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Chapter 135

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After a few days of cultivation, coupled with their own excellent physical quality, the five people group have recovered .

They were embarrassed to rub food and drink in Xiao Luo, so they asked Xiao Luo to arrange a job for them .

"Any job will do . We won't choose it, Brother Xiao . Please . " Feng Ge's attitude is sincere .

Xiao Luo sat on the sofa, idly leafing through the TV channels to see if there were any interesting programs, and asked, "Are you all well?"

"Good good, already good . " Feng Ge patted his strong chest .

"Every day, I have to buy them a chicken or a bus to make up for the pig penis [lol], the bullwhip and the chicken penis . The injuries on their bodies are treated by me, and my brother doubt their life? " Zhang Dashan came over and said .

Hearing this, black line downed on everyone's face .

Zhang Dashan sat down on the sofa, snatched the remote control from Xiao Luo's hand, and then transferred it to a blind date program . With his eyes wide open, he looked straight at the upper row of girls . "Ooze, I have been watching the 12th successfully holding hands with others . Is it true that he is a black man, and you like the big black bird so much?"

Xiao Luo gave him a look: "Have you recovered from this kind of blind date program without nutrition all day long?"

"Your ya understand an egg, I am in order to watch a blind date program? This is to learn the connotation and knowledge of the bald host . look at the way he talks, knowing astronomy and geography, it is simply too handsome to not want . When I take over Luo Fang from you, then I must have his temperament . " Zhang Dashan retorted .

"Then you'd better shave your head quickly!" Xiao Luo got up and went to the corner of the faucet to pour water .

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"Shave your sister . With my big face, which hairstyle can I control?" Zhang Dashan is anxious .

"Zhang Ge, you are wrong . You don't even have hair . How can you call it a hairstyle?"

"Yes, in our dialect it's called' Oh Shang', which means dead bald donkey . "

"Bald donkeys are not good and can only be matched with nuns, and nuns are even worse . Whoever marries a nun will have his blood poured out for three generations . Then Ling Huchong in the legendary swordsman also said that once he sees a nun, he will lose every bet . "

Two of the members gave a pair of serious samples, eve though they don't like to ridicule, they are actually poking fun at Zhang Dashan .

"Get out of here and scoot off!"

Zhang Dashan didn't have a good face with this, considering these days he was both a father and a mother to take care of them, he's soooooo 'humbled' in his heart .

Xiao Luo poured water and sat down on the sofa again: "You six don't stay at home . The company has received a lot of orders now . The factory is already very busy for these orders . Please tidy up and go to the company with me later and Lin Chong from the management department to arrange work for you . "

"Including me?" Zhang Dashan pointed to himself .

"Of course, including you . They all know it's embarrassing to rub food and drink . You don't know anything about it?"

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Xiao Luo sipped tea and said slowly, "You will definitely have it when the situation in Luo Fang is stable . You must have a thorough understanding of Luo Fang's system . I wanted to think about it, but you better start from the grassroots and start from the food processing technology . "

"Mom egg, you actually let me go to be a regular worker, old Xiao, your conscience won't hurt would it?"

Zhang Dashan was saddened by his face, but he did not oppose it . He has discovered that Xiao Luo's abilities in all aspects are far above him . If he does not work hard, he may not be able to do the job of general manager of Luo Fang in the future . It is very necessary to start from the grassroots .

Xiao Luo ignored him and continued drinking tea .

"Xiao Ge, how much is the salary per month?" Feng Ge asked expectantly .

"The basic salary for the first three months is 2,000 yuan, and after becoming a full member it is 2,560 yuan . If you work overtime every day according to the current order, you will get about 5,000 yuan in a month . " Xiao Luo said .

Five thousand dollars?

The five people thought they had heard voices .

"Is it 5,000 yuan per person per month?"

"Yes . "

Xiao Luo nodded and affirmed .

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Hiss . . .

The five men gasped and their heads were dazed . They will earn 5,000 yuan a month . Indeed, gold was everywhere in this grandmother's big city . They finally found the gold mine .

"Quick, thank Xiao Ge!" Xiao Luo hurriedly called his companions to thank Xiao Luo .

"Thank you Xiao Ge!"

Several people held their fists and expressed their gratitude to Xiao Luo like ancient people salute . They never dreamed that they could find a job worth 5,000 yuan a month . They fought their way through it . Finally, they fought their way through it . Recalling the bitterness of the past few months, they suddenly felt so excited that they wanted to cry .

"Don't be too happy for the five of you, regular workers . Although the salary and benefits are good, you are working very hard . Working overtime in two shifts is better for the day shift . Working late is costing you your life . Therefore, 5,000 yuan is not so easy to take . You have to be prepared in advance . " Zhang Dashan warned .

"We are not afraid of hardship!" Feng Ge's eyes were firm .

Xiao Luo stood up and patted him on the shoulder: "Work hard and study more . When your abilities are up, I will arrange other things for you . "

"Yes, Brother Xiao . " Feng Ge heavily nod, excited .

Zhang Dashan felt a chill all over his body and said in broken words: "Mom, it's really getting more and more boss-like, and even playing the trick of encouraging employees . "


"Mr . Xiao, I have to complain to you now . The current order volume is beyond the scope of our factory's production capacity . The Mid-Autumn Festival is half a month away . Even if the factory works overtime, it won't be able to finish even without sleep 24 hours a day . " Zhang Donghai, a director of Luo Fang, with a bitter face, complained in front of Xiao Luo .

The orders of Foucault Group and those originally belonging to taste buds are all coming . The production capacity is really too much for them .

"You don't need to meet all orders; you can just produce as many as you can . " Xiao Luo lightly .

"But in this way we are not going to default? In case of default, the penalty is a large sum . " Zhang Donghai frowned .

Xiao Luo smiled: "Don't worry, we won't break the contract . The contract is made according to our production capacity . By the Mid-Autumn Festival, we can produce as much as they want . There is no problem of breaking the contract . "

Customers robbed from taste buds are naturally not required to meet their order requirements in the signed contracts, and they will be given as much as they can produce . This is a special one he added . This is also a special one he added considering their production capacity of Luo Fang .

The bosses either lost the bet or had something in his hands, and they could not refuse .

"Ah? This . . . . . . this is ok? "

Zhang Donghai was stunned . He had never seen such an overbearing and unreasonable contract before . The key is how can those customers sign the contract? What the hell is going on here? What has Xiao Luo done?

"Knock knock ~"

Just then, the office door was knocked .

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