, I am Jiang Yongchun . I have come to talk with you about the Mid-Autumn Festival order . "

"Jiang Yongchun?"

Zhang Donghai was stunned and lost his voice . As an old man in Luo Fang, how could he not know Jiang Yongchun, who is the most loyal customer of taste buds . It was once said that as long as his plastic factory is still in existence, he must find taste buds whenever he orders cakes to be distributed to employees at the festival . But now what is going on? Why did Jiang Yongchun suddenly take the initiative to find boos Xiao to talk about the order with them in Luo Fang?

He can't believe it!

Jiang Yongchun making such a big noise, naturally disturbed all the staff . Everyone cast their eyes at him, including Xu Guansong, Lin Chong, Li Zimeng . . . When they saw Jiang Yongchun, everyone's face showed incredible expression, because this is a guy who should not appear in their company .

"General Jiang, how are you?"

Xu Guansong hurried up to meet him . In any case, he did not believe that this loyal customer of taste buds would come to Luo Fang to talk about the order . He was worried that Jiang Yongchun was here to do something .

"Where is Boss Xiao? Xu Fuzong, please tell me where Xiao is . " Jiang Yongchun was as anxious like an ant on a hot pan .

"Don't worry, you can tell me what you want with boss Xiao first . " Xu Guansong stabilized his mood .

Jiang Yongchun shook his head repeatedly: "I can't tell you about this matter . Only Mr . Xiao can do it . Take me to see Mr . Xiao quickly . "

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"Jiang Yongchun!"

At this time, Xiao Luo leaned out of the open office door and gave him a cry .

"Xiao, Xiao bro, I . . . I came to find you . . . "

Seeing Xiao Luo, Jiang Yongchun was excited to tears, he was holding a black briefcase .

Zhang Donghai and Ms . Liu from the customer service department happened to come out . Jiang Yongchun seemed to be ignorant to everyone, he only has Xiao Luo in his eyes . He bent over, bowed, and entered with a smile on his face .

"Close the door!" Xiao Luo said .

"Okay . . . "

Jiang Yongchun grinned and took the office door lightly .

This . . . . . . This what the f*ck?

A bunch of Luo Fang office staff were all dumbfounded, they know this Jiang Yongchun has always been hostile to them . He never give Luo Fang a good look . But now, he even bend over to nod, respect like a pug, this is like the sun hitting the west or him taking the wrong medicine?

"What is the matter with Jiang Yongchun and how does he seem to curry favor with us?" Xu Guansong frowned and muttered to himself .

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Li Zimeng didn't speak, her delicate face is also full of surprise .

Slowly, many people who were curious and puzzled about this, secretly gathered outside Xiao Luo's office, listening with their ears, hoping to hear what was going on .

"Ahem . . . "

Xu Guansong coughed loudly .

People thought he wanted them to go back to work and were preparing to disperse, but they heard him solemnly say, "eavesdropping is fine . But don't let boss Xiao find out . "

They looked at each other, apparently unable to accept Xu Guansong's change for a moment . In their heart: according to normal habits, shouldn't vice president Xu reprimand them?

In the office . . .

"Mr . Xiao, you must save me . That No . 1 and No . 3 hospitals are full of waste residue . All they say is that nothing is wrong with birds . All my hopes now rest on you . " Jiang Yongchun to cry tone way .

He was unconscious in the toilet for no reason last night, and was awakened by the sink in the toilet . Moreover, he obviously felt that his spirit was even more depressed . What made him collapse most was that the interval happened to be the fourth day after seeing Xiao Luo . He was completely convinced of what Xiao Luo said, and he was really dying day by day .

This is could not happen, he was very anxious to catch up early in the morning!

In matters of personal life, no one cares what his mother's taste buds are . But whoever can save him is his ancestor .

"Are you sure I didn't cheat you?" Xiao Luo looked up, pondering he laughed .

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Jiang Yongchun nodded vigorously and was speechless with shame: "Sure, Mr . Xiao, it is because I am illiterate . You adults don't remember little people . I solemnly apologize to you for being rude at that time . I'm sorry!"

He stood up and bowed deeply to Xiao Luo .

Then he took out the contracts scattered on the ground that day from his briefcase and carefully placed them on Xiao Luo's desk: "This is the contract of that day . I personally wiped every one of them and never touched anything dirty . "

Xiao Luo looked at the contract with spotless eyes, leaned on his chair and shook his head with a smile: "This is the contract prepared for you last time . It has expired . However, if you boss Jiang is so sincere, I will draw up another contract for you . The quantity of the order will remain unchanged, but the amount of the order will have to be changed . "

"You can change it as you please . Mr . Xiao, I am at your disposal . " Jiang Yongchun respectfully said .

"Then add 500,000 yuan to the original amount . " Xiao Luo said lightly .

Plus . . . Add 500,000?

He already made psychological preparation, but Jiang Yongchun's face was still stunned, five hundred thousand is not a small number .

A bunch of office workers who heard this outside were equally shocked and whispered about it .

"How much was Jiang Yongchun going to order?"

"It looks like 500,000 . "

"In addition to the original five hundred thousand, not to say that directly to each moon cake price doubled? Boss Xiao, this is too cruel . "

Xu Guansong and Li Zimeng, who learned about the situation from these people's comments, gasped, thinking: 500,000 to 1 million, this is a lion's big mouth . Can Jiang Yongchun agree?


"Boss Xiao added 2 million, because Jiang Yongchun didn't promise at the first time . "


"Oh my God, he added again . Now it's 4 million!"

More and more excited and excited words were shouted out of the eavesdropper's mouth .

From 500,000 to 4 million, it is impossible for even a money printer to make so much money in such a short time .

"Nonsense, Boss Xiao is being ridiculous . The order for 500,000 yuan won't just turn into 4 . 5 million yuan, hell be a ghost if he can promise . " After Xu Guansong was startled, he expressed his opinion with indignation .

"I also feel that our moon cakes in Luo Fang are not made of gold, and Jiang Yongchun would be a fool if he agreed . " Zhang Donghai also could not help but insert .

Li Zimeng shook her head: "Jiang Yongchun may have something caught by Xiao Zong, otherwise he would never have been so servile to Xiao Zong . "

"That makes sense!"

Lin Chong nodded and echoed, "Jiang Yongchun can't even refuse this time . "

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